Alleged domestic violence against husband, but calls his wife ‘loved’ Alleged domestic violence against husband, but calls his wife ‘loved’

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New DelhiAn hour agoAuthor: Aishwarya Sharma

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Have you seen Alia Bhatt’s Darlings? Controversy arose over the film even before its release. After watching the trailer of the film, people accused Alia of domestic violence towards men and a #BoycottAliaBhatt campaign was started on social media.

Women face domestic violence every day, so why the boycott of the movie ‘Darlings’? Why are people silent even after seeing the scream of the woman beaten by her husband and the marks on her body?

Blackmailing men with emotional violence

“If I do not love, why should I kill?” Tum pyar nahi karti to sahti why?” This dialogue from the movie “Darlings” suits all women who are victims of domestic violence. Not only this, another dialogue settles in the mind.” Joru Kaun?, the shadow of Shauhar (husband)”. This is told to the girl from childhood in our society. The husband is called Parameshwara. Relationship and life coach Damini Grover told Woman Bhaskar that the society of men always gave rise.state.

When someone exploits someone, it means that they are showing their power. In our homes, we are not taught how to manage our anger, irritability, or other emotions. Some men are skilled at taking out their woman’s negative emotions because there is no easier punching bag than a woman.

Men’s power only lasts when women are prepared to endure. Women suffer because they have no social support. The day a woman stops tolerating, men get scared. He doesn’t want to spoil his image, so he confuses women by saying he loves them.

Financial violence is no less

According to relationship counselor Dr Geetanjali Sharma, many women today are working and financially capable. But despite this, he suffers from partner to financial abuse. The husband says he will take care of his money. After the wife’s salary is transferred to her account, she will only be given pocket money.

Some girls want to help their parents after marriage. In this situation, her husband or mother-in-law does not give her freedom to do so. They keep the girl’s jewelry, bank checkbook and debit card.

The woman, who earns thousands of euros a month, said on condition of anonymity that her husband speaks with love until he transfers money to her account. Husband’s style changes as soon as he gets Rs.

When this is the condition of a working woman, imagine what would happen to a woman who worked from house to house. Kamala sweeps the houses. The husband does not do any work, he only drinks alcohol. At the beginning of the month when she gets the money, her husband comes to collect it and disappears with the money.

Mental violence occurs without abuse

Many times the husband does not even raise his hand or abuse his wife, but starts humiliating her in front of everyone. At the same time, they mock the woman in front of others, insult her. This is mental violence.

a misunderstanding: having a child will improve

Never expect your hand raising husband to improve after having a child. Often the family advises that if the child is born, everything will be fine. But Damini says it’s just a false hope. The man who is already raising his hand on the woman also begins to raise his hand on the child in the future. In this situation, the child is also crushed between the parents and begins to be tortured. It affects his mind a lot. In 95% of cases, this thought makes no difference.

Why do parents teach girls to be quiet?

Psychiatrist Binda Singh says it is their parents who teach girls to bear everything in silence.

Social media players who show themselves to be so modern, are their thinking so backward that they can’t digest “loves”?

It is said in our society that the doli of the daughter is born from the house of the father and the meaning of the house of the husband. This is explained to the girl from childhood that whatever her husband says, she obeys everything. He grew up watching his own mother do this at home. If the husband raises his hand, she cannot take action against them because she thinks what will happen to her if her husband leaves. How will a child grow up without a father? At the same time, some women are financially dependent on their husbands, so they continue to suffer oppression.

Are women so bound that they cannot resist oppression?

give marriage a chance

Relationship experts believe that a person only gets better when they want to get better. It is easy to break a relationship but difficult to maintain. You should definitely give your marriage or relationship a second or third chance, but you shouldn’t hold out hope. A timeline should be given to the partner. It is a person’s behavior that tells whether they are improving or not. If there is no change even in 6 months, then that person cannot change for the rest of his life. So it is better to divorce.

A man becomes an executioner because a woman lets him be

Police station scene. Badrunisa aka Badru (Alia Bhatt) and Shamshunis (Shefali Shah) are sitting in front of the inspector. Shamshunis is writing a report against domestic violence against his son-in-law Hamza (Vijay Verma). She says, “Why do men become drunkards by drinking alcohol?” To this the police inspector replies: “Because the woman becomes bane hai.” The depth of this dialogue is the solution to stopping domestic violence. But all over the world, including India, women allow men to dominate themselves. As a result, 52% of women in the National Family Health Survey believed that it is appropriate to spank their husbands. At the same time, 42 percent of men said it was right.

Those who created outrage over the boycott of the film ‘Darling’ on social media, are probably not from this section?

Domestic violence with 1 in 3 women in the world

1 in 3 women in the world is a victim of domestic violence. This figure was published by the World Health Organization in 2021. According to this, 73 million women are victims of physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partners every day, but when it comes to reports, it is negligible .

So do you think women should shut up and put up with it?

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