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Giving birth to a child is considered one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. All mothers want to give birth to their children in the most natural and normal way, but this is not always possible. If the mother who is pregnant has to face some complications, a caesarean section may be required. For some medical reasons that need to keep baby and mom safe, your doctor may also recommend a C-section.

What is cesarean delivery?

A cesarean delivery, also known as a C-section, is a surgical procedure in which a transverse or oblique incision is made in the woman’s abdomen, either in the midline. Therefore, the whole process of opening the uterus and reaching the baby is called a caesarean section. Usually, cesarean delivery is planned by the doctor in advance or chosen as a safer option when there are too many problems and complications during the delivery.

What is cesarean delivery?

Reasons for planned cesarean delivery

In some cases, the mother or the doctor may already decide to have a cesarean delivery instead of a normal vaginal delivery. A scheduled or planned cesarean usually depends on the type of pregnancy, the presence of any medical problems, or the mother’s medical history.

1. Having more than one child

Yes twins or twins in the womb There is a high chance that your placenta will become entangled, so in such cases, the doctor may recommend a cesarean delivery to keep all the babies and the mother safe throughout the delivery process.

2. The child is not fully developed or has delayed growth

If the baby in the womb is seen to be growing very slowly or its development has stopped completely, in both situations it becomes necessary to remove the baby from the womb prematurely. Cesarean delivery becomes an ideal way to do this.

3. Medical problem

Some women who are going to be mothers already have a medical problem, like now high bp neither gestational diabetes Being a vaginal birth can have a bad effect on the body and if the mother suffers from these problems, then a caesarean section is a better option.

medical problem

4. Labor problems

By watching the contractions of the abdomen during the early stage of labor, the doctor can know that the cervix is ​​not opening as much as it should, which can cause problems for the baby to come out of the birth canal. Therefore, the doctor may have to perform a cesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery.

5. Presence of diseases

in case of genital sores or the mother hiv Having the baby through the birth canal can be extremely dangerous for her as it can expose her to all these deadly viruses. In this situation, caesarean section is considered the best option.

6. Children’s size

For some women, especially those with diabetes, the large size of their baby can make vaginal birth very difficult, making it difficult for the mother to push the baby through the vagina. In this situation, cesarean delivery is not only easy for the woman, but also safe.

7. History of miscarriage

Any woman can feel a strange fear just thinking about giving birth to her child. This usually happens if you have previously lost your baby to a miscarriage. In this situation, a caesarean section is advised to calm the mother down.

history of miscarriage

8. Having more than one caesarean section

If a woman has had a previous caesarean birth, opting for a vaginal birth can lead to rupture of the uterus or other complications. In this situation, giving birth by caesarean section would be considered the safest way.

Reasons for an emergency cesarean birth

There are some cases that are considered the most important reasons to perform a C-section, other than keeping the baby and mother safe and in an emergency, the doctor may need to perform a C-section.

1. Lack of complete dilatation of the cervix

If the cervix is ​​not fully dilated at the time of normal delivery, in this situation the doctor immediately performs a caesarean section.

2. Pelvic unevenness

Pelvic disproportion, also known as CPD, in which if the size of the pelvis is smaller than the baby’s head, the baby gets stuck in the birth canal. That is why a caesarean section is needed for the birth of the child.

3. Having a problem at birth

If the baby has a low heart rate or if the brain is full of fluid, then it will not be safe to remove the baby from the vagina, so in this situation an emergency caesarean section is performed.

have a problem at birth

4. Rupture of the uterus

If suddenly during childbirth eruptions of the uterusIn this situation, immediate cesarean delivery is advised, because failure to do so can suffocate the baby in the womb and can be fatal.

5. Preeclampsia

preeclampsia That is, when the mother’s BP increases, it stops the supply of blood and oxygen necessary during labor to the baby. Therefore, in this situation, the doctor decides to perform a caesarean section.

6. Separation of the placenta

In very rare cases, detachment of the placenta This means that the placenta detaches from the lining of the uterus, causing internal bleeding (internal bleeding) and cutting off oxygen to the baby, requiring a caesarean section by the doctor.

7. Placenta down

If the placenta does not rise at the time of delivery and keeps the cervix covered, a caesarean section is usually recommended to avoid these complications.

8. Umbilical cord problems

If the baby’s umbilical cord reaches the cervix before the baby, it can block its exit or even suffocate the baby. As soon as the doctor learns of this disease, he will immediately opt for a caesarean section.

9. Leakage of meconium

Sometimes the baby in the womb meconium This means he may defecate, which can increase the risk of contamination and swallowing by the child. In this situation, taking into account your safety, you need to have a caesarean section immediately.

10. Change of Charge

At birth, the baby does not stay in one position and is constantly moving. In cases of polyhydramnios, the doctor can only recommend a caesarean section.

11. Incorrect position

if the child breech position If it is in the armpit or even in the armpit, it will not be able to come out of the vagina properly. In this situation, getting a C-section would be the best option for you.

wrong position

12. Profuse bleeding

Bleeding too quickly from the mother’s body at the time of delivery can be fatal, so doctors opt for caesarean section only.

13. Closure of the Channel

The presence of fibroids in the birth canal at the time of delivery or a fracture of the pelvis can block the exit of the baby. In this case, a caesarean section is the only way to remove it.

From a C-section or elective C-section to a range of medical complications or medical history, doctors may decide to perform a C-section. Whatever the reason, following your doctor’s advice and accepting a C-section is the best decision, especially if there is a chance of complications during vaginal delivery.

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