Along with the kite, the Chinese manjha is also cutting the neck, the government should take strict measures

In July 2017, the NGT had banned the sale of dangerous Chinese manja across the country. The assignment was made at the request of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The manjha making companies also went to the Supreme Court but got no relief from there.

For some time now, a message is becoming more and more viral on social media. The message says that in view of kite flying on August 15, two-wheeler drivers should pay more attention to their safety. The Chinese manja used to fly kites can be fatal. Be careful while driving. Drive the vehicle slowly. See and Run Keep a thick cloth tied around your neck. The question is that the problem that social media is all about today, why the government and administration are not paying attention to it.

There is an ancient tradition of kite flying in our country. On the occasion of Independence Day, Makar Sankranti, Raksha Bandhan and Bhaiya Dooj etc., the hobby of kite flying is visible to the extent of people’s passion. This hobby of the people turns fatal when the kite enthusiasts use a manja to cut the kite among themselves, which is to cut the man’s neck along with the kite string. The edge of this manja, sold under the name of Chinese Manjha, is sharper than the edge of the blade. In an instant, it snaps the driver’s neck. This manjha has become a big enemy of road drivers today. This kite-flying Chinese manjha acts as a silent killer. It is not visible to the driver. You know when it damages the body part. He makes people his prey in an instant.

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Recently, 30-year-old Sumeet was on his way from his hardware shop in Burari to Rohini in Delhi when a manja hit his neck. He didn’t even have a chance to recover. Sumit died of a cut on his neck. After this incident, the police swung into action to nab the accused. The kite did not fly the next day. But is there any doubt that this kite flyer will be caught? Some days it will be hard. Then, little by little, everything will return to normal.

Kite fliers often use such a string or manja so that other kites cannot cut their kite and simply cut the kite in front. For this manjha was first made by applying glass sawdust by attaching it to the thread. This manjha was also harmful but used to break. It didn’t hurt that much. Chinese manjha is said to be made by mixing plastic, nylon and iron filings. It is stronger because it is made of a mixture of metals. It doesn’t cut itself. This Manjha is also considered a surefire guarantee to cut the opponent’s kite. That’s why kite flyers use it. Being made of a mixture of different metals, it is sharp and a good conductor of electricity. This manjha is also killing kite flyers as soon as it comes in contact with electric wires. On March 13, 2022, in a house in Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, an electric wire was cut from the manja of a child who was playing with a stone tied to a trouser leg. The child died from electrocution on the cable handle. This manja also interrupts feeding. Sometimes the contact of this wire between two wires also causes short circuits. The power supply to the subway is interrupted.

In July 2017, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had banned the sale of dangerous Chinese manja across the country. The assignment was made at the request of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The manjha making companies also went to the Supreme Court but got no relief from there. This manjha used to come from China. Now only the factories of our country do it indiscriminately. Chinese Manjha is banned in Delhi since January 10, 2017, but due to the irresponsible attitude of the system and bribery, Chinese Manjha is flying kites indiscriminately. Many people have lost their lives in recent years because of this. Thousands of birds are injured every year.

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Where everything was closed in confinement. There were kites flying every evening. Chinese kites and manjha were sold indiscriminately. Yes, it was natural that due to the closure of the two-wheeler due to the lockdown, its riders did not become accident victims, but the birds continued to get injured and die. Actually this manjha is not bad. It doesn’t break Your remaining and cut strings go in the trash. Animals and birds that come in search of food in this garbage get stuck in it. In an attempt to get out of the manjha, their necks or feet are cut.

There is no exact figure of how many people died from this manjha. The incident is known only from the headlines of the newspapers. The numbers of animals and birds that are injured or killed by this manja are also not available, but environmentalists believe that the death of birds has increased because of it. A bird flying in the sky cannot see the string of a kite. You know when you crash, get injured or die on the ground. In this situation, it has become necessary for the manufacture and sale of Chinese manjha to be strictly prohibited at the government level. Cases should be registered against those who manufacture and sell Manjha in serious sections. The Chinese manjha manufacturing factory, which is going to the Supreme Court against the order banning the sale of manjha, should be investigated if it does not work. The government’s order to ban this manjha will also have to be made known to the society. People should also be aware of the use of this manjha. They must make their children aware of their demerits and disadvantages. Through the teachers of the school and the college, the damage that this causes will have to be reported. Public awareness must be created against them in the society, only then it can be stopped.

Ashok Madhup

The author is a senior journalist

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