The bride living in the dwelling was told: I have brought a boy from the ashram. Rajasthan SMS Hospital Hijacking Update; Criminal stole a boy for his girlfriend in Jaipur

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Police found a 4-month-old baby stolen from Jaipur’s SMS Hospital in just 3 days. For this, 300 police officers and employees have been involved. CCTV footage from up to 10km around the hospital was scanned. Apart from Rajasthan, about 150 policemen were also engaged in the search in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. After all, the police parade ended with the information received by constable Bhim Singh of Mahesh Nagar police station. Bhaskar spoke to Constable Bhim Singh about all this action. Read Bhim Singh’s speech, the full story of child recovery…

Everyone became active after the boy was stolen around 6.30pm on Wednesday. All CCTV footage was being scanned. Information was being collected from informants. During this, he received information from the informant around 11.30pm on Friday. Hemendra alias Raju is the one who stole the boy from SMS Hospital. Come through Beldari at the gate located on VT Road. It is not visible since last 4-5 days. To develop the information, Saturday morning at 7 am, the informant arrived at the door. There he interacted with the workers and contractors seen earlier. On showing the pictures, everyone recognized him as Hemendra alias Raju, a resident of Bharatpur. Now the challenge was to find it. We didn’t have any information about his mobile number and till now. It took about 2 hours. You have more important information about Raju.

Identified but hard to find
Somehow, the workers and contractors working together were contacted again. He tried to talk to anyone who had worked with him. He went to the places he had worked before and talked to the store owners. Asked about Raju who went to a restaurant near VT road junction. A worker was found who was going to work together in the restaurant. He said that Raju had given him their phone numbers. His house was said to be in Mansarovar Rico. Upon being informed of the theft of children, the worker gave important information to the police. The worker said- Raju’s inclination towards children is often visible.

Raju in custody of police team. Raju was arrested by the police on Saturday on charges of stealing children from SMS Hospital.

Research operation carried out in 50 homes
Spoke to Raju on contact on mobile no. He told the co-worker that he is currently the village of Bharatpur. After that, the mobile went off. With the help of ACP (Sodala) Bhopal Singh Bhati and SHO (Mahesh Nagar) Sajjan Singh Kaviya, the location of the phone number was traced. It was found that this number has also contacted SMS Hospital Mobile Tower. The local was called after turning on the cell phone at around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. According to the location of the mobile, the police team arrived under the sewer of Mansarovar Rico. There were more than 50 houses in the colony. Information on households with children was obtained from the local population. While conducting a search operation, the police reached the petty thief.

The thief was seen on SMS Hospital CCTV.  Based on this, Hulia was issued.  Workers working together recognized Hemendra alias Raju.

The thief was seen on SMS Hospital CCTV. Based on this, Hulia was issued. Workers working together recognized Hemendra alias Raju.

Difficulty identifying the child
Child thief Hemendra alias Raju was caught. The child was playing on the lap of a 35-year-old Santosh (Raju’s girlfriend) at their home. A photo was taken for his identification. Santosh said – This is not a child, it is a child. I have a little girl. What evidence do you have? The photo that the police had with the police to find the four-month-old Divyansh was old. When Divyansh was a month old, the police found the photo. It took a lot of effort to identify the child. The photo was sent to the officials by clicking on the mobile. Innocent’s parents were shown. After rigorously interrogating the child thief, he confessed to having a child stolen from SMS Hospital. The boy was able to be identified after two hours of difficulty.

came to the fray, ran after the car
Constable Manju wanted to remove the child from Santosh’s lap. Angry, she continued to threaten the police, claiming that she was her own daughter. When he tried to take it by force, he got into a fight. As soon as the boy was rescued from her lap, the lady constable took him. As the boy thief and the innocent kidnapped were left sitting in the car, Santosh ran back and forth.

I was looking for a baby since 6 months
SHO Navratan Dholiya of SMS Hospital police station said Raju was produced in the court on Sunday afternoon. The court sent him to police custody for one day. In the preliminary interrogation, the accused has revealed that he is living in a cohabiting relationship for the last 5 years with Santosh, a resident of Sanganer. Santosh has three daughters from her first husband, aged 7, 9 and 12. I also have a 6 year old son. After separation from husband, Santosh started living with Hemendra with children. He had no children with his girlfriend. In his desire for a son, Raju became a child thief. For the past 6 months, the boy had been planning the robbery. Reiki was also done in many places like bus stop, railway station to steal children.

The father said: get severe punishment
When the police informed the father of Hemendra alias Raju, the accused who stole four-month-old Divyansh from Bangad premises at SMS Hospital, he only said: The son should be punished severely for the act he has done

He said to the woman, the boy came for adoption from the ashram
The SMS station manager said that on August 4, when the accused reached the woman with the child, he asked about the child. He then talked about adopting a child from the ashram. The woman believed this. The accused has been working as a laborer in a rented house in Jaipur for about six years.

Abducted the child for the desire of a child: there were 4 daughters, an innocent 4-month-old found playing on the lap of the accused’s mother and wife.

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