Surbhi Tiwari said: Mother in law had kept my pad for black magic told the story of Chhath prasad

‘Shagun’ actress Surbhi Tiwari, who ruled the world of television, recently made shocking revelations about her married life. Surbhi Tiwari recently told in an exclusive conversation with NavbharatTimes how her husband and in-laws tortured her and misbehaved her after marriage, for which she has to complain to the police. Surbhi Tiwari has revealed some of these secrets again in a special conversation with us, which you will be surprised to hear. Surbhi has explained that her mother-in-law used to do black magic with menstrual pads.

Surbhi said, I started feeling like black magic had been done on me
Surbhi said, “I am not the Surbhi Tiwari I used to be. When I sit in one place, it feels as if someone has tied me up. I used to sit in one place for hours, crying. I didn’t even feel like eating, even from going for a walk I used to feel the pressure of 10 people on me. Then I started feeling black magic done on me. And this is what Praveen’s mother (husband) does. When I was in the Dwarka flat of Praveen for the first time and I had my periods for the first time. These girls know very well that no matter how sanitized or packed in 3 layers, pads do not touch. No matter how many problems you have, your pad or what you use, you have to throw it yourself, no girl will even touch another’s pad. Praveen’s mother and sisters have a habit of sneezing. I asked where will I throw it? Because I didn’t get any bin etc. Praveen’s mother said let him be in the bathroom there, I will throw him.

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“I thought someone had tied me up and I was depressed”
She said, “Then I was in a hurry, I had to come to Bombay. Now I realize that her mother has very strong black magic with period pads and she has done the same. I used to feel that I am depressed, I have anxiety, i can’t sleep at night i am very upset these people scared me a lot telling naxalites i have an uncle they have done many murders they will bury you there in patna the body will not be found i was also scared now i realize that i was tied up.she used to fight a lot between me and that my relationship breaks and i can’t do anything.i thought many times that i should end this relationship but i couldn’t do it i felt that someone tied me up and I was depressed.

Surbhi Tiwari wanted to end her life

“They are very similar to the symptoms of black magic”
Surabhi said, “These people had definitely given me something like this to eat something. Since it is a police case etc. I think it has become stronger. At night the breathing becomes short, I get restless. I can’t sleep, I can hardly sleep for 4 and a half to 5 hours. Sitting in one place, I can’t seem to get up, I don’t feel like doing anything. I watched some videos on YouTube and i related, black magic symptoms are very similar.

“Praveen’s mother did black magic on me with menstrual pads”
Accusing the husband’s mother, she said, “Praveen’s mother, Miss Leela Sinha, has done black magic on me with my menstrual pads and made me very strong.” I’ve watched some videos on youtube to get out of these things and check some out too. I also love an hour a day to get all that stuff out of my body. Then everything will be fine as soon as possible. I have come to know what they have done.

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“I didn’t want to disrespect Chhathi Maiya so I ate it”
Surbhi further said, “She sent Praveen from Delhi to Mumbai and said if mother has done Chhath, then you have been offered the soup ie Prasad, I am bringing it.” I was quite surprised because Praveen is very lazy and won’t do much to bring prasad. Came home with prasad, was sitting with the box open and till I ate it. The way he kept saying, you must eat, you must eat…that’s when I had a little doubt that this was prasad, there is something more to it. However, I ate it as prasad because I did not want to disrespect Chhathi Maiya.’

“She is a very intelligent woman and can do everything by herself”
After that he said black magic binds you. He said: “I felt that someone had tied me up. I would have known that there is a lot of work to do but I sit for hours in one place but I don’t have the energy to do it. I keep thinking while I am in one place, I keep crying. And no energy to work on anything, no mind. I openly told Praveen that your mother has done black magic on me. I told Praveen my condition after Chhath Prasad. But though her mother does it, Praveen won’t know, she is a very smart woman and can do everything on her own.I said very clearly that I will not eat anything from her mother’s hand.

Surbhi said, I kept his triumph to make him MLA
She said she also told about her period pad to husband that’s why your mother has done black magic on me so that I can dance according to her. Surbhi said, I was his trump card, to make him MLA, I was the power pawn he wanted.

He said- that woman can go to any extent
Surbhi said that when she told these things to her husband, he said, you are thinking wrongly, why would my mother do this? The actress accused the mother-in-law and said that the woman who will not marry 40-40-year-old daughters for the pleasure of power, will lead them by winning and make me an MP, this woman can go to any extent and I was she last resort. For the pleasure of power.

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