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08:32, 04-August-2022

Lukcnow Crime: PWD employee dies in suspicious condition, dead body found at headquarters, these articles found at site

A case of death of an employee in suspicious condition has come to light at PWD headquarters in Lucknow. The secretary’s body has been found at headquarters. Police found bottles of liquor and other suspicious items at the scene. Read more

04:27, 04-August-2022

Al Qaeda: How Zawahiri, Taliban-Pakistan or both were killed in the Haqqani faction area, do you know who cheated?

Al-Qaeda terrorist Al Jawahiri killed Pakistan Afghanistan General Bajwa CIA ISI connect and Taliban explained

Many questions have been raised about the US mission to kill Zawahiri. For example, how did the US, which left Afghanistan last August, carry out the mission in Kabul? How did the US know about Zawahiri’s hideout in Kabul? By which way did the American drone arrive at the place where this operation took place? Which countries are most suspicious of US aid? Let’s find out… read more

01:54, 03-August-2022

Claims of officers fail: situation remains as it is in four days, difficult as a mountain, see images, status of Ganga Bridge

Repair work on the approach road has been halted due to increased erosion near the Ganga Bridge

It has been four days since the Bhimkund Ganga Bridge approach road connecting many districts including Chandpur Bijnor was broken. Road repair works have not accelerated so far. There is still danger of erosion here. Read more

23:24, 03-August-2022

Mainpuri: On Independence day, 126 prisoners will get freedom, two prisoners got bail even so, but did not get bail.

126 prisoners will be released on Independence Day

The release list includes ten prisoners over the age of 60, 35 prisoners, 96 prisoners with less than seven years in prison. Read more

08:27, 04-August-2022

India wins 5 medals at Commonwealth Games Day 6 Top 10 News | Morning News in Hindi

India wins 5 medals at Commonwealth Games Day 6 Top 10 News |  Morning News in Hindi

India’s medal tally at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games has reached 18. These include five gold, six silver and seven bronze medals. Indian athletes won five medals on the sixth day. Judoka Tulika Mann won the silver medal. Read more

02:06, 04-August-2022

CWG: Bronze winner Lovepreet tells Amar Ujala: No weightlifter in the house, clean and jerk is harder

Commonwealth Games 2022 weightlifting bronze medalist Lovepreet singh said it's harder to do clean

Lovepreet managed to lift 355 kg. Lovepreet lifted 163 kg in the deadlift round and 192 kg in the clean and jerk round. Cameroon’s Junior Perileks managed to win the gold with a weight of 361 kg. Read more

08:20, 04-August-2022

The court said: No one has copyright on the teachings of the Koran and other Islamic books, 50 thousand fine to the plaintiff

the court says that no one has copyright over the teachings of the Koran and other Islamic books

District Judge Sanjeev Kumar Agrawal observed in the order that certain contents must be similar to the teachings given in the holy books Quran and Hadith and other religious texts related to the religion of Islam are required to be similar in all books that teach Islam No one can copyright these teachings Read more

08:18, 04-August-2022

News for teachers: Private school teachers who are co-located, both husband and wife will now have house rent allowance

Husband and wife private school teachers Both will receive house rent allowance

Public school teachers, husband and wife receive a subsidy for house rent despite being stationed at the same station and living in the same accommodation, but in the case of private school teachers, husband or wife , they were given a house rental allowance. . Teachers raised this issue prominently. Read more

08:18, 04-August-2022

Delhi: Encounter between Delhi Police and gangsters in Shahdara, one accused shot dead

Encounter between Delhi Police and gangsters in Shahdara, one accused was shot dead

Police said that after the robbery incident in the district three days ago, the police were on the lookout for the accused. Upon receiving information, the police cordoned off the possible route. When the suspects were seen coming, the police tried to stop them but they opened fire on the police. Read more

08:16, 04-August-2022

Rajasthan: Kidnapping of four-year-old boy from Jaipur’s SMS hospital, accused of running away by bluffing relatives

A 4-year-old boy kidnapped from outside Jaipur's SMS hospital

The four-year-old daughter of the victim’s family was hospitalized. An unknown person confided in the family telling them to treat him elsewhere and, seeing the opportunity, ran away with the child. Read more

08:01, 03-August-2022

Kishor Kumar: Kishore Da’s samadhi is in this MP city, even after earning lakhs, canteen loan was not repaid

Kishore Kumar Birth Anniversary Singer Relationship with Madhya Pradesh

Kishor Kumar: Kishore da’s samadhi is in this MP city, even after earning thousands of dollars, the canteen loan was not repaid Read More

01:39, 04-August-2022

Agra: Thieves broke into five houses, panic among villagers due to theft of lakhs

Lakhs stolen from five houses in a single night

The incident came to light the next morning when the villagers woke up from their sleep. After getting the information, the police reached the village. Read more

01:54, 03-August-2022

Shocking revelation: The body was made from drugs given to animals, now big secrets will be revealed

The body was made from drugs given to the animals

A shocking revelation has come to light in the case of fake food supplements seized in Meerut. The investigation revealed that the drugs sold here are also given to animals. Read more

08:01, 04-August-2022

‘Har Ghar Tricolor’: Tricolor was not hoisted for 52 years… Anti-national organization people, Rahul Gandhi’s attack on BJP

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the BJP over the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign

Rahul Gandhi on Har Ghar Tiranga: Rahul Gandhi said, history is witness, those who are running the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign have come out of the anti-national organization which did not hoist the tricolor for 52 years. Read more

08:06, 04-August-2022

Delhi: Group Bus Hits Two Brothers, One Killed, Another Injured, Driver Runs Away

Mohan Garden police station has registered a case and started investigation. Police are investigating with the help of CCTV cameras. There was a traffic jam at the site after the accident. After getting the information, the police reached the spot and after much effort the traffic jam was opened. Read more

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