Throwback Thursday: Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar, this love story contains anger, hate and the stigma of ‘the other woman’

Usually in a love story. There is a boy. There is a boy. Sometimes they both laugh. Sometimes they both sing. But this love story is not like that at all. There are many love stories behind the scenes of the film world. We often refer to those love stories, where everything is romantic. But the love story of Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar is such, where love happened, it coincided, this love story was accepted in front of the world. But it didn’t have a happy ending. There is a gap of 20 years in the age of Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar. This story is from the 90s. Nana Patekar’s entry into Manisha Koirala’s life happened when her heart was broken. This was the period when Nana Patekar was the hottest superstar on screen. His presence in the film testified to two things. One will be a super hit and secondly this movie will be top notch both in terms of story and acting. Today on Throwback Thursday we talked about this love story, in which there is anger, hatred and the bad stain of ‘another woman’.

26-year-old Manisha fell in love with 45-year-old Nana Patekar
Before Nana Patekar, Manisha Koirala was dating her co-star Vivek Mushran in the movie ‘Saudagar’. They both separated. Manisha was devastated by this breakup. Meanwhile, he met Nana Patekar. Both of them co-starred in the film ‘Agnisakshi’. Manisha saw mature love in Nana Patekar, who was 20 years her senior. The friendship between the two grew on the sets of the same film. Trying to overcome the breakup, Manisha finds in front of a creative man, mature, expert in his art, a settled person. Generally the break that everyone wants in love, Manisha saw the same break in Nana Patekar. It didn’t take long for their friendship to turn into love. Initially, they both began to go out into the world in hiding.

A million hidden love but the world knows it
Manisha and Nana initially did not talk about their relationship. He didn’t want anyone to find out so soon. Love was new then. But that couldn’t happen. The sight of the two meeting on the sets of the film, spending time with each other during breaks… all this was happening before the eyes of the crew. Even after hiding thousands, this love reached the world. Especially the crew members of the film and especially Manisha’s neighbors fueled the discussions. He was told that Nana Patekar often visits Manisha Koirala’s house. They both spend hours together. Sometimes in the middle of the night and sometimes in the early hours of the morning, Nana Patekar was seen leaving Manisha’s house.

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Tales from the sets of ‘Agni Sakshi’ and ‘Khamoshi’
Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala spent a lot of time together during the shooting of ‘Agni Sakshi’. There was a desire for each other’s companionship, which soon became a habit on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Khamoshi’. Nana Patekar played the role of Manisha Koirala’s father in this film. This was the period when every movie magazine, every gossip column in the newspaper was discussing this love. In such a situation, denying love was no reason at all. So they both thought it best to accept it. But there were two big problems here.


Nana Patekar got married at the age of 27
There were many hurdles in Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar’s love story. But the first big hurdle was the 20-year age difference and the second biggest was that Nana Patekar was married. However, at that time his wife Neelkanti (Nana Patekar Wife Neelkanti) was not living with him. Vishwanath Patekar alias Nana Patekar, born in 1951, married Neelkanti Patekar at the age of 27. The couple also had a son. On the other hand, when Manisha Koirala, who belongs to the royal family of Nepal, entered the industry, she was compared to Madhuri Dixit. Manisha was then 26 and Nana Patekar was past 45.

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More positive Nana Patekar, short tempered Manisha Koirala
Nana Patekar and Manisha’s love story was in full swing. exposed to the world. But then they broke up. There is a difference between breaking up and breaking up a relationship. You can say that the rags of this love relationship were blown. The relationship, which once had the sweetness of love, became so poisoned that it became a lesson to the world. The reason for this break was not one, but both. Over time, Nana Patekar had become too possessive of Manisha Koirala, while Manisha, a victim of bad temper, shook the foundations of this relationship. Many fights started between Manisha and Nana. Sometimes in closed rooms, sometimes in front of everyone.


Time spent in fights rather than love
Nana Patekar is said to be possessive to such an extent that she started expressing anger even after wearing Manisha’s clothes. If Manisha used to wear revealing clothes in a film, her maternal grandfather would get angry. Manisha and Nana started fighting a lot even after giving intimate scenes in the film. During the shooting of the movie ‘Yugpurush’, this bitterness reached its peak, when Nana Patekar completely rejected Manisha Koiral’s clothes. The dispute between the two turned into such a fight that the conversation stopped. This was the period when angry and troubled Manisha Koirala even said publicly that she loved Nana Patekar, but she does not know where this relationship is going.

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The conversation between Manisha and Nana stopped
Two things are most important in any relationship. First that there is respect for each other and secondly that two people continue to talk to each other. It is said that any problem can be solved through dialogue. But while Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala had stopped talking to each other, there was a lack of respect. For both reasons, this love affair began to be suffocating. But in the meantime, something happened that shook the foundations of this relationship.


There was someone else in Nana Patekar’s room that day
It is said that one day Manisha saw Nana Patekar and Ayesha Jhulka hugging in a room. She was apparently angry with her boyfriend Nana, but people present say that Manisha attacked Ayesha Jhulka that day. He abuses Ayesha and tells her, “Get away from my man…” However, both Ayesha and Nana try to convince Manisha that what she is thinking is nothing. Both are hugging like friends but Manisha was not ready to listen. However, later Nana Patekar manages to convince Manisha. But this was not the real reason for the breakup of this relationship.

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This led to the breakup of Nana Patekar-Manisha Koirala
In every love story, there is a phase from where the breakup of this relationship occurs. From here two things happen. Either the love story is made again or it has a painful end. Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala talked to each other a lot during this breakdown period. Sometimes he understood, sometimes he explained. There was talk of taking this love affair forward. Let’s talk about marriage. Manisha Koirala expressed her desire to get married. But Nana Patekar, who is married, denied it. He clearly said that he has no issue so he should legally divorce his wife Neelkanti. Manisha Koirala was also on point. She didn’t want to be the “other woman” in someone’s life for the rest of her life. So both of them decided that this is where the journey of this relationship ends (Nana Patekar and Manisha Koirala Breakup).


Then what Nana Patekar did is painful
However, Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar’s breakup story didn’t end there. After that something happened, which shook Manisha even after the breakup. Nana Patekar publicized his relationship with Ayesha Jhulka soon after his breakup with Manisha. Ayesha and Nana had a live relationship.

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Nana said in the interview- The tears come to see his condition
Nana Patekar mentioned Manisha Koirala in an interview given to ‘Filmfare’ magazine after some time. He said he missed them. Nana Patekar further said in the interview, “She is the most sensitive actress in the industry.” He’s like a musk deer, he still needs to feel that he doesn’t need to keep up with anyone. She has everything and she alone is enough. When I see what he is doing to her, it brings tears to my eyes. Maybe today I have nothing to say about them! Breakup is a very difficult phase. To know pain, you have to experience it. I can’t describe the pain in words. Please don’t talk about it, I miss Manisha!’

manisha koirala

Manisha’s marriage and later divorce and maternal grandfather also separated
Well, Manisha Koirala later married Samrat Dahal, a Nepali businessman. But they got divorced in 2012. On the other hand, Nana Patekar also got divorced from wife Neelkanti. Nana and Neelkanti have a son, Malhar Patekar.

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