Do you have a pet dog? Just save yourself! The eyes of the government are in your pocket.

Remember when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was saying in a meeting in Uttar Pradesh that his police recognize people by seeing who is manipulative, who is Sharif? Remember when the Bharatiya Janata Party had planned to make Aadhar cards for cattle, but these ads that mislead people were limited to paper because these things do not exist, they are only used to collect votes. There are tricks.

The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Prayagraj Municipal Corporation of Uttar Pradesh are no less. The eyes of the Prayagraj Municipal Corporation have now fallen on those who own dogs, that is, now like flour, pulses, rice, vegetables and gas cylinders, owning a dog will also be very expensive.

The meaning of saying that there is a limit to rob the public’s pocket, from milk, curd, sugar, petrol to petrol-diesel, the government has left nothing, now even after having a dog, every year 650 rupees is paid. to the municipal corporation. must be deposited in the account. On the other hand, if the dog owners fail to do so, they will also have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000.

The Prayagraj Municipal Corporation assures that all those people living in the city who have dogs must register their dog at the Veterinary and Social Welfare office and from there they will obtain a file that they must wear around their dog’s collar. It is mandatory for all dog owners to do so, those who fail to do so may have to pay a fine of up to 5 thousand rupees. However, after this decision of the Prayagraj Municipal Corporation, this thing started trending on social media with the name ‘Gos Kar’. Because of which users started looking to the government.

There is a tweet from the Twitter handle named Affan that the dog will also have to pay taxes, now think blindly, now after salt, oil, milk, curd, they should also accept the gift.

But there is the question that if there are stray dogs in the state, if the state government owns them, will they pay taxes or be forgiven?

Tanveer Warsi writes from his Twitter account that “Looking at you Vinod”

Brijesh Rajput tweeted that he killed dog tax to have a dog in Prayagraj. Dog tax has started in the Municipal Corporation, it will be taxed Rs 600 per dog for one year. Maneka ji please help the people of Prayagraj.

Not just Prayagraj, owning a dog has become expensive in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. Preparations are being made to increase the registration fee on behalf of Lucknow Municipal Corporation. With this, now instead of Rs 500, a fee of Rs 1000 can be charged. Officials say a proposal is being prepared in this regard.

This proposal will be carried out at the next executive meeting. After passing from there, it will be implemented. Currently, registration fee of Rs 200, Rs 300 and Rs 500 is collected from the Municipal Corporation. Now it is ready to make 1000 rupees. In Lucknow, about 5000 people have registered dogs. Due to this, the department earns a revenue of around 20 lakh rupees.

If the corporation pays a registration fee of Rs 1,000, the revenue of the department will reach Rs 50 lakh next financial year. There is a dog registration session from April 1 to March 31. In this situation, those who have been registered this year will not have to pay additional money. However, their pockets may be empty next year.

According to municipal sources, a large number have not yet registered their dogs. In this situation, from August 15, a control campaign will be carried out by the Municipal Corporation in the morning and in the evening. In this, this campaign will be intensified especially in the flats, so that the income of the department can increase.

According to an estimate, more than 25 thousand families in the city have pets. So far only 20 percent of people have signed up.

On the other hand, the registration fee of pet dogs has also been increased by 50 times in Yogi Adityanath’s home area, Gorakhpur, till now it was only Rs 2 for registration, but now it has been increased to Rs.100 At the same time, so far only 77 pet dogs have been registered with the municipal corporation. The Municipal Corporation will soon start a campaign against those who do not register. Those who fail to register will also be fined Rs 5,000.

Anyway, by taxing the dogs or increasing the registration, the government can fill its pocket as much as it wants, but the rule says that the state government is responsible for the care of stray dogs roaming the streets, it is also responsibility. of the state government to catch them. And then, who does not know the state of stray animals in Uttar Pradesh. Be it a cow, a bull or a dog. Now the question is, will the government pay the stray dog ​​tax on the road out of its own pocket?

The second thing is that the money that the government takes out of people’s pockets in the name of dog tax, where is it spent, because the terror of dogs is seen on the street every day, there are often news stories, sometimes about children , sometimes on passers-by.

What can be said about the rest of the cities of Uttar Pradesh, in the capital Lucknow itself, stray dogs have created an atmosphere of fear among the people. According to media reports, more than 200 people fall prey to stray dogs every day. There is more terror of dogs in the city than in rural areas. These figures speak of the rabies injections given in government hospitals. 30 percent of those receiving the injections are children.

Dogs are terrorized in 70% areas of Lucknow city. Contrary to municipal figures, there are thousands of dogs in these areas. Which people are afraid of. In Lucknow, more people are injured due to fear of dog than the number of people who are injured due to dog bites. Most complaints that have reached the Municipal Corporation are like this. Most of the complaints have been about children. In two and a half years, some 1034 complaints have been registered. Most of these have been made for children.

It goes without saying that when the public can’t walk safely on the road, children can’t play freely… so what does the government collect? We tell you that we got to see all these changes when a woman from Lucknow was beaten by her own Pitbull dog. This news surprised the owners of the dogs. After that, the administration had also asked all the dog owners that if they keep such a dangerous dog, they should keep it with caution and keep training it from time to time.

Well… the eyes of this government are on everything the citizenry has through which it can recover. Sometimes by levying taxes on small everyday things and sometimes by running schemes like the dog tax. Instead, who will be held responsible for the problems caused by stray dogs? This is still a question.

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