Ramabai, who held ‘Baba Saheb’s hand in every difficult moment of her life

Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Whenever this name comes up in our tongue, we Indians feel so proud..right! We know a lot about Yug Purush, who gave India its constitution, but little was written about his love life. Probably this was also because Babasaheb kept this part of life to himself.

But one day, when Babasaheb left us, the ‘love letter’ written by him came out. The letters he wrote to his wife Rama. The things written in these letters tell how much Rama sacrificed for Babasaheb, became his support, became his guide and also the companion who held his hand in every difficult moment of life! So Let us know Rama through Babasaheb’s eyes today in ‘Love Story’:

accompanied since childhood

good morning bharat

Babasaheb married nine-year-old Rami, also called Ramabai by some, on April 4, 1906. But for Saheb it was Ramu from day one! At the age of nine, Rama took care of the household. He got married at such a young age, so Rama could not study. In fact, that period was something like that. Babasaheb also faced no less problems during his childhood! Be it education in school or respect in society… Babasaheb struggled to achieve everything. But all this started to become easier with the arrival of Rama Bai.

For Rama, Bhimrao Ambedkar was always his sahib. Sahib taught his Ramu at home. At least to help him write the papers. While Ambedkar was in India, he had left the house in Rama’s trust and kept his full attention on how to give Dalits their rightful place in society.

When Ambedkar went abroad for higher education, Rama took full responsibility for his part from behind. She used to work in people’s houses, make cow dung cakes and sell them in the market. She used to take the money from all this, take care of the household expenses and send a part of the change to Saheb. While Saheb stayed abroad, he did not speak to Rama…there was only one medium of communication between them – letters.

If it wasn’t..?

Dr.  Babasaheb Ambedkar with his relatives

While living abroad, Babasaheb wrote a letter to Rama on December 30, 1930. Part of which you should also read…

Branch! how are you RamaI missed you and Yashwant a lot today, my mind has become very sad because of your memories. Maybe I have a lot going on in my head. The mind has become very disturbed and at home, you are all greatly missed. You came to drop me off at the boat. My spirits echoed everywhere and you could see it all. Your heart was full, you were overflowing with gratitude. Your eyes, which could not be expressed in words, spoke.

Now here in London this morning these things are coming to my mind. The heart has become soft. I’m getting nervous. Rama, we have no companion except poverty, poverty. Difficulties and difficulties do not leave us. There is only darkness. There is an ocean of sadness. We must have our sunrise. That’s why I say Yashwant has a lot to teach. I do not understand, is not so Rama, I understand that you are burning in this fire. The leaves fall and life dries up, so you have begun to pass. But Rama, what should I do?

Rama, if you don’t come into my life? If you hadn’t met as soul mates? So what would happen? A woman who only understood worldly happiness as the goal would have left me and gone. Who would like to stay half-bellied, go and collect Upla (Goitha) or find cow dung and engage in the task of riding upala or cooking? Who would like to carry stove fuel to Bombay?

Keep sewing the torn clothes of the house. Not only that, ‘the whole month must be taken out in a matchbox, with the same amount of oil and grains, salt must be used for a month’, I say so. If you don’t find these poverty orders sweet, then? My mind would have been blown to pieces then. There would have been cracks in my stubbornness. It would get a tide and at the same time there would also be an ebb. My dream game would have been completely ruined.

…and one day he left


When Ambedkar started his work, he started giving his earnings to Rama. When needed, he would ask Rama for money. Meanwhile, he lived away from home most of the time. Rama tries to make up for his lack. In married life, she had the pleasure of being a mother 5 times, but only 1 child survived.

Ambedkar wanted his only son Yashwant to pursue higher education, for which Rama worked hard. She did everything she could to make her son capable, but one day she was defeated by the disease. Due to lack of proper education and medical treatment, Rama died at the age of 38 and Ambedkar was left alone.

But before he left, Rama gave his full support to Ambedkar to reach the point from which he did not have to fight for respect. Babasaheb had written a book called Thoughts of Pakistan, he said, “Ramo is known for his sanctity of mind, mental virtuosity, purity of virtue and with me. In the face of grief, in times of misery and trouble, when we had no help, I offer it in gratitude for having shown great patience and consent…”

It is obvious that Rama remained his pillar behind Babasaheb, on whom he rested after the struggle, got ideas, gave India its first constitution…!

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