consequences; 90% of boys who stab small things are minors, 60% of incidents are intoxicated. consequences; 90% of boys who stab small things are minors, 60% of incidents are intoxicated

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Raipur is becoming the capital of knife makers. People are being attacked with knives without any animosity along the way.

Raipur is becoming the capital of knife makers. People are being attacked with knives without any animosity along the way. After all, what is the reason why in the last 2 years, almost every day, stabbing incidents are coming to the fore. To answer these questions, the Dainik Bhaskar team downloaded the FIR registered in July 2022 by visiting the Raipur District Police website for the last 7 days. There were shocking facts in this.

What’s scary is that 90 percent of the incidents were committed by boys in their 20s or younger, mostly minors. Most of the stabbings were done while intoxicated. The reasons are also minor. Like, not to answer, not to yield, not to give money to ask for money, not to drink, not to drink alcohol in front of the house, not to stop the car, not to feed secretly, even the car The knives are ‘have gone. when the mud is splashed.

In July alone there were 2 unprovoked murders. A young woman publicly stabbed a 45-year-old man with a knife. In many cases, the old enmity has also led to the knife attack. Now is there no freedom to walk at will? – A new trend has emerged in the stabbing cases at the Khamtarai police station. In the statement of the victim recorded in the FIR it is stated that the accused said, Style marke chalta hai… That was all that happened.

Live: While reporting this news, the reporter was going from Jai Stambh Chowk to Kotwali. A man was riding a moped while talking on the phone, the car was shaking. The reporter said- Let’s see brother. He proceeded near Kotwali Chowk and parked the car in front of the reporter’s car. He started saying abusive words in English. Seeing his anger, the people around said: go, don’t get confused. In the city, similar incidents are happening in the form of assault, stabbing. Common people say that for these reasons we have left Tonkana.

technical sheet

  • 823 FIRs in 31 days
  • 313 FIRs related to disputes
  • 38% of knife murders

New trend revealed with FIR reading

  • 8 out of 10 incidents occur between 18.00 and 12.00 hours.
  • In 6 out of 10 incidents, the accused was drunk.
  • In 5 out of 10 incidents more than 1 stabbing was done.
  • There is no record of accused in 7 out of 10 cases.
  • Knife after abuse in 10 incidents.

police complaints
Ongoing campaign against knives. 2000 knives seized. Challenge: Fewer habitual criminals, harder to stop.

Case 1: Who will I tie Rakhi to now?
Sonia said Bhaiya had gone for 10th exam. Some boys stopped and killed the brother not to reveal the name. Saying this, Sonia and the mother began to cry. Now who will I tie the rakhi to?

Case 2: What was the fault after all?
On June 22, Preeti held Sudama’s hand. Sudama was standing with his bike, he didn’t hear the car horn. In this case, the girl stabbed Sudama with a knife. What was the crime after all?

More than 700 knives deposited with the police in one year
The Raipur police had warned last year that those who had ordered knives from online sites, should deposit them at police stations in their area, failing which action would be taken. In Raipur alone, the police have found more than 700 such knives.

19 year old boy cracks an 8 year old boy
At 8:30 pm on Wednesday in Sanjay Nagar, an 8-year-old boy was hacked by Sheikh Qurban, 19. The boy, Adil, was riding a bicycle with friends when the accused attacked. The boy began to suffer on the road bleeding, then the assailant fled. The boy has deep neck injuries, although doctors have declared his condition out of danger. According to the police, Kurban, originally a resident of Bengal, first asked the boy to walk with him, if he did not agree, they dragged him from the cycle and dropped him. The boy started screaming, then dropped the knife. Police suspected of attempted kidnapping.

A 20-year-old man killed a sick father
In Nardaha, adjacent to the assembly, 20-year-old Devendra Verma killed his ailing father Ashok Verma (45) with an ax around 12 pm on Wednesday. Not only that, he told everyone the story after the incident that someone in a mask had come, killed him and left. When the police took strict action against the suspect, the youth accepted to kill the father with an axe. She stated to the police that her father used to get angry with everyone unnecessarily. Last night the family was in Birgaon, when Devendra’s father had a dispute in the house. The angry young man attacked the father when he fell asleep.

Expert view:

End of tolerance among young people
The impression of the use of guns in films falls squarely on the youth. Along with this, drug addiction and drug addiction are also the main causes of the incidents. Young people are losing the ability to tolerate. -Doctor. Manoj Sahu, HOD-Psychiatry, Ambedkar Hospital

heavy alcohol
In major incidents, assault with sharp weapons has been encountered. It has also been seen that there are not one or two, but multiple injuries. From the rapid attacks, it seems that the accused must have been intoxicated. -Doctor. Snidha Jain Bansal, HOD, College of Forensic Medicine

less parental supervision
The challenge is how to prevent flash loading incidents? People don’t have pensions anymore. There is also less parental supervision of children. Surprise check is on. Criminals are watching out for miscreants. Prashant Agarwal, SSP, Raipur

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