Independence Day 2022, Surekha Yadav is not only India’s but Asia’s first female train conductor, set an example of Nari Shakti

Asia’s First Woman Train Driver Surekha Yadav: If you have courage, it is not difficult to do anything, even if you have never done this work before, you still do it. Perhaps a similar spirit must have been in the heart of Surekha Yadav, the driver of the Indian Railways. Surekha Yadav holds the title of being the first woman train conductor not only in India but also in Asia.

You will be surprised to know that while applying for the train driver post, Surekha didn’t even know how to ride a two-wheeler. Still, he applied for the position. In a way, she became an inspiration for women to make it to the post of Locomotive Driver i.e. Train Driver in Indian Railways. Today we are exposed to some aspects of the life of this locomotive pilot, who made the country proud.

I still remember that railroad ad

Surekha Yadav explains that in 1986 came an announcement of railways. He still remembers his number 01/1986. He explained that in this Railway he had taken the position of Assistant Electrical Conductor and Pilot of Loca. Surekha said that she had also done a diploma in electrical engineering and the most important thing was that this vacancy was also for women and she applied without delay.

Surekha says she didn’t know she would be selected. It was God’s will or her ability that she was chosen by the Railways, she says she learned that before her, no woman in Asia had held the post of train driver. Then she adopted this job wholeheartedly thinking that more girls would also come to this profession after seeing it.

Surekha says that in February 1989, he joined the Central Railway. It received its first destination at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station. He also ran the first ladies special train in 2000. In 2019, the first Ladies Special Deccan Express left Mumbai for Pune on Women’s Day. For the past 6 years, she has been training future locomotive pilots as a senior instructor.

She says you should do whatever you want. If you step forward, you will also get help and everyone will cheer you on as well. They say that if the work is good everything goes well and the name of the country is also made.

The father devoted all his attention to studies

Surekha was born on 2 September 1965 to Ramchandra Bhosale and Sonabai in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Father Ramchandra Bhosale was a farmer. Surekha was the eldest of their five children. He says that even though my father was a farmer, he taught us well. Our father did not differentiate between boys and girls. Surekha says this was beneficial and we brothers and sisters could read and write well.

Surekha studied at St. Paul and was a versatile student. After his studies, he did a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Government Polytechnic of Karad. She wanted to become a teacher after completing her B.Sc in Mathematics, B.Sc., but after getting a job in Indian Railways, her wish could not be fulfilled.

Identity made by your work at Ferrocarrils

In 1986, Surekha took the railway exam. Surekha was the only woman in the written and oral examination of Railways. In 1987, the Indian Railway Recruitment Board, Bombay called him for an interview. He was first sent to the training school in Kalyan as a trainee assistant driver. In 1989, he became a regular assistant driver. After that, he never looked back. Surekha, who never knew how to drive a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, today runs a 9-12-car rake of the railway.

In 1998, Surekha was given the responsibility of running the freight train completely. In 2000, she was promoted to Motor Woman. After that, discussions about its success began. In her media interviews, people started coming to get her autographs and she became famous all over the country.

In 2010, it also operated a train on India’s Western Ghat Railway line. He received special training from the Railways to drive the train on this difficult track. Surekha said, “Some people were against giving her such a big responsibility. Those people said till now no woman holds this position, no woman can have such a big responsibility.” But he was not discouraged and fought for his passion. He says he then replied that he has been trained as a driver and the Railways have chosen him because he is capable of this job.

In 2000, when former Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee started the ladies special train in April, she became its first woman conductor. On March 8, 2011, Surekha ran the Deccan Queen from Pune to CST, one of the toughest rail routes in the Railways. Train drivers have to face many problems like chain pulling, railway roko, but despite this there is no record of train accident during the work of Surekha Yadav, who has been running the railway for 32 years train

Gender doesn’t matter as long as you do the same thing

Surekha explains that she faced some problems initially as a woman during her work. People could not easily believe that a woman could drive a train efficiently, but family, friends and colleagues supported her. She says that other than that, she has never faced any kind of discrimination as a woman.

They believe that if you play the feminine card, you lose credibility. She says she wanted to do her job as well as possible and believes there are physical differences between women and men, but gender doesn’t matter when we can do the same. Being the first woman locomotive pilot, she has many awards and national awards to her name, so she has also tried her hand in the world of acting. He has worked in the TV serial ‘Hum Bhi Kisi Se Kum Nahin’.

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