Jeetu Sharma said: This is copyright; If Farmani Naaz does not apologize, a warning will be sent. YouTube Singer Farmani Naaz Shiv Bhajan Controversy | Har Har Shambhu

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“I didn’t have money to record the song Har Har Shambhu, so I sold my truck for just 60 thousand. This was my last chance. If the song was not successful, I would have left YouTube. After so much effort this song It’s ready Today my mind would be sad that when someone comes and says this is their original song.

This is to say of Jitu Sharma, the writer of the song Har Har Shambhu. Bhaskar spoke to Jeetu over the phone. On the subject of controversy, UP’s Farmani Naaz, who sings Har Har Shambhu, said that Farmani has broken the copyright rule. He didn’t even give us credit in his video. In each interview, he explains his song. If she doesn’t apologize, we will take legal action. Jeetu said that so far 310 versions of my songs have been made on YouTube itself.

On the displeasure of Ulemas in UP regarding Farmani Naaz, Jeetu said that Farmani Naaz may be a Muslim. But the artist has no religion. He just likes music. Naaz also did the same. The way fundamentalists issue fatwas against him in UP. this is wrong I’m with him on this one. Now read how the song Har Har Shambhu was made…

This photo of Har Har Shambhu, writer-singer Jitu Sharma and singer Abhilipsa Pandyan is from the same recording room. where the song was recorded.

Jitu hails from Odisha
Jitu Sharma is from Odisha. The father runs a vegetable shop. Childhood was spent in extreme poverty. Jeetu Sharma says, “My schooling was only up to 12th standard. I completed 12th in 2010. I started working from 2011, but I didn’t feel like it. Since childhood, I loved Mike very much. I used to sing songs etc. in school. too.

In 2014 I started a YouTube channel named Jeetu Sharma. In this, I used to keep interviewing small children. Their theme was “Children at Heart”. However, it did not have a very good response. With all this, 2019 came. Then I met my mentor Akash. He composes music. There was talk of singing a song with him.”

While sitting in his shop, Har Har Shambhu was written
Jeetu says, “The story of the song Har Har Shambhu is also very interesting. It was in the month of April this year. I was sitting in my shop. Then I wrote the song Har Har Shambhu. Every day I wrote a little . a bit. I spoke to my mentor and music director about this song Akash ji. I said till now I was singing alone. Now a girl will be needed in this too. Then I searched and found Abhilipsa. Now I was not enough . The money I was able to record the song. I had a loader vehicle. Which I had taken by paying 80 thousand rupees. I also paid EMI for four years. He was engaged in a courier company. He also missed it during covid. I take this car. I sold it for 60 thousand. I had to go to Jamshedpur for recording. It used to cost 500 at a time to go there. I used to go there and take Abhilipsa with me.”

In this picture, Jeetu Sharma is accompanied by his music director Akash.  Jitu considers Akash as his guru.

In this picture, Jeetu Sharma is accompanied by his music director Akash. Jitu considers Akash as his guru.

Mahakal kurta requested a video from a friend
Jeetu explains, “At the time of shooting the video, it was decided that both the singers would wear similar clothes. Abhilipsa dressed up. I didn’t have these clothes. I asked my friend for a kurta. He happened to be in Banaras. A few days ago . He came here. He had a Mahakal kurta and he gave it to me. I recorded the song and put it on YouTube in May 2022. About four days later, I got a copyright notice from YouTube. The song went be removed for 15 days. Then I cleared his doubts and then the song came out on YouTube.”

This kurta that Jeetu is wearing.  He wore it after asking his friend to record it.

This kurta that Jeetu is wearing. He wore it after asking his friend to record it.

The song started getting views from Gyanvapi number
Jeetu says, “Even after that the song wasn’t playing very well. So my friend made a reel and played it. Four thousand people saw it there. Meanwhile, the Gyanvapi track came. Then from that my song gained momentum. Till now. This song has been viewed by more than 72 million people. I am angry with those who are putting my song on youtube and not giving me credit. I want to tell them that I have come to know that till now there are 310 versions of me on youtube Songs have come. I have collected many links of this. I am going to take legal action against all of them. This includes Farmani Naaz.”

Jeetu says now I am writing songs to Shiva.

Jeetu says now I am writing songs to Shiva.

He recorded the first song in 2020
Jeetu says, “In January 2020, I recorded my first song and put it on YouTube. After that, I kept remixing Hindi songs for a year. I was disappointed if there was no special response till 2021. Shivratri When the month came to the year I thought I should write something on Bholenath. Then I wrote the first song on Bholenath. I recorded the song “Bholenath Tera Saath” in February. Then I released it. It got one million views in a month. I was surprised. by the comments that came in. I got motivated to write and sing songs. I recorded about 40 songs in Shivaji. For that I got Rs. 40 thousand in August of 2020″.

Jeetu said that in July, Rs 12 lakh has flown from YouTube to his account.

Jeetu said that in July, Rs 12 lakh has flown from YouTube to his account.

Father is proud, says his mind to mother
Jeetu says, “Last July, 12 lakh rupees came into my account from YouTube. However, in the last 8 years, I have spent six to seven lakh rupees. When my father came to know that so much was coming in money in my account.When she went there was no place for her happiness.However she never expressed her happiness in front of me but she tells her story to her mother.Also I share all my things with my mom. When I got 40 grand the first time. I told my mom too.”

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