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BJP was once considered an upper caste party but with the passage of time many things have changed. The BJP has become a party that represents not only the upper castes but also the Dalits and the backward. In order to give a fuller shape to this social engineering of the BJP, Narendra Modi had given a ‘mantra’ at the Hyderabad meeting to connect the Pasmanda Muslim, considered backward in the Muslim society, to the party. The exercise of implementing this political mantra of Modi begins from Friday.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to reach out to the Muslims of Pasmanda, it is being organized at Ghalib Academy in Delhi at 5 pm on Friday. Atif Rashid, in-charge of Delhi BJP Minority Morcha and president of Muslim Nationalist Pasmanda, is conducting the programme, which is attended by BJP’s OBC Morcha National President, Dr. K Laxman, as the Chief Guest.

Through the program “Pasmanda Muslim Sneh Milan and Samman Samaroh”, an attempt will be made to give a big message to the people of the Muslim community of Pasmanda that the BJP is very serious in connecting them with the party. Apart from this, along with the BJP organization, he has also started leading the government. From the BJP state president to the Yogi government of UP, the leaders who lead the Pasmanda Muslims are also joining them. Will the show describe the link of Pasmanda Muslims with the BJP?

Along with the cabinet under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, people from the Pasmanda community who were introduced through key posts will be felicitated, including state government minister Danish Azad Ansari, the chairman of the Minorities Commission of ‘Uttar Pradesh, Ashfaq Saifi, the Chairman of UP Madarsa Board of Education. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed and Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy President Chaudhary Kaiful Vara. Apart from this, Muslim pasmandas from ten states of the country are participating in this program, in which they will be honoured.

BJP leader Atif Rashid among the Muslim community

Atif Rasheed, who is leading the campaign to connect the Pasmanda Muslims with the BJP, said that 80 percent of the country’s Pasmanda Muslims, who belong to the backward caste and are divided into different castes. At the same time, 20 percent are high-caste Muslims. Pasmanda Muslims are socially, educationally, economically and politically very backward, who are the so-called secular parties, never did any work for the development of Pasmanda Muslims. It neither advanced them politically nor did they advance economically.

Atif Rashid said that no one had paid attention to the Pasmanda society among Muslims before. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked them to join him. We are already working to connect the Pasmanda community and solve their problems. Keeping this in mind, a program ‘Pasmanda Muslim Sneh Milan and Samman Samaroh’ is being organised, in which the role of the backward minority society in social upliftment will be discussed. The obstacles and challenges facing the community will be discussed in detail.

Atif Rashid said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initiative to politically connect the Pasmanda Muslims and efforts are being made to connect them with the mainstream. How to get maximum benefit of Pasmanda Muslims from BJP central and state government schemes. This time will also be discussed. BJP is making them socially and educationally capable while the seculars have only done the job of fooling them by showing fear of BJP. He said that the way the BJP is going forward with the Pasmanda Muslims, it will be a “game changer” for the country’s politics.

Let us tell you that BJP has done many political experiments to connect Muslims but so far it has not been successful. The vote bank of the Muslim community largely stayed away from the BJP. Despite this, the party did not lose hope of connecting him with the party. In this situation, the way the BJP has strengthened its social engineering by adding Dalits and back to the Hindu votes, in the same vein, it has moved towards adding Muslims to the OBC community.

In 2022, when the BJP regained power in UP, the success of this era includes a significant change. The BJP’s victory this time also includes some support from the Pasmanda Muslims, which is buoying the party. The BJP is in power both at the Center and in most of the states, in such a situation, the party can try to make a place in the Pasmanda society by getting the benefits of all the government schemes. In this situation, Atif Rashid has taken the initiative to connect the Pasmanda Muslims with the BJP.

In fact, Muslims who come from backward and oppressed classes of Muslim society are called Pasmanda Muslims. Their number in the Muslim community is said to be 80 percent. The remaining 20 percent are upper caste Muslims like Syeds, Sheikhs, Pathans. The advanced 20 percent of Muslims are socially and economically strong and have dominated all political parties, while the Pasmanda society has remained politically marginalized.

Voices continued to rise in the BJP to connect the Pasmanda Muslims. While he was the vice-chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Atif Rashid had initiated work to increase the BJP’s political base among the Pasmanda Muslims. There is also a reason behind this that Atif Rashid has come to politics from BJP ABVP student politics. He also understands the BJP’s political mood and agenda very well, considering that Pasmanda is working to connect Muslims so that the party’s core vote bank is not damaged.

We tell you that before the UP elections, an organizational level committee was formed in the BJP, which started working as a strategy to connect the Pasmanda Muslims in every booth in the state. BJP started focusing on the community of Kahar, Mallah, Kumhar, Gujjar, Gaddi-Ghosi, Mali, Teli, Tailor, Nut, Qureshi, Dhuniya, Mansoori, Weaver, Raj Mistry, Cobbler etc. This society was also targeted through central and state government schemes, which benefited from it in the assembly elections. 8% Muslims have voted for BJP but now the party is working on the agenda to increase it by 2024.

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