The work assigned to the non-technical staff of the building branch, the interim order said. Breach of court order, work assigned to non-technical staff of building branch, official on temporary disposition said

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Jalandhar Municipal Corporation

The sectoral charges have been entrusted to the building branch of the corporation in the city, in which the norms have been breached. The officials of the corporation have also uploaded the decision given regarding the Punjab and Haryana High Court building branch. Non-technical staff have been sitting in technical seats.

However, the municipal officials, who have carried out this feat, assure that this temporary arrangement has been made due to a lack of staff. A temporary arrangement was made but all rules and regulations were followed. In the building branch, which deals with the transmission of plans and other technical work, the task of town planning assistant in this branch has been entrusted to the superintendent from the clerical side.

Those who see the work of the old age pension will also pass the map

The point is that even those who see the old age pension work in the Municipal Corporation will now pass the map of people’s houses. Those who do not have any qualification in this profession, nor experience or technical knowledge related to building. The corporation that today is in charge of building branches according to the sector, except for three or four people, the rest are non-technical.

Responsibilities attributed to the officials of the most important and public building branch of the Municipal Corporation.

Responsibilities attributed to the officials of the most important and public building branch of the Municipal Corporation.

Demoted from ATP to become an inspector, he made him sit in the office

Rajinder Sharma’s name also appears in the list released by Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner Rajesh Khokhar. Earlier they were promoted by the department and did ATP. But after his trajectory was not right, he dematerialized and became an inspector again. Inspector Rajinder is a building inspector and is a technician. Surprisingly, on the one hand the officers are crying because of the shortage of staff and on the other, the inspector of the technical side has been made to sit in the office. The new list clearly states that he will stay at headquarters. While his services should have been taken.

junior bat

The corporation has entrusted technical work to non-technical people. Those who have pay scale between 4,200 and 4,800 have been allotted the job of Chief Draftsman whose pay scale is above 5,000. Of course the junior pay scale is lower but he is above his seniors in the corporation according to the work assigned.

The corporation inspectors who were in charge of the old age pension works to make licenses, folding-sale etc., the three superintendents of the corporation who were in charge of fire duties, property tax, will be in charge now from the technicians. work in the construction industry. Similarly, the junior engineers of the B&R branch of the corporation have been given the job of drawing head. Whereas there is a difference of up to a thousand rupees in the scale of both.

delivered the work

The most surprising thing about the Municipal Corporation’s power allocation list is that an official who is wanted in the case of an employee who committed suicide in the past in the corporation office has also been entrusted with the responsibility. This agent has been named by the police for inciting the employee to commit suicide. The police are raiding to catch him and the corporation entrusts him with an additional responsibility.

There is a temporary arrangement, as soon as the staff arrives, the non-technical staff will be removed: – Khokhar

When asked if this is a violation of court orders, the Deputy Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, whose signatures have been issued to give charge, said that it is only a temporary arrangement . When staff arrive, non-technical people will be removed from the building branch. When the Deputy Commissioner was asked that according to your list now many juniors have gone above or parallel to the seniors, he avoided this point. Keep repeating just one thing that there is a temporary arrangement.

There are court orders, only technical personnel must be placed in the building branch

An allegation has been submitted to the court about technical and non-technical staff of the building delegations of the municipal corporations. In which the Punjab and Haryana High Court had issued orders to recruit only technical staff in the building branch of the Municipal Corporation. After the order, building inspectors were recruited into the building department.

Sunil Jyoti, former mayor of Jalandhar, who was also a member of the recruitment committee at the time, said around 650 inspectors were recruited from other technical staff. He said that there are clear instructions regarding the building branch of the Municipal Corporation that no non-technical person can sit there. He said that all the work in the building branch is technical, so it is wrong to place non-technical staff there.

The mayor said there was no information, I can find out by asking officials

Meanwhile, speaking to Municipal Corporation Mayor Jagdish Raj Raja, he said that he has left the office. They are not aware that non-technical personnel have been deployed in the building branch. I will come to the Municipal Corporation on Wednesday, after that I can only say something after asking the officials.

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