‘A woman is incomplete without being a mother’, is it necessary for every woman to have a child? – Being a mother is so important motherhood makes women complete or not

In the current era, the number of such couples, especially women, who do not want to have a child, is increasing. As women are making their careers in different fields outside the confines of the home, this trend is gaining momentum. This is also good in terms of rapid population growth, although there are questions about that.

The question is, is it necessary for a woman to be a mother? Is becoming a mother an essential condition of her femininity for a woman? If a woman does not want to be a mother or cannot be a mother for some reason, are these reasons why society or the family should fill her with an inferiority complex? And being a mother and getting pregnant on time is also a women’s health issue? aajtak.in interacted with stakeholders in this regard.

Professor Rajyalakshmi of the Department of Sociology at Janki Devi Memorial College says that women have this thinking of the society. Instead of achieving general acceptance for a word like barren, it is a slander, a harsh mockery. From the social aspect, it is very important to increase the human resources of a country and a society. That is why the main responsibility of the woman to have a child has been established.

He says that women should also break out of this taboo of becoming mothers by any means, only then will womanhood be complete. Your femininity is also in other aspects of your life, not only in being a mother. If a girl does not want to be a mother, has a career or wants to lead a separate life in her own way, no one can pressure her into this. This should not be a rule for a woman.

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Child rights activist Sudha Jha says boys are brought up in such a way that they study, get a job and then get married, but girls also feel pressure to become mothers soon after.

Dr Achala Batra, president of AOGD (Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Delhi) says it is the biggest taboo in society that becoming a mother is very important for a woman’s health. There is no study that shows that non-pregnant women are less healthy than pregnant women. If many times there are problems for not being a mother, even after becoming a mother, there can be problems in women. Speaking of hormonal changes and mental health, this problem can be the same in both situations.

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Dr. Nidhi Singh, senior gynecological surgeon at Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra, says you cannot tell a woman ‘she must be pregnant’. But for being a mother, her advice is done by explaining the benefits. Girls are taught to be biological, physical, emotional and social mothers. But because of pregnancy, you are far from all problems, that cannot be said.

Vanitha (name changed), who came to Delhi from a small village, says that in a country that has such a large population, it is not the right idea to be a mother or aspire to have one’s own child in any way. Today I am 37 years old. In my house, more than marriage, it is mocked that it is so old, if you don’t get married, there will be no more benefits. The mother clearly says that if you cannot be a mother, then you will deprive yourself of the happiness of life. This is the greatest happiness declared by this society. It is true that being a mother is a beautiful feeling, but to stand on your feet, to live with self-esteem, to travel the world, where these feelings are too low.

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Social activist Arifa Avis says every girl child should be a mother, but as a society, we should also look at how people treat career-oriented women during pregnancy. How do corporate companies think of these mothers? Which pregnant men and women they give attention to. Any woman who has faced the problem of changing jobs during pregnancy will tell the answer to this. Not only that, new mothers who become new mothers in the workplace are considered less productive employees. Some time ago, one bank in its policy described pregnancy as a temporary ineligibility, while another bank decided that if a woman is pregnant at the time of the job interview, keep her on the list of ‘just wait. Now tell me who will change the attitude of the society with this beautiful feeling of motherhood. That’s why I always say that glorifying motherhood is a great conspiracy of the patriarchy. By imposing these mandatory conditions on girls, they also limit their power.

Professor Varsha Gupta is an English teacher at Rajdhani College DU. Professor Varsha says that there are many writers of English literature who considered their art of writing as their child. She responded to society that she had decided not to be a mother. If an educated and well-researched woman chooses not to be a mother, instead of raising one or two children, she is giving something better to thousands of children. The concept of having your own child to be a mother is also very wrong. You can also be a mother by adopting a child.

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Social activist Husn Tabassum says I was born in a Muslim family. They explained to me that it is necessary for a girl to get married, because she is a Sunnah. I said read the Quran well, there is a choice to marry or not. I have always felt that how can I marry someone I don’t know. Once again an article was written about the choice to be a mother without marriage, which was for those women who do not want to get married but want to have a child. A lot of people were against this too. We think that marriage also became necessary for the child, because if there is a marriage, then there is no child, then it puts pressure on the children because if there is no child it will not be complete. I have always felt that the patriarchy has coined the definition of perfection for a woman upon becoming a mother. While not giving birth to a child must be the will of the woman. Even so, it has become very typical by linking it with religion-spirituality, social rules and regulations.

But should women stop having children? The answer is no, you just need to make a small change. We must understand that as normal as it is to have a child, in the same way not having one is not a disease, stigma or going against society. A medical professional should not refer to having children as a way to maintain good health. In this way, the woman will continue to give birth to only children until the age of 14-50. We are definitely not prepared for this situation.

can stay healthy that way

Now the question is whether exercise, good lifestyle and yogic method can normalize this fluctuation of the body? So it can definitely happen. If a woman adopts this, it will be easy for her to keep her body healthy and stable. Whether the imbalance has reached the body due to pregnancy or due to non-pregnancy, in both cases the balance can be done with this practice.

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