The victim was doing rounds in Gorakhpur and Deoria police since last 5 days. The victim was making rounds in Gorakhpur and Deoria police for 5 days, SSP filed FIR

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Earlier, a minor girl was raped by her boyfriend in Gorakhpur. After that, her nude photo went viral. He took a print out of her nude photo. Then, with the same photo, a brochure was printed about the character of the girl. After that the same role was distributed throughout the girl’s village. Now he’s threatening to kill her too.

Now the girl is rounding the police officers from Gorakhpur to Deoria for the last 6 days to get justice. But he is not getting justice from anywhere. The victim says that if he does not get justice, he will commit suicide by self-immolation.

Come, learn the full story of this incident, the victim’s word…

My name is Sakshi (name changed). I belong to a village in Deoria district. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. I have 8 sisters. Of these, 5 are older than me and two are younger. I have cleared UP board 10th class exam this year.

I had gone to my relative’s house in a village in Kushinagar in November 2020. A young man who lives in the same village got my mobile number from somewhere. He started harassing me by calling me again and again.

This went on for a long time, but I didn’t agree. He called me constantly. After a few days I also started talking to him. In September 2021, he fraudulently invited me to the Tarkulha Devi temple in Gorakhpur. I came to meet him. First we visited the temple. He then took me to the Anmol Hotel at a distance from the temple. He said to me: let’s go after eating and drinking.

Nude photograph made of rape
“But, he took me to the hotel room. I had never been to a hotel before, so I couldn’t understand much. When he got to the hotel room, he closed the door. Then a at one, I took off all my clothes.

I was very much against it, but he was not ready to accept it at any cost. After that, he forcibly raped me several times in the same hotel room. I also took a nude photo on my cell phone.

I began to cry and plead before him, but he was not willing to listen. He started beating me After that he ran away leaving me in the same hotel room. Somehow I got out of the hotel and got to my house.

For a few days, out of fear of society, he did not tell anyone about this incident. I felt that if my family members found out about this, they would not be able to bear it and would die.

But, my boyfriend’s cycle of misery didn’t end there. Now he started blackmailing me by threatening to make my nude photo viral. He started calling me to see him again and again. Whenever I went to meet him, he gave me goosebumps when he saw me. He also started abusing me unnaturally.

He threatened to make the photo go viral and left
It is July 16, 2022, when I came to Anmol Hotel for the last time to meet him. This time he assured me that he would delete all my photos from the mobile. Believing in his words, I arrived at the hotel to meet him. He asked me to enter the room. However, there were two other boys with him. Seeing who I refused to enter the room. He got mad about it and then left threatening to take my photo viral.

After that, the 19th of July turned out to be the worst day of my life. The same thing happened that day, which was feared. At 4 in the morning my boyfriend took a print of my naked photo and threw it all over town. It also went viral on the internet. Along with the photo, he also wrote a fake letter on my character and also made the photocopy of that letter with the photo viral.

The photograph went viral throughout the village and on the internet
After that not only my family but the whole village knew everything. Relatives stopped leaving the house out of shame. If the phone rang, people would ask the same question. That’s why we even stopped receiving the phone.

After that I went with my father to Gauri Bazar police station in Deoria. He came back saying that the incident took place in Chaurichaura area of ​​Gorakhpur. Therefore, the case will also be registered there.

I have been traveling with my father to the police stations for 5 days.
After that I reached Chaurichaura police station with my father. There, the SHO said that both you and the accused are residents of Deoria district. Therefore, this case will be registered in Deoria. He said if Gauribazar police don’t register a case then make me talk to them. The SHO also gave his mobile number. Then I went back with my father to Gauribazar police station, I made him talk to Chaurichaura police station. But even after that, the Gauribazar police were not willing to listen to me and sent me back from the police station.

SP Crime again sends again to Deoria
Meanwhile someone advised me to meet Dr Gaurav Grover, SSP, Gorakhpur. On Monday I reached the SSP office with my father. SSP sahib was not found but SP Crime Indu Prabha Singh was found in his place. I told them everything. Even as a woman, she didn’t understand my pain. He advised me to meet Deoria SP again.

Now I and my whole family are tired of this painful life and if I do not get justice now, I will give my life by self-immolation.

SSP gave orders to register a case
Dr SSP Gaurav Grover said I have just come to know about the matter. The victim had come to meet me but met SP Crime. I have requested the victim’s request. After registering a case against him, the Chauri Chaura police have been ordered to take action. The victim will get justice and the culprit will not be spared under any circumstances.

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