Harishankar Parsai Satire: This is a disease-loving country, it itches a lot

Today is the death anniversary of satirist Harishankar Parsai, who gave Hindi literature the status of satire. He was born in Jamani in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Harishankar Parsai was originally a satirical writer. His satire is not only for entertainment but also draws readers’ attention to the weaknesses and anomalies in society that are making our lives difficult.

Harishankar Parsai defines his writing as a social act. They say that true and genuine literature cannot be written without social experience. On August 10, 1995, Parisaiji left this world. Presented on the anniversary of his death publication of the speech His book published from the group ‘your own illness‘ An excerpt from ‘The bookstore and the medicines’-

The market is growing. A new bookstore has opened on this road. And give medicine. This is the ratio of knowledge to disease in your city. The desire for medicine has increased twice as much as the desire for knowledge. Therefore, knowledge itself is a disease. “All good fools, that are not the speed of the world.” If this bookstore had not opened, two drug stores would not have to open. These two drug stores will cut the diseases that a bookstore will spread through knowledge.

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The bookseller is often sitting on a fly. Useless men stop anger. Because they kill the city flies. There are always customers in the pharmacy in front. I say to this bookseller, you have chosen the wrong business. understand this country This is a disease-loving country. If you had sold just the itch salve, you would have made more. This country is very itchy. When the itch period comes, the Harijans are slaughtered or burned. Then some sages itch and fall asleep applying the ointment of the proposal. Itches arise for everyone: some remove the itch by scratching, others by applying word salve.

I pity the fate of this road. Over the years, I’ve watched stores open in the area across from where the family lived. The families have moved to the back of the building. The store is constantly pushing the man on the back. The store is covering the man. This was earlier a meeting of the famous freedom fighter Janasevi Durga Babu. The bracelet shop is now open there. Durga Babu disappeared from the common road. In this way, I have seen how many revolutionaries later became delusional. I have seen good freedom fighters hiding behind shops. But a man like Durga Babu was not expected to hide behind a bangle shop.

The drug dealer is an acquaintance of mine. hi ago Sometimes he also feeds paan. I immediately come to the bookstore after making a paan. She wonders why I sit in the store without opening it. Why not sit in your bunny shop? The smart man always sits in the bunny shop. But it has been such an attitude that you are sitting in a store that does not work. Or the store you’re sitting in has stopped working. Many people along with them have become their managers while they sit in the running stores. But because of his desolate nature, he didn’t even try to become a salesman.

The drug dealer continues to wait for all the passers-by to get sick. I must have thought to myself that one day I would get sick and come to buy medicine. I kept trying to get sick for 6 months for his sake, but the illness didn’t come. I would say to the sick: you are like that. No one comes Diseases would say: we are afraid of rising drug prices. Those who condemn the exploitation of medicines should understand that diseases are beginning to fear expensive medicines. They don’t even come. But if medicines are made cheap, everyone will have the courage to fall ill. Those who benefit from medicine are teaching the villagers to be healthy. But this ungrateful society condemns them.

I eventually got sick too, but only when the sick were convinced that my doctor friends would cure me with free samples of “trial” medicine.

When he fell ill, a wise man began to explain – If he fell ill, it means that the health is good. Only a healthy person gets sick. sick what will be Those who never get sick are sick. This is a huge relief.

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During the sick days, I always felt that I am very healthy now. If he hadn’t fallen sick yet, he was sick. I am not the only one who accepts illness as health. All of society considers illness to be health. Caste discrimination is a disease. But how many people are there among us who consider it a sign of the health of society. White people’s skin is a disease. But white people in Africa consider it a sign of health and are proud to carry the disease. This is how love falls in love. Illness is enjoyed with pride. My family also diagnosed me with Brahminism during my childhood but I soon got cured.

I have seen people suffer from diseases with great laughter. The disease gives them prestige. The most prestigious comes from ‘diabetes’. When his patient asks for tea without sugar and then takes a pill from the vial and puts it inside, then he understands as if he were the owner of a sugar factory. One day I went to the hospital with a brother. He continued to do his research with such enthusiasm and joy, as if he were looking for a girl for a boy. He said – Come on, show us your blood sugar. If you see blood sugar, say, just check your urine and do it. After doing the urine test, do the cardiogram. There was a well-known disease within him, but there was no problem. I was treating illnesses as successes. Tolerating the disease is one thing, considering it a success is another. Those who begin to regard illness as a success, their illness never leaves them. For centuries, this society has considered diseases as achievements and the result is that it has been ruined from within but shows the arrogance of being healthy on the outside.

I feel sick. I tolerate it, but I hate it. That’s why no one can take advantage of the disease. People are popular with diseases, they increase prestige. A sahib was hospitalized for 15 days, who had died in public life and then came back to life. Sometimes the disease takes life. The news of his illness appeared in the newspaper, people started coming to see him and he became the subject of discussion. I now intend to stand for election. He did not leave the hospital until a minister saw him. The doctor says: You are now completely healthy! Going home I used to say- Doctor sir, let me rest for two or four days. So ask me why, when will Bhaiyaji come? I would see, he had a lot of pain in his face to recover. A disease so deceptive, that it disappeared before the minister saw it. Merciless, what would have happened to you if you had stayed a few more days?

A smart man with illness does many things. A sahib was admitted to the hospital due to a minor illness. He had to collect loans from some people and put some people to work. He started writing letters from the hospital – Dear brother, I am writing from the hospital. I’m very sick. It’s a moment of great crisis. It’s time to play. If you send money, it will be a great blessing. More than half enthusiastically sent him Rs. The rest thought: when it’s time to play, it should be seen for a few days. If you go, you’ll save money. Arousing the mercy of a minor illness, he did many works.
Book – Apnea Apnea Disease
Writer: Harishankar Parsai
Publisher: Vani Prakashan

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