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Bhilwara. Knowledge has so much power that it can destroy pride and ego, but if knowledge becomes proud, pride destroys knowledge. Our knowledge is very limited and there is still much to learn, but sometimes the knowledge learned increases our pride. He who carries pride with him cannot succeed. These views were expressed by Shramanasangh advisor Sumatiprakashji MS Pragya Maharishi Dr. Samkit Muniji, MS Expressed on Wednesday at Shanti Bhavan as part of the regular Chaturmasik discourse. He said that saints and seekers are rich because they have two precious diamonds, knowledge of Shrut and knowledge of character, but sometimes they become poor even if these diamonds are not used properly. Munishree said that even after attaining immeasurable wealth, this Chakravati also goes to hell. Those who continued to flaunt capital have no place even in hell today. Describing the condition of nigod (Ekendriya) as worse than hell, he said that after a limit of time one will return from hell, but once one goes to the state of nigod, it will take infinite time to return from ‘there. He urged leaving the veil of attachment to avoid entering eccentricity and said that if one’s mind gets stuck in a deep attachment towards knowledge, love, object, person, etc. ., then there is complete preparation to go to eccentricity. Venerable Samkit Muniji said that if a person forgets such a deep attachment to his tradition and sect, even his conscience, and becomes a bond of vital action at this time, doom is certain. You must protect yourself from this bond. He said that the danger of going to hell is less, but the danger of going to eccentricity is high because we hardly feel cruelty, anger and violence. Munishree said to avoid the ravages of pride, always contemplate and ask why I have human life and this Jinshasan. Jinshasana met to fight or to reconcile. After how many births we have had the Jinshasan fortunately, but if we are interested in discord, strife, surely this Jinshasan will not be available anymore. Asking yourself these questions will awaken your sleepy mind.

If you must stay with the Siddhas, then give up your anger.

Pujya Samkit Muniji, while describing the glory of Lord Arihant, said that who would have thought that he would live with the siddhas, being the prison and slavery of the world. He will not do any work that will strengthen the bond with him, but will do work that will gradually open the bond. To do this, it is necessary that anger should not remain for more than one year, maintaining reverence for God, Guru and Dharma. If there is no speech even after three years of quarreling with someone, understand that we are holding anger. Our anger, pride, greed, delusion must end in one year. Carrying them long, the road to salvation becomes very long.

Competition for the practice of meditation, denials of Sunita’s fast

At the beginning of the Dharma Sabha, vocalist Jaywant Muniji MS presented the song “Guruvar mere mujhe par sone si mercy kar do”. Inspirational Bhavantmuniji MS Also found support. On Chaturmas there is a competition for the practice of penance. On Wednesday, Sushravika Sunita Suklecha accepted the austerity observations of 19 fasts, then Sadhna Jain 9, Payal Ranka and Nemichand Jain accepted 8 fast declarations. reception of The guests were received by Shri Sangh President Rajendra Chipad. Rajendra Surana, Minister of Srisangh presided over the Dharma Sabha. Arrangements for the venue of the speech are also being made by Snehlata Chaudhary, Shri Shanti Jain Mahila Mandal President, Minister Sarita Pokharna, Shri Mahaveer Yuvak Mandal Seva Sansthan President Pramod Singhvi, Minister Anurag Nahar and workers of these organizations.

Series of special speeches for daughters and their mothers from Friday

Venerable Samkit Muniji MS He said that a series of special three-day lectures ‘Pinky Ka Kya Hoga’ will be organized from August 5 to 7 for growing daughters and their mothers. In this, the Shravikas have to bring along their daughters who are studying in class 9 or above. Through this series of speeches, the challenges faced by young daughters and the role of family members in the changing scenario will be discussed. Similarly, a question-and-answer session will be organized at Shanti Bhavan on Sunday, August 7, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. On August 11, on Rakshabandhan, there will be brother and sister chants from 9 to 9.30 am with a special talk on changing relationship, changing the theme of Rakshabandhan. Under a regular address, Marudhar Kesari Mishrimalji MS and Roopchandji MS The birth anniversary celebration of praise will be held. Under the aegis of Shree Shanti Jain Mahila Mandal, Bal Bhaskar camp will be organized for children from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm every day from 13th to 15th August at Shanti Bhavan under the guidance of Venerable Samkit Muniji. Guidance will be given to children in the age group of 8 to 15 years. On Independence Day, special motivational speeches will be given while paying homage to the martyrs.


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