The nature of domestic violence has not changed

What is the nature of domestic violence?

Despite being called the scientific era of the 21st century, not a day goes by when the country’s newspapers have been particularly harassing women. domestic violence news are not published. From high society to rural areas Violence and harassment against women (Violence and harassment against women) Cases continue to emerge.

nature of domestic violence in Uttarakhand (Nature of Domestic Violence in Uttarakhand)

This process continues from the plains to the hill states. Many such cases are also seen in the tourist state of Uttarakhand.

In fact, throughout the State there is a constant increase in cases of harassment of women. if only female cases of domestic violence But if you look, 60 women are victimized every day in the state.

In the first 20 days of February this year, of a total of 2041 complaints of harassment of women, only 1210 complaints related to domestic violence was At the same time, of the total of 2780 complaints received in the month of January 1670 domestic violence And of the total of 2712 complaints received in December 2020, 1585 Only complaints related to domestic violence was

This is the number that is registered at the police station after leaving the boundary wall of the house. Many of these women cannot get to the police station to file complaints.

Cases of domestic violence in Ason village of Kapkot block located in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand (Cases of domestic violence in Ason village of Kapkot block located in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand)

Kapkot block located in Bageshwar district of the state. Town of Ason Many cases of domestic violence are also emerging. In this town of about 3,000 inhabitants, cases of domestic violence are observed every day. Where women are victims of beatings and abuse by their husbands at home. But she can’t even get to the police station to complain. Continue to tolerate it for the sake of married life and children. Whom the patriarchal society sees as their weakness gives silent support to this violence. However, the men of the house who commit violence forget that what he is doing to his wife, how will it negatively affect the mind and brain of the children?

In this regard, Akshita (name changed), a teenage girl from the village says that the day my father comes to my house, he not only fights with my mother but often abuses and beats her. Their fight directly affects my studies. Whenever I sit down to study, I remember my mother’s beating and I am unable to concentrate on my studies, I can’t even concentrate my mind on studies even if I want to.

While a village lady Devi Devi (name changed) Tell your story related to domestic violence While explaining that she got married at the age of 15, and that since then she has been a victim of domestic violence.

He said wrestling has become a part of his life. Many times the husband even tried to burn me alive after beating me, but I survived. One day they even tried to kill me by putting a pillow in my mouth.

Another village woman, Khashti Devi (name changed), has also been a victim of similar violence. He said I have not eaten a piece of happy bread for a single day after marriage. me freedom from domestic violence achieve suicide He tried to do that too. Almost all women in the village are becoming victims of domestic violence.

In this regard, another village woman, Pushpa (name changed), says that despite having a great education, I have also been a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious issue related to women’s safety.

In this sense, social activist Neelam Grandy says that domestic violence is a serious problem related to women’s safety. When this issue is related to the dignity of the country’s population, the issue becomes even more debatable. The country has entered 75 years of independence. Great things are often said about the safety and power of women. But the reality is the opposite. Especially in the rural and remote hilly areas of Uttarakhand, where women are becoming frequent victims of domestic violence. The irony is that, even in the eyes of the media, it doesn’t make much sense. This is the reason that instead of making headlines, it is buried in some corner of the newspaper.

In fact, despite the constitution based on human rights, society’s attitude towards women has not changed even today. Violence occurring within the confines of the house is not only suppressed as a family matter, but the female victim is also prevented from complaining, which is not proper to the development of any civilized society. We need to change the mentality that makes the woman responsible for the violence committed by the husband. Society itself must come forward to solve this social problem. The promise of respect to the wife made by the husband in front of the fire at the time of marriage must be understood and explained in the correct sense.

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Reality of the domestic woman in ancient society. Reality of the domestic woman in ancient society

The nature of domestic violence has not changed

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