Example! This 90-year-old grandmother cooks food for 120 dogs every morning

These days a video of a 90 year old woman, which is going viral on social media, is winning many hearts of social media users. In this video shared by Pawsinpuddle’s Instagram account, this grandmother is seen making biryani. This video has been viewed more than 1.42 thousand times in few days and also got more than 47 thousand likes. Now you must be wondering what is so special about this video that it has so many likes and views. So you are absolutely right to think that the special thing is not making biryani, but there is a special reason behind it.

According to all dog lovers, dogs are nothing less than a blessing on this earth. Although some people are just afraid of them and don’t like them. Until a few years ago, there was a similar condition of these grandmothers. But some series of events in his personal life made his heart melt for these animals. And now she cooks food for about 120 street dogs every day.

News 18 spoke to her grandmother Kanak Saxena and her granddaughter Sana Saxena going viral.
Sana Saxena is a dog care and breeding activist and also runs an NGO. Sana had shared the video going viral on social media on her Instagram page. This video starts with Kanak making biryani and then they feed this biryani to stray dogs with their hands. This was the first time her granddaughter took her grandmother with her to feed stray dogs.

Sana also wrote a very emotional caption below this video. In this caption she writes that her grandmother has had many operations for osteoporosis and was also bedridden. But despite this, he didn’t let his illnesses come between him and his love for his dogs. He also writes that Kanak wakes up at 4.30 in the morning and cooks food for about 120 dogs.

The joy of giving food can be expressed in words.
During a conversation with us, 90-year-old Kanak explains that she does not remember exactly when she started this work, but according to her, she has been doing this work every day for two and a half years. There is also a helper in his home who helps him in this task. With the help of the helper and her daughter-in-law, she prepares and packs the food at home and then her granddaughter, daughter-in-law and other people who work with her are divided into different sectors and wherever they find stray dogs, they take them, give food Due to poor health, he cannot go to feed himself, but in the video that is going viral, he went to feed for the first time and he can hardly express in words the joy he felt. of this experience.

Sana has always loved dogs
He says everyone in his house is a dog lover. Her granddaughter Sana has always been very fond of dogs, while Kanak has always disliked dogs. But when her granddaughter brought a dog home, she didn’t like it at all at first. But gradually he fell in love with her. In fact, while she was taking care of the dog that came to her house, she started to like all dogs. And now the situation is that she says: “Now when I see any dog ​​in trouble, I feel very upset.”

Sana talks about her NGO
During a conversation with News18, Kanak’s granddaughter Sana Saxena talks about her NGO. She says she’s always loved dogs, but it’s only been two years since she started her organization. He always wanted to do something for stray dogs, but he wanted to start it on a very small scale. In 2019, with the help and support of family, she started her own organization and took care of stray dogs in Vaishali area of ​​Ghaziabad.

What is the task of the organization?
Through this organization he takes care of stray dogs. Through this organization, he not only feeds the stray dogs, but also provides treatment to the sick dogs and also provides them with warm clothes in the bitter cold of Delhi.

How does an NGO work?
He explains that his NGO is completely run by his family. He takes care of all the work together with his parents and grandmother. However, he says that whenever more funds are needed, he raises funds with the help of ‘fundraiser’ on Instagram. Little by little, this little campaign of his is getting bigger now. Seeing his work, there are people who definitely join him.

Dog Lover, Delhi

Life changed with the arrival of ‘Coco’
He explains that this change in his life began with the arrival of a new guest in his home. She always wanted to have dogs and when she expressed her desire to her relatives, the relatives objected. She says her family’s objection was also justified because she and her father would have gone to their respective jobs, her mother and grandmother would have to take care of the dog.

But when she brought home her dog ‘Coco’ five years ago, no one showed any interest in her family for the first few days. But after a week or two, gradually everyone started falling in love with him. According to him, his grandmother fell in love with ‘Coco’ in no time and then started taking care of him like a small child. During this talk, her grandmother said that ‘Coco’ is having fun, but she doesn’t know what will happen to millions of stray dogs. Therefore, we all had sympathy for stray dogs and then we decided to do something.

He says: “Grandma also wanted to contribute and has always been very fond of cooking. So we all decided together that he will cook food every day and together we will deliver this food to these street dogs.”

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