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‘Unhappy mind listen to my words… Where there is no peace, you do not stay’ This song from the 1956 film Funtoosh was written by Sahir Ludhianvi and sung by Kishore Kumar in the film. Sahir’s song was for the film, but while recording in the studio, Kishore Kumar sang it as he had written it himself. Kishore’s life also went in this line, he left the place where he had the least regret. The story of Kishore Kumar was very easy for all the stories to leave. A cool man who never gave Fikr a chance to spoil the teenager’s tone by getting into his neck. A teenager born in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh might not have even “realised” that a world awaits him somewhere far away from Khandwa. While at school, a boy who was stealing kept thinking about when he would get a break from all this.

Regarding education, Abhash Kumar Ganguly i.e. Kishore Kumar’s elder brother Ashok Kumar had said in an interview that his dearest and younger brother Kishore is a big thief of studies. Kishor never laid much weight on the fact that he did not feel like reading, but in those days he used to fine-tune a great theory. Whatever was present in his memory related to his subject, everyone had some tune. In this situation, it was clear that Kishore was not a learned singer, he did not become a singer, but he did. Only time cut them off.

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Ashok Kumar, while making a revelation in an interview, had said that Kishore’s voice was not always so great. Rather, it shone due to an accident. According to Ashok Kumar, Kishore’s voice was very bad during childhood. His throat hurt, he kept coughing. But once an accident happened in his life that had completely changed the world of a teenager. According to Dada Muni, once when a little boy ran to his mother in the kitchen, his foot fell on the shield that was there, cutting off one of his toes. He was then taken to the hospital. The doctor bandaged him up, but the teenager was in a lot of pain from the injury. Teenagers used to cry a lot because of the pain. Kishor continued to cry for about 20 days and due to his excessive crying there was a change in his throat. There was a different tone to his voice. Think of it in such a way that due to unexplained crying, they got their riyaz.

It often happens that we want to be something other than what we are. We make no effort to know what our land is after all. But those who know what their power is, do wonders. How did Kishor that his name is recorded in golden letters in the pages of history. There was trust in his elder brother Dada Muni ie Ashok Kumar for the fact that Kishore could sing. That’s why one day he brought a harmonium to Kishore and said now you sing and play a lot. The teenagers were just as happy.

Kishore, who considered Kundan Lal Sehgal as his guru, used to hum his songs. There is an anecdote related to KL Sehgal and Kishore that once he saw Kishore sitting with a harmonium, his elder brother Dada Muni asked him for some songs. He said that Ae Babu Moshai, koi wana sunao na song. Kishor’s reply made this point even more fun in a very nice atmosphere. Kishor said I will listen to the song but I will take the five dwarfs of Sehgal’s song. On this Dada Muni said that five annas, well, how much will it cost to sing my songs. Kishore said, I will listen to any of your songs in Ek Aane Mein.

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Hearing this, there was laughter. Dada Muni agreed, but when he asked Kishore to recite Sehgal’s second song, Kishore said that now the tempo of Sehgal’s songs has increased. Kishore, who was very sensitive about money, never performed his art for free. There are many stories related to this style of his. I used to sign any film only when I got the cheque. Teenagers couldn’t leave the money.

Many times during the recording, when I used to ask the key word with him that yes brother tea pee ki nahi (ie payment was made or not), then if the answer came, Dada, the tea drunk was Very Hot. , then the teenager entered the study. He used to tie But when he hears no as an answer, Dada is not drinking tea yet… the tea has just arrived. So Kishore used to spoil the atmosphere of the studio with bad notes. Although it wasn’t that the teenagers were greedy for money, they just never agreed to make their art for free or cheap. He felt that an artist should receive his remuneration, as much as he and his art deserve. But Kishore sang songs for Rajesh Khanna’s Aalag-Alag for just one rupee.

Although he always took one rupee less than Lata Mangeshkar’s fees. It was his capricious nature that he refused to sing any song or jingle for the government during Indira Gandhi’s rule. For which he had to pay to be banned from All India Radio. But Kishore was a person that if he didn’t make a difference, no matter what happens, he won’t make a difference. They won’t move. The song sung by Kishore Kumar, who does not care about society, gives courage to people even today – some will say, people’s job is to say…

A great artist and a great personality, Kishore Kumar used to be the life of the studio during the recording of any set or song. While narrating her tales, Asha Bhosle once mentioned that she would often come to movie sets or studios with a “boy Manas”. As soon as he entered the set, he used to come holding the hand of an imaginary child. Asking the child to say Namaste in front of everyone and he himself would respond in the children’s voice. A lot of times when the songs were being recorded, he would talk in the kid’s voice about how silly this song is and then say in his voice, don’t say it quietly. We all got so mixed up with this habit of his that we often asked him about the welfare of his imaginary son.

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Looking at many aspects related to Kishore Kumar’s life, it is found that he would often disappear from his sets and go somewhere, leave shooting, even in a relationship with someone, he used to get up and leave that place many times. . . He liked this sudden departure the most. Once in a conversation with Lata Mangeshkar, while talking about this nature, she also said that she does not want to hurt anyone. When everything is going well, I think maybe this is the right time to get up and go. I used to get up from there and leave, or I can still leave. I don’t want to leave when everything becomes very uncomfortable and sad. Always have a good memory. In many of his songs, he also saw that he always moved forward with life. By assuming that the milestones that are overcome in the journey of life, do not come again.

Thoughtless, drunk teenagers always thought of a world where only love was love. A song by Kishore Kumar, who lived such a world, also narrates his world.

come let me take you
under this sky

Where there is no sorrow, there is no tear,
Only love grew in love.

In the matter of love, Kishore Kumar stayed with the boy, to whom love came and said. But there also came a period that after one of his agreements and then a step taken after that, he also had to face difficulties. This happened when Ruma Devi entered his life. Kishore fell in love with Ruma and married her. This thing had caused an earthquake in his life. As soon as elder brother Ashok Kumar came to know about this, he not only kicked Kishore out of the house but also removed him from Bombay Talkies film studio. This was the worst period, when the most loving older brother kicks his brother out of the house.

Kishor was sad, but not so shattered by all these things that something untoward had to happen. Kishore started his life with Ruma and now he was supported by Khemchand Prakash and Sachin Dev Burman in the journey ahead. Sachin Dev Burman loved Kishore beyond bounds. helped them And Sachin Dev Burman was the person for whom he got his first Filmfare award. And that movie was – Aradhana.

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Kishore had four marriages. And this number four was also very much related to Kishore. Abhash Kumar Ganguly, the fourth of the four brothers in the house, also performed. For Dev Anand’s first film, where he also became his voice on the one hand, he also played the role of a gardener in one scene. Talking about this character, Ashok Kumar once said that when Kishore learned that this scene would be recreated, he ran away from the set. In this scene, we asked Kishore to play a small role, that you will just enter a scene and just say something like this, then Kishore had even abused him without speaking a little bit in this scene. This movie was – Ziddi. Kishore was a born artist and equally fun-loving.

There is an anecdote from a shoot on set where he had to start the car and be in and out of frame during the shoot. As soon as the director said ACTION, Kishore left in the car, but he again left not only the scene but also the set. They found them where Kishore had gone, after three hours on the set, Kishore gave this information that you didn’t even say CUT, so I went out to Panvel. A drunken artist, like never before and probably never now, took his car and died before our eyes laughing. If something is left behind, according to their plans, they are laughing and playing, they always want nothing bad to be left behind. Kishore Kumar will always remain in our hearts as this beautiful memory. Whenever the mind is sad, he will hum his yudli.

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