Seeing beloved, consider that women are cursing, why women do not raise their voice against the husband

In the movie Darlings, a Muslim girl is shown marrying a person whom she loves very much. In the scene after three years of marriage, the boy turned lover to husband has completely changed. He treats the girl he does a government job for like a maid.

Although the girl is a housewife, she has no respect in her husband’s eyes. Seeing him, comes the bad feeling. According to the husband, he has done the woman a favor by not wearing a burka and giving her freedom to move anywhere.

The girl’s name is Badrunnisa, affectionately called Badru by the people. At the same time, Badru’s mother’s name is Shamsunnisa Ansari, whom people call Shamsu. I watched the movie last night, the story is a bit slow but the movie is not bad. Can only be viewed once. I am not reviewing here, Ichok has already reviewed the movie.

It is said about Darlings that the film promotes male violence. That is why he has also opposed Twitter. Do people say that if the husband is hurting his wife, then the wife should also do the same to him? Opponents say, hasn’t the woman been shown a victim before in any film? Has the husband not committed violence against his wife in any movie?

When the house is broken, society people blame the woman, which woman is unable to manage her home.

Those who curse their wives after seeing loved ones, know that only some men have been blamed in the movie…that is, not all men in the world are like Hamza. By the way, the meaning of those who object is clear that if the husband commits a crime against the wife, then it is his love and right, but if the wife does it, she is a witch. Probably because people have a habit of hearing that so-and-so beats his wife.

In this film, Alia Bhatt has breathed her life as Badru. Seeing them, it seems that her husband Hamza does commit a crime against her. She silently tolerates his beatings, tolerates it. She cries, she also gets angry, but like all women, she finally accepts it. However, what Badru has done to Hamza in the film, not every woman can do to her husband. Alas some women, even after beating their husbands, are not able to leave them, far from killing them.

After all, what are the reasons that force women to suffer pain?

husband loves a lot

In the movie, Badru’s mother says since when I say you are coming home. He has damaged the map of your face, in which Badru says you will not understand mom because he loves me. We don’t have a relationship like you and Abba. This is the word where girls melt. They think that if the husband has scolded, it will definitely be my fault. I hadn’t listened to him, otherwise he would have killed me. And then to fix her husband’s mood, she cooks him good food. Surprise plans for him. She woos him by decorating herself.

ways to persuade husband

The husband becomes a little boy even after making a million mistakes. I have to admit your trick of persuasion is amazing. He makes mistakes at night and apologizes in the morning. He acts as if the root of all problems is alcohol. That he wants to leave but he can’t leave. Otherwise, it’s all his wife’s fault. He very lovingly explains to the woman that there was another reason behind her bad behavior, not him. For example, work pressure in the office, an argument with the boss or a fight with the mother. He says his anger got away from you by mistake. He says I am doing this only for you. who is mine but you say what you want You are my life…

Where will I go after I separate from my husband?

Girls are made to understand on the day of marriage that the husband’s house is now their house. He can only leave his in-laws’ house when his mother wakes up. Girls are told that if the marriage breaks up, the wife is defamed. Shefali Shah, who became Alia’s on-screen mother in Darlings, supports her daughter, but in real life, mothers advise daughters to stick together in the house and not go out of the House.

post-divorce flirting

When the policeman at the police station asks Shamsunnisa, Badru’s mother, why does she put up with her husband’s beating? Why doesn’t he leave it, then he says there are big fights in this. The film has not been openly discussed, but there are many problems in the divorce of Muslim women, in which the fear of Halala remains in the minds of all women. In any case, people will accept the widowed daughter, but there is no place for divorcees in the maternal home.

What Mian-Biwi doesn’t have fights?

The torture of the woman is presented in such a way that there are fights in every Mian-Biwi. Oh, there’s a difference between a little fight and a wife beater. In Darlings, Alia lives in fear of her husband. Hamza doesn’t want him to do any work with his mind. When she goes to meet the dealer, he beats her badly. Still, Alia feels that it is normal for husband and wife to have all this, in fact, in society, the wife presents herself in such a way that if the husband gets a pebble in the food, then the wife puts her hand forward.

last chance to improve

The husband is wrong every time and says every time I will not do this again. The woman considers him as her whole world. He cannot even imagine living without him, because without him he does not exist. She loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. She thinks the husband will get better now. Then, with new hope, he bites his wounds and begins a new beginning. Sometimes some women withdraw the case after complaining to the police station, they believe that the husband has improved. If the case is not withdrawn, his house will be broken. Badru has also done the same in the film.

the baby will fix everything

Parents feel that if the child gets married, it will improve. The wife feels that the husband will improve if he has a child, but stinging is a scorpion habit that will not go away. No husband can leave his love even after having a child. If that had been the case, neither parent would have divorced.

The woman is to blame for breaking into the house

When the house is broken, the people of the society blame the woman, that the woman that she is, could not cope with her home. She couldn’t stand her husband. Although the wife has left her husband, but in the world she is called a wife left by her husband. No one is willing to make her the daughter-in-law of their house anytime soon. It’s called the woman who breaks the house. In this way the husband is called innocent and the wife is called Papin.

In fact, a woman does not decide to leave her husband all at once, she explains herself for months. Hope she gets better. Ignoring many things, he tries to irrigate his relationship every day. She gives herself courage after every problem that everything will be okay… the day she finally learns to live without him. And the day she learns to take care of herself, she walks away from her husband forever. So if you want to understand more, you can watch the movie ‘Darlings’ on Netflix.

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