How did the mother stay healthy after giving birth? This startup made the business of grandmothers and grandmothers

Isha Gupta was born in a Marwari family, where for girls going to college, studying was just a hobby, not a necessity. It wasn’t about leaving your house and doing a job. A woman should do business, earn money, it is considered bad. He got married at the age of 24 even before anything could happen in life. The child was also discovered by the parents in the same Marwari society. But the boy was not like other Marwari boys. He inspired Isha to move forward in life. Isha’s journey to pursue professional studies, find a job and find her existence began after marriage and today, at the age of 39, she is the founder of Start Up.

This is the story of Isha Gupta and her startup’Mother Mitahara‘ From Isha lives in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan and started Maa Mitahara there a year ago.

What does Maa Mitahara do?

This startup is mainly for pregnant women. One stop solution for all problems, needs and queries of pregnant women. It started with understanding the health and dietary needs of a pregnant woman after childbirth. Isha’s own experience was also similar. Being a nuclear family, she could not take care of herself during pregnancy and after delivery.

Isha felt that nowadays there are many nuclear families around us, where there is no elder person to attend to the special needs of the woman during pregnancy. In this situation, if these women get all these essential nutrients, that is, a complete diet plan in the form of packaged foods, it will be convenient for them.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. The breakup of joint families and the growth of nuclear families created this need and to fulfill it, Isha started Maa Mithara.

Today this startup offers postpartum nutritional food as well as baby products, japa medicine and massage medicine etc. Maa Mitahara also has a full panel of nutritionists and doctors.

How did the idea for this startup come about?

Isha got married in 2008. Her husband Amit Gupta was a Chartered Financial Analyst. In 2009, she was pregnant with her first child. She used to live alone with her husband in Delhi. There was no mother, no grandmother, no elderly person. There was no one to say what things they should take care of during this time.

Isha says she didn’t take care of anything in her first pregnancy. Eating the same fast food, no time to sleep, no time to wake up. No exercise, yoga or exercise of any kind. The same negligence was taken during pregnancy that people usually take during the days of youth. Whatever the negligence, there are bound to be consequences. But negligence taken during pregnancy has to bear the consequences for a long time.

As Isha did not take care of her health during the delivery, the time after the delivery was very difficult for her. It took four or five months to recover. While doctors say that if the mother’s diet and health are healthy during pregnancy, the recovery time is 30 to 40 days. Taking longer means that the mother’s health and diet are not good.

But five years later, in 2015, it didn’t happen during the second pregnancy. During this, both her mother-in-law and her mother were together and had neither opportunity nor permission to be negligent. After delivery, both mothers made them gummies of japa gum, dry ginger, carom seeds, coconut and jaggery. Surprisingly, this time his recovery time was much shorter.

She understood that they are not just things, but a very basic and natural need of a mother. In a patriarchal country like India, where there is generally not much respect, affection, care and equal space for women, even a pregnant woman and a true obstetrician are given a lot of care. From north to south, there is a rich tradition of eating women during japa. In a way, Isha has made the same traditional things available at one place, on one platform, which is no longer possible for every woman and every family in our modern lifestyle.

post partum food

Today Maa Mitahara’s list has a complete package of postpartum foods, which includes Batisa, Turmeric, Lodh and Areca Laddu. Also, their specialty product is Japa Laddu, which has been made keeping in mind the climate of North India. This laddu is given to the mother after delivery in North Indian families.

If you want to know which ingredients are used to make which product and what their nutritional value is, you can check their website. All this information has been given with each product, which contains folic acid, omega 3 fats, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and all essential vitamins.

Apart from this, almond pudding is something special in its product, which is helpful in the production of milk for the baby after delivery. It is rich in protein, calcium and fiber.

Sometimes women also become diabetic during pregnancy. Some have thyroid or BP complaints. Depending on your special needs, sugar free products are also available here, which are made with jaggery or khand instead of sugar.

The panel of doctors and nutritionists associated with Maa Mitahara works to ensure her nutritional intake. Isha says that due to lack of information, many times women consume nutrients in large quantities. Nutritionists say that it is necessary to have a balance of each element and herb. If the lack of these elements in the body is harmful, their excess is no less dangerous. That is why it is important that what we eat, we should only eat it under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Maa Mitahara’s business model

Today all Maa Mitahara products are available on websites and apps like Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart, First Cry and Tata 1mg. In addition, they have their own website, where you can get information about these products as well as the rest of their services. In just one year, more than 500 pregnant women and new mothers have benefited from Mitahara. The company has done a business of 25 lakhs in one year. Right now there is no profit position, but within a year the entire cost has been paid back. The startup has tied up with hospitals to reach new customers.

future plans

In the future, along with postpartum nutrition, there are plans to launch prenatal food products. Isha says in our scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads, we want to impart sanskar to expectant mothers. Maa Mitahara has also started offering Japa Med facilities for postnatal care of mother and child, but it is still in the initial phase.

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