In Bihar, the family arrived at the hospital with the snake that bit the boy, Kangana went to work on the set with dengue. In Bihar, family took snake that bit boy to hospital, Kangana came to work with dengue

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  • In Bihar, the family took the snake that bit the boy to the hospital, Kangana came to the set to work on dengue

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1. 70-year-old wife, 75-year-old husband, birth of a child, happiness in the house after 54 years of marriage

Kilkari reverberated through the home of an elderly couple in their 70s in Alwar, Rajasthan on Monday. Mother’s age is 70 years and father’s age is 75 years. After almost 54 years of marriage, the two now have their first child. The doctor claims that this is the only case in Rajasthan where a woman of this age has given birth to a child. However, with IVF technology, many elderly couples in the country and the world have become parents even in their 70s and 80s.

2. Mirchi Baba arrested for rape in Madhya Pradesh, Baba had said at the protest: the child is like that

Vairagyanand Giri alias Mirchi Baba who is always in the news is caught in the rape case. Mirchi Baba has been arrested on Monday night from a hotel in Gwalior. A day earlier, a 28-year-old woman has filed a rape case against Baba at Bhopal’s Mahila police station. Mirchi Baba has the status of Naga Baba. It is called Mahamandaleshwar of the Panchayati Niranjani Akhara of Haridwar.

3. Vicky Kaushal’s father, who has battled cancer, said: He was about to jump from the third floor of the hospital.

Vicky Kaushal’s father and stunt director Sham Kaushal has made a revelation. The director said that he was diagnosed with cancer in September 2003. When he was returning from Ladakh shooting Lakshya, he complained of stomach ache. When he reached Nanavati Hospital, his surgery was done. I didn’t know if I could live or not. Once, Mana had also decided to jump from the third floor of the hospital. I didn’t share it with anyone. He had returned to work after 50 days in the hospital. The doctors tested me for a year, but luckily the cancer didn’t spread anywhere else in the body. It’s been 19 years now.

4. In Odisha, the family took the last journey of the dog with drums and drums

In Odisha’s Paralakhemundi, a family performed the last rites of their female dog with complete rituals. The dog’s owner Tunnu Gowda also took out a farewell procession with drums and orchestra before the last rites. The dog’s name is Anjali and she was living with Tunnu Gowda for 17 years. Anjali’s funeral video also goes viral on social media.

5. Taapsee Pannu had an argument with the paparazzi, she said – you talk to Tamizh

Taapsee Pannu arrived at an event to promote her film Dobara in Mumbai on Monday. Here he was discussed with the media and paparazzi, the video of this is becoming more and more viral on social media as well. In fact, Taapsee arrived at the event and started stopping the pap to click her pictures, but she didn’t stop. After that there was a small debate between the two, on which Taapsee first said, talk to Tamizh. Yes, it’s the actor’s fault.

6. Pakistani security guard beat a pregnant woman until she passed out
In Karachi, Pakistan, a pregnant woman was publicly beaten by a security guard on the road. This video is viral on social media. The events happened on August 5. The woman was beaten by the guards until she passed out. After registering an FIR at the victim’s police station, the police arrested the accused. The pregnant woman works in an apartment in Noman Grand City, Karachi. He had called his son to give him food. When the son arrived at the apartment with food, the security guard refused to let him in. When the woman came to know about this, she reached the place and asked the guard why he did not allow her to enter. Because of this, the guard started abusing and started beating the woman.

7. The young man kept asking for water, people beat him with belts and sticks; Mob nabbed on robbery charges in Bihar

In Purnia, Bihar, a youth was run over and beaten by people. A video of the beating has emerged, in which some people are beating the young man with belts, sticks, kicks and punches. During this, he kept asking the people to get over themselves and drink water, but the crowd did not take pity. She continued to beat him until he passed out.

8. Bihar: The family arrived at the hospital with the snake that bit the boy

A 12-year-old boy was bitten by a poisonous snake in Vinod Matihaniya village of Vishwambharpur police station area of ​​Gopalganj in Bihar. The boy was rendered unconscious after being bitten by the snake. Relatives immediately took him to Sadar Hospital for treatment. where the child is treated. Along with the boy, the family also took the poisonous snake with them to the hospital.

9. Kangana came to work on the set even with a high fever, the team said – this is madness, not passion

Actress Kangana Ranaut has dengue fever. Even after suffering from high fever, Kangana is working on the sets of her next project. The team of ‘Manikarnika Films’ has shared some photos of Kangana Ranaut in the social media story. In these photos Kangana Ranaut can be seen working despite being sick. The photo caption reads: “When you have dengue, your white blood cell count drops rapidly and you also have a high fever.” Even in these conditions, if you come to work, it is not passion but madness.

10. The little fan asked Federer: Will he play another 8-9 years? I want to play with you The tennis star called Zurich and played a match

Then, 11-year-old Izyan Ahmed (Jiju)’s happiness knew no bounds. When he saw the legendary tennis star Roger Federer as a rival in front of him on the court. They were called for a training program in Zurich, but behind this training program was the Pinky Promise from 5 years ago. What Roger Federer did to Ijen. Now Federer has fulfilled that promise. The Swiss star called his fan and coach in Zurich for the training program. He made them sit together… he sent a lady and made them say that she is his (Jiju’s) big fan. The lady also took a selfie with him. Lady took Federer’s little fan to the court and played a friendly game with him. Not only that, he also made a pizza with it.

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