People from 6 neighborhoods asked questions about roads, sanitation and drinking water. The people of 6 neighborhoods asked questions about road issues, sanitation and drinking water, the councilor said that we are not behind in the fight with you either.

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  • The people of 6 wards asked questions about road, sewerage and drinking water issues, the councilor said that we are also not behind in the fight with you.

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This program is organized by Dainik Bhaskar every Sunday, meeting the people and responsibilities of the neighborhood face to face.

In Udaipur, residents of the area raised fierce questions about the responsibilities of the program organized by Dainik Bhaskar. At Jhulelal Bhawan, located in Sector 4 of Hiranmagri, local people from wards 28, 29, 30, 37, 38 and 39 scolded the councilors over the issue of cleanliness, rotten roads, drinking water and tenancy sewer In the collective program of 6 wards, women and elders also expressed their displeasure over the fact that parks are becoming hideouts for anti-social elements. Mukesh Sharma of Ward 28, Lokesh Gaur of Ward 29, Rameshchandra Jain of Ward 30, Arvind Jaroli of Ward 37, Hemant Bohra of Ward 38 and Councilor Chandraprakash Suhalka of Ward 39 were present in the programme, which lasted for two and a half hours.

Residents of Ward 29 said the sewer works have deteriorated. Drinking water comes from low pressure. Who did you ask for the answer? Balveer Singh Kachhwa said the street near Mirinda School is stuck between two neighborhoods. On this, councilor Mukesh Sharma said that he will resolve it tomorrow. It will soon be launching an installation in the community building. Shashi Sharma said drinking water, encroachment, Gayatri Park of Sector-5 is desolate. Are the drains below the roads? The situation worsens.

The residents of the area, keeping the problems of their neighborhood in mind.

Dr Mahendra Sharma, a resident of Ward 30, said there is a need for a speed breaker in front of Ranawat Farm. Saras Dairy booth has not opened till date, which one should be started? Amit Srivastava himself asked that the roads built in the past should be started in 10 days. Now what to build. Shreeji Vihar New Vidya Nagar, Sarvotam, Jyoti Nagar What are the preparations for the quality of road construction there? I am ready for full cooperation as a civil engineer. As far as hall traffic lights are concerned, the corporation has kept only one person working in all the 5-6 pavilions. No man can handle everything. Corporations and individuals should increase.

Bhagwati Lal Mandovara of Ward 30 said that half of the Housing Board road was not constructed, why the encroachment is not visible, in Rameshwar Park in front of Jain Sthanak, I do the cleaning myself. On this, the councilor said that the company that did the sewer work was very poor. No one in the corporation answers this. On this, Councilor Jain has less garbage carts, which are being promoted, I am constantly engaged with the road issue. I raised the issue of vacant lots. Speed ​​breakers will be installed. Did Pushpa Bai ask that the drain is open and the mosquitoes have made her sick? On this, Councilor Jain said that I am trying to solve the drain problem. I am fighting so that the power is not interrupted. I am willing to argue with the public about the problem of drinking water.

The people of the area asked their councilor many questions.

The people of the area asked their councilor many questions.

In the same program, Vishnu Patel said that 2000 stray cows and thousands of pigs have made his life difficult? Is Smart Roads a scam? There isn’t even a parking lot. Why does no one pay attention to this? Nemichand Jain of Ward 38 said why don’t you listen to the public? Dr. Amrutlal Tapadia: Give them a proper place with handcarts on the road, the circles are small. Councilor Hemant Bohra said that many sewerage connections are left. The list of homes that do not have a connection has been given. It will be resolved soon. Indradas Vairagi, a resident of ward 37, asked if there is a problem with drinking water, parking. There is a power failure, the situation is bad because of the unusable plants. Residents of the ward asked how to get rid of stray dogs?

Ward 28 councilor Mukesh Sharma said a road has been constructed in my ward for 1.5 crores. I am also building the road to Dungla House. The park is ready, the lights are about to be installed. Two more parks are about to be developed. Community building repairers. Ward 29 councilor Lokesh God said direct communication with the public is happening through this platform. The audience continuously chooses 3 times. I will solve the problem of electricity, drinking water and sewage. Ward 30 councilor Rameshchandra Jain said that the drinking water pipeline in Jhamar Kotra has been closed since 2016, and asked to start it soon.

Ward 37 Councilor Arvind Jaroli said that tenders for roads in the ward have been held and the work will begin after the rains. Due to the railway track, the carnivore is transferred to the crematorium after four kilometers of detour. We have the budget; soon we will also be eliminated. Ward 38 Councilor Hemant Bohra said that all the problems of the citizens will be resolved. All the roads have been built. The rest of the work is also underway. Ward 39 Councilor Chandraprakash Suhalka said that the problem of water leakage in Sewashram is not being solved for three months. 50,000 liters of water are wasted every day. There is no hearing on this.

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