Spending the night with the children at the maid’s house, ‘Arangbhoomi’ theater is filling people’s lives with happiness. Housed in the maid’s house with the child, ‘Arangbhoomi’ theater is filling people’s lives with happiness

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  • Housed in the maid’s house with the child, ‘Arangbhoomi’ theater is filling people’s lives with happiness

2 minutes agoAuthor: Bhagya Shree Singh

When I left the house with my son in the morning after I got tired of fighting and hitting with my husband, I had no place to live. For 2 days I stayed close to my doctor. After that, a roof was arranged over the head. He was depressed for a few days, but he had faith in dreams. Stand up again with courage and the foundation of ‘Rangbhoomi: A Happy Play Ground’ was laid.

Born in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, Chetna Mehrotra runs a theater group called ‘Rangbhoomi: A Happy Playground’. It is a poetic theatre, where plays are performed without a script. She calls this unique art “drama for learning and light reflection.” His goal is to bring a smile to people’s faces. Chetna shared her story with Woman Bhaskar and said, “When I decided to leave the house, fed up with the domestic violence, the husband wanted to take the child away.” There were difficulties in the initial journey, but with the strength of courage, hope and talent, I did not give up and started theater. ,

Grandma and mom are my inspiration

I always looked up to my grandmother and mother as strong women. Grandfather died very early, grandmother raised 3 children alone. My mother opened a sewing center under her own name. The kids would insist that we name the store after ourselves. But the mother gave him his own name for his identity. From the first moment, watching my grandmother and my mother, I understood that it is necessary for any woman to have her own identity.

Son of single mother Chetna completed his studies from home after 4th standard.

He learned Kathak at the age of 12

I did my early education at Doon Cultural School. I started learning Kathak from the age of 12. In my school, things like dance, art were promoted a lot. On Saturdays there were bonfires at school, films were shown and everyone danced. I had that vibe from the beginning. The school at that time had a revolving stage in class 12th. I was very happy when I danced there.

The university gave courage and strength

I did my honors in English literature at Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University. It was a very creative stage in my life and I learned a lot. By participating in fashion shows and debates in college, my hesitation was over. In the street works, I went among the people with my team and we gave a special message through interpretation.

Chetna Mehrotra acting as school children.

Chetna Mehrotra acting as school children.

married on blind date

During this, my friend asked me to meet a person. I felt very adventurous when I was going to meet someone I didn’t know. People usually dread these meetings, but I was full of excitement. I met the person, talked, had a coffee. If the first meeting was good, we also met later. After about a month and a half, he expressed his desire to meet my parents and talked about taking the relationship forward. I arranged the meeting and my parents thought everything was fine and I got married.

the marriage turned into a nightmare

The first 4 years of marriage were fine. After that husband came back to Delhi with me. From then on the series of beatings began. I got pregnant, I thought everything would be fine. But nothing went well. The situation was getting worse day by day. The son was growing up. Many times the husband raised his hand in front of her. Once they threw my laptop and fought. The son came to me and said it didn’t matter. Everything will be fine. I thought that if such a small child can understand this, then why this man can’t.

Chetna removes fear from people's minds through theatre.

Chetna removes fear from people’s minds through theatre.

The parents did not want to break the relationship

I did not want to give this childhood and education to my son, so I decided to leave home. He had Rs 25,000 in savings. To live in an expensive city like Mumbai, I had to take financial help from my parents. Then I told them what was going on in my life. He didn’t want me to be left out, but the water had gone over his head.

thorny initial journey

I couldn’t do theater before because of my parents and my husband. But now I wanted At the age of 35, I was at the crossroads of dilemma. One of which was going to work and the other to the theater. I thought a lot and decided that now I had to do something on my own. Life may not give a second chance, so I decided to live my dreams. He contacted theater people and did small projects in which 4-5 thousand rupees were available. Household expenses continued. Sometimes the bank account would only have 300-400 rupees. I didn’t know what the next day would bring. But the people started to join and the caravan was formed.

Theater performance with Chetna, Roshan and their group.

Theater performance with Chetna, Roshan and their group.

The idea of ​​’Rangbhoomi’ came from school children

A school in Kandivali called to work as a permanent teacher. I had always worked with adults in the company, so I didn’t want to do this job. But money also had to be juggled, so I agreed. When I arrived at the class, the children were very excited. I was happy to know that I wouldn’t have to sit down to study. You will be able to express yourself in this class. Then the idea of ​​’Rangbhoomi’ clicked in my mind.

Spiritual words to choose me

In the book Alchemist by Paulo Coelho it is written ‘Try with all your heart, the whole universe will help’. This is absolutely true. A book with the idol of the goddess is kept in my puja room. This is the core of my life. My “choice” was to leave a toxic marriage and start theater.

Chetna spreads happiness among children through theatre.

Chetna spreads happiness among children through theatre.

Ben Rivers workshop assistant

The Universe also helped me when I decided and chose. Ben Rivers from Africa came to the theater workshop in Baroda the same year and I was able to do a 15 day workshop for just 5 thousand rupees. There were a total of 30 people of which I am just doing playback theater.

choose love again

I chose love in my life again. My new partner is very sensitive, caring and loving. It is giving me all the time to recover from my past trauma. They also make me coffee and take great care. Me, my son and my partner all three live happily together.

Chetna performs at home and abroad and teaches playback theater to people.

Chetna performs at home and abroad and teaches playback theater to people.

Applied Theater Amphitheater

‘Rangbhoomi’ is actually applied theatre. It can be called ‘Therapy Theatre’. No one in India taught this. Two years ago we launched the applied theater course “Rangbhoomi”. It is a poetic theater. It is also called sudden theatrical exhibition in which the performance is done without a script. We have done workshops in many places in India. We are also associated with companies. In this we work on the wage gap and the discrimination that women suffer. We do open workshops. Through theater we remove bodily trauma.

Raise your voice against domestic violence

Girls should stop teaching that wherever marriage takes place, so will its meaning. If your partner does something wrong or you don’t feel right, you have to pick yourself up. If the partner hits you, tell your guardian at the beginning so everything will be fine in time and you don’t have to take sips of blood. One should get out of the wrong relationship immediately. Parents should teach girls skills early so that girls can earn a living when problems arise.

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