Launch of Agri Ambulance and Agriculture Drone, farmers will benefit

Every farming facility will be available in Agri Ambulance, know its features and benefits

The government is making efforts to increase the income of the farmers. In this direction, central and state governments are providing benefits to farmers at their respective levels through schemes. In this sequence recently Chhattisgarh government has launched Agri Ambulance and Agriculture Drone for the benefit of farmers. This will benefit farmers. As the state government is providing assistance to the farmers in the state to provide farm machinery so that more and more farmers get their benefits. For this, the subsidy benefit will also be provided to drone farmers. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has launched a complete drone solution for agriculture and an agricultural ambulance. It is being said that this will greatly benefit the farmers and also lower the cost of crop production. This will increase the income of farmers.

Farmers will get these facilities in Agriculture Ambulance

Agri Ambulance has been launched by Chhattisgarh Government and started for the farmers of the state. The facilities or benefits that farmers will get from this Agri Ambulance are as follows:

  • This Agri ambulance will roam from village to village and solve the agricultural problems of the farmers.
  • The Agri Ambulance will also have the Agriculture Laboratory facilities where farmers can test the soil etc.
  • There will be availability of organic manure in this, so farmers can get organic manure at a cheaper price.
  • In Agri Ambulance there will be complete facilities related to agriculture. With this, farmers will be able to produce crops on time.

Agri Drone will spray 4 hectares in half an hour

agricultural drone With the help of this, insecticides can be sprayed on farmers’ fields in less time. It is being explained that an area of ​​up to 4 hectares can be easily sprayed with this drone in half an hour. If farmers do the same job, it takes about three hours to spray insecticide on one acre. With the help of this drone machine, the amount of medicine can also be determined. Using this drone will save farmers time, which will increase their income. Please say this machine will work in farmers group. With the help of this drone, medicines, fertilizers and pesticides can be sprayed in about 20 villages in the state.

The young people in the group will receive training to operate Agri Drones

Groups of farmers will be encouraged to spray the drug in rural areas. For this, the youth of the group will be trained. This will help farmers in timely spraying of pesticides on crops. With this, farmers will be able to work on the second means of livelihood in the time that remains after doing agricultural tasks. This will also give additional income to young farmers.

Other efforts being made by the government to increase the income of the farmer

Government of Chhattisgarh is also making many other efforts to increase the income of farmers. Farmers are being encouraged to increase animal husbandry along with agriculture. For this, Chhattisgarh government has started Godhan Nyay program for cattle farmers. Under this, farmers get cow dung at the rate of Rs.2. per kg Not only this, the chief minister of the state has also initiated the purchase of cow urine along with cow dung. Under this, cow urine will be procured from farmers at the rate of Rs 4 per litre. We report that farmers are benefiting greatly from the Godhan scheme run by the Chhattisgarh government. Under this scheme, farmers get cow dung, from which vermicompost, manure etc. At the same time, the government has also started the procurement of cow urine from July 28, 2022, which will give a double benefit to the farmers. One would be farmers’ income from the sale of cow urine, while organic pesticides would also be available to them at cheap prices.

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The organic pesticide will be made from cow urine

By buying cow urine from farmers, pest control products, Jeevamrut will be made into growth promoters, so that farmers in the state can get organic pesticides at cheap prices instead of expensive chemical pesticides. The aim of this is to reduce the toxicity of food production as well as reduce the cost of cultivation, so that farmers’ profits can increase. We tell you that due to the continuous use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the nutritional value of food is being destroyed. The cost of these organic pesticides will be much less than the cost of expensive chemical insecticide pesticides available in the market. Agricultural scientists say cow urine insecticide is a much better and cheaper alternative to chemical pesticides. Its resistance to diseases is many times higher than that of chemical insecticides. Its fumigation in the fields helps in the control of all kinds of pests. The use of cow urine insecticide is most effective against leaf-eating insects, fruit borers and stem borers. The use of organic fertilizers and organic pesticides in agriculture will reduce the cost of agriculture. At the same time, the quality of food will be better, thanks to which people’s health will be better.

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