Toothworm can be dangerous for patients suffering from heart disease. Research – Heart disease is more severe in patients with dental disease

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According to Dr. Bhargava, there are about 700 types of dangerous bacteria in the mouth. The plaque (layer) found on the teeth contains many bacteria. During the meal, it breaks down and reaches the heart through the blood vessels. Where the layers stick together, blocks begin to form.

Use the mouthwash three times with a brush
These patients should also pay attention to oral hygiene along with their original disease. Dr. Bhargava said that if the toothache persists for a long time, there is decay in the mouth or change in taste, a doctor should be checked. Along with this, regular teeth cleaning and mouthwash is essential. Mouthwash can prove to be the greatest weapon in eliminating bacteria.

Cause of tooth decay
According to experts, many bacteria are found in sweets. People who eat more sweets have more bacteria in their mouths. Bacteria damage the enamel by producing acid and the condition worsens if the teeth are not cleaned regularly.

Drinking too much cold drink causes great damage to the teeth and due to the high sweetness of the canned juice, its consumption also causes tooth loss. Instead of drinking fresh juice, there is no harm to the teeth and health is also improved.

If you consume coffee to boost your energy, there is a chance of losing your teeth because drinking too much coffee causes the yellow color to build up on your teeth, which doesn’t go away even after brushing.

– Some people start to grind their teeth due to stress and lack of sleep, so the teeth start to weaken.
If you also use your teeth to open bottle caps, be careful because doing so starts to crack the teeth and the teeth can become weak and break.

Some people really like to eat ice, but if you eat a lot of ice, your teeth may have to suffer serious damage because eating too much ice can cause cracks in your teeth.

It is often thought that children have the habit of chewing on pencils, but many older people also have the habit of holding the pen in their mouth and chewing while working. If you don’t get rid of this habit as soon as possible, your teeth can be damaged.

– Most varieties of candy contain acid, but sour candies contain too much acid to give them acidity. So, avoid eating these candies as they can cause significant damage to the enamel of your teeth.

Medicines can damage tooth enamel in two ways: by reducing the amount of saliva, causing dryness in the mouth or by the presence of acidic substances present in it. Also, the presence of vitamin C in medications or supplements makes them very acidic, which can damage enamel.

Apart from this, it also damages the teeth due to its diseases-

pyria- It occurs due to lack of calcium in the body, bad gums and lack of cleaning teeth and mouth. In this disease the gums become flabby and sore and bleed. The cause of bad breath is also considered to be less than pyuria.

When you brush your teeth, your gums bleed at this time.
– Bad breath
The teeth are loosening or there is a change in the position of the teeth.
– The pyuria retracts the gums.
Redness, tenderness or swelling of the gums indicate the symptoms of pyorrhea.
Pain is felt when chewing.
The gap between the teeth increases and the teeth begin to break.
– The taste in the mouth changes.
Inflammation starts in your body.

Causes of tooth decay in young children
Gum disease in children is caused by a build-up of plaque. Plaque is a sticky, invisible layer of germs that develops naturally on your baby’s gums and teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that produce toxins that irritate, damage, and damage your gums. Hundreds of bacteria grow in your mouth every day…

– thumb sucking
– putting anything in the mouth
– chewing on a pencil

Advice on prevention and precautions for caries
By making both lifestyle and dietary changes, you can prevent damage to your teeth.

Regular brushing helps prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Don’t brush your teeth by scrubbing them too vigorously, it will wear off their shine quickly. Brush your bright white teeth gently and gently.

– You won’t know it but grinding or hitting your teeth removes the enamel and exposes the dentin, Enamel and dentin are the four components that make up the teeth, Dentin is the second hard tissue inside the enamel , there are gaps in this one. tubes that reach the nerves, then this leads to a feeling of sensitivity in the teeth.

– Avoid sugary and starchy foods, as the sugar in these foods reacts with bacteria in saliva to form acids that increase tooth decay and erode enamel.

The tongue also collects bacteria, so after brushing it should be cleaned with tweezers.

– Consult a dentist if the gums swell or bleed. Don’t ignore tooth and gum pain.

Get a dental check-up every six months, have your teeth cleaned twice a year.

Skip red wine, soda, citrus and overly sugary drinks, but if you still want to have a drink or two, use a straw to keep the acid from splashing around in your mouth.

This means that you should wash at least twice in the morning and also twice before going to bed and at least once a day. Flossing before brushing can remove food and bacteria stuck on your teeth.

– See your dentist or dental hygienist regularly for teeth cleaning, so that pyorrhea can be diagnosed at the first symptoms and treated before the disease occurs.

Some drugs or smoking can cause pyorrhea, dry mouth can also cause it. So don’t keep your mouth dry and don’t smoke.

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