I’m a woman too and Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot doesn’t hurt my feelings

These days, if anything or any celebrity is constantly being discussed on social media, then it is Ranveer Singh and the reason behind it is his nude photoshoot for a well-known magazine role. This photo shoot is only part of a very long and excellent interview, but I don’t think more than half of the people read this interview because all their focus and energy was on the one thing that Ranveer is naked. let me tell you Ranveer is not the first or the only actor to have such a photo shoot.,

What is the case against Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh Nude Photoshoot

Paper magazine

Recently, a non-governmental organization NGO filed a police complaint against Ranveer. In this complaint, this organization has said that this photoshoot of Ranveer has hurt the sentiments and dignity of women. A case has been registered against him under Section 3 of the IPC and a section of the IT Act. Based on the sections under which the complaint has been filed against Ranveer, he can be jailed up to 7 years.

The biggest surprise!

No, my feelings have not been hurt by Ranveer Singh's nude photo shoot

But believe me, it’s not a matter of worry that Ranveer might be in jail because I’m sure he’ll have a whole army of lawyers so he might not even have to see the face of the court. But the real issue is whether this is really such an important issue that a police report should be filed for it. First of all, I want to draw your attention to the fact that a man has filed a complaint to hurt women’s feelings!

As always, a man again felt that women could not stand up for themselves or voice their own opinions and therefore had to stand up for women. As a woman, I would like to say not only to this complaining gentleman (if he is) and to the rest of the men in the world that you don’t need to defend women or speak for them at all because we do. they are fully capable.

Has it really hurt the sentiment and dignity of women?

Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls Kissing Scandal
Image: Netflix

Now we come to the allegations in this complaint, according to which the sentiments and dignity of women have been hurt by seeing some nude pictures of Ranveer Singh on social media and pages of a magazine. So, as a woman, let me tell you that’s not the case at all, at least my feelings weren’t hurt at all and I’m sure there are many more women like me whose feelings wouldn’t have been hurt.


For many of us (one of whom is me) these pictures of Ranveer were like Nayansukh and for some people these pictures didn’t make any difference. People of both ideologies are right in their respective places. I think beauty should be appreciated as well as courage and both were in abundance in these pictures of Ranveer.

Still from Mission Mangal
Image: Star Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I think these pictures of Ranveer had a great creative expression and through this interview and photo shoot people got a new perspective to see and understand Ranveer Singh. Usually, all people’s attention is on Ranveer’s quirky clothes and style, but through this photoshoot, people got a chance to know Ranveer’s personality. To those who enjoyed this photoshoot, I’d say it’s great that you appreciate and understand creativity and to those who didn’t, I’d say it doesn’t matter, forget it and move on. .

Why was there no need to register this case at all?

No, my feelings have not been hurt by Ranveer Singh's nude photo shoot
Paper magazine

Now let’s talk about the complaint filed against Ranveer. According to a May 2022 report, there are more than 4.7 million cases pending in different courts in the country. Of these, 1 lakh 82 thousand cases remain for more than thirty years. In this situation, is another subject really necessary in the case of an actor doing a photo shoot for a lifestyle magazine? Isn’t this a waste of time in the country’s law and justice system?

Violence against women

Not only this, it is even more worrying that 99% of cases of sexual violence against women in our country are not even registered and the figure of 1% of the cases that are registered is huge. In this situation, do you really think it is that important to file a complaint about Ranveer Singh stripping? Don’t we have more pressing and sensitive issues than Ranveer Kapoor’s nude photos, which need more legal intervention?

Things that really hurt women’s feelings and dignity

Crime against women

As a woman, I can speak for most women that most men and to a large extent some women have no idea how much and what really affects women’s feelings. Our feelings and dignity are hurt –

And so many things and things like that hurt women’s feelings and dignity, but Ranveer Singh’s nude pictures are not one of them.

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