Foreign Words in Hindi – Fear stands between the killer and the killer!

Language is a beautiful path through the waterless forest of silence. Language is fragrant air and words are fragrant flowers. Every moment has its heroism. In this wilderness, only words bring them out in secret. Moments match words, and moments together shatter the multitudes of sadness and despair, creating ecstasy of wondrous beauty. They are words, knowing which language they come from and are absorbed into the soul of our language. If those words hadn’t come, our voices might have disappeared. Today these are the words, which languish in our silence.

Every citizen is proud of their language. But language has its own magic. Where does he get the hospital and where does he get the pen. Where does water come from and where does tea come from. Some people may be irritated by Chinese products; But they can’t do anything with the computer chip or the tea. Oranges should also be eaten and where you can work without a table. We will also eat pav and sing a song. You will also iron and have to go to school. Neither the work will work without the station nor without the doctor.

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The special thing is that the word Hindi is of non-Indian origin. It is originally a Persian word. But so what, it is now synonymous with Indianness. Now our love resides in him. Why did a Persian word become synonymous with Indianness? If you seek reason, you will find it within Brahmanism. Brahmanism is in no way different from Christian papalism or Muslim Mullahism. Just as there is a Mullavadi restriction on Arabic, so was the Brahmanical adherence to Sanskrit, and first it turned simple Vedic Sanskrit from difficult to difficult and then blocked it in such a way that it could not speak this language without the help of Brahmins. When musical Arabic came into the hands of the mullahs, began to defeat the camel in Balbalana, and Sanskrit came into the hands of pundits, then one of the best languages ​​in the world became so far removed from the common man that was reduced in the world of Rattu parrots.

Where there are innumerable words like cow, uksha, snake, nasa, loka, medium, sugar, path, mother, mishra etc., from Latin to French, and where we ourselves are forgetting our own words. You will be surprised to know that Indonesians keep the name of their language as Bahasa. Tears came to my eyes when I read for the first time during my study of Yayavar’s words that in Indonesia brother is called brother and sister is called sister. Because my father used to tell many stories about these words.

So what is our abstinence from the so-called foreign words that when some new words come, then opposition begins over them. We can proudly describe ourselves at ‘PTI’ despite working for ‘Bhasha’ news agency; But there is an objection to the word news. The news came from some distance and the news came from some distance! Now tell me, what will be the expression of live-in in Hindi? What will be the English of pheras? What would you say to the wedding party?

In Rajasthan, when the ‘groom’ arrives at the ‘dulhan’ for the first time after the ‘marriage’, the eternally righteous women collectively sing ‘Silaam’!

I am even more surprised when the proud journalists of Navbharat ‘Times’ for years opposed ‘City’ Bhaskar!

So what do we do with these words? Ex: officer, engine, doctor, hospital, television, telephone, mobile, telemedicine, television, radio, bank, time, cinema, film, OTT, mobile, laptop, circus, cycle, bicycle, car, pencil, computer, bus ( Button, Tire, Tire, Ticket, Light, Light, Letter, Calculator, Pen, Button (paper), Bus, Pen (paper), File, Engine, Bulb, Light, Calculator, Principal, Ward ( Ward, Nurse, Microphone (microphone), charger, battery, flashlight, glass, table, chair, machine, bag (bag), hanger, guitar, poster, picture, bag, plaster.

Words have their own world. So with words I remember a lion:

Ik Lafze Mohabbat Ke Bane Jo Lakh Fasane

Sometimes with the pretext of fame.

Persian words:

Dignity, Fireworks, Aaram (Rest), Salary, Rezafat, Girdle (Belt), Riba, Arrest, Poison, Magic, Penalty, Naujawan (Young), Bewa (Widow), Free (Dishonesty), Sood (Interest), Rank ( Color), Sitar (week), Rukh (red), White, Orange, Far (Far), Always (Always), Every moment, Maybe (Maybe), Near, Once (Once), Damaged, Fresh, Warm, Honest, Narrow, Narrow, City, Lazy, Urban, Rustic, Smart, Annoying, Hindi (Hindi), Hindustani (Indian/Hindi) and Room (Room) etc.

Words have their own tone. That is why they survive in the language. make your place

Keep your chest light in every word

Sometimes you put your heart on paper.

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Arabic words:

Amir (Rich), Stranger, Wisdom (Intelligence), Habit (Woman), Izzat (Reputation), Imarat (Building), Ijaz (Beloved), Iman (Dignity), Kismat (Fate), History (Event), Jalsa (Protest) ), Janab (Mister), Jawahar (Gem), Date (Date), Ship (Ship), Riot (Avalot), Progress (Progress), Meaning, Rai (Advice), Way, Finally, Asli (Original ), Aashiq (Lover), Thank You, Newspaper, Politics, Bas (Enough! / That’s All!), Law (Rule), Khabar (News), Khabardar (Attention), Waqat (Advocacy), Waqt (Time), Harji (petition) , District (District), Taluk (Relation), Mulk (Country), Watan (Country), Tameez (Etiquette) , Shirt, Ustaj (Mister), Firangi (Foreigner), Shakar (Sugar), Jurm (Crime) , Chai (Tea), Khwab (Dream), Farmana (To say), Penal, Hakumat (Governance) ), Hukum (Rule/Command), Salamat (Safety) and Kafi (Enough/Much).

write a blurry story

Write Lafz Lafz Fani.

Turkish words:

Carpet, Coolie, Smallpox, Flint (Clear), Tamga (Medal), Canon (Canon), Begum (Wife), Bahadur (Bold), Mughal, Adalat (Court), Free, Almond, Question, Answer, Dynamite, Friend, Pain, Wall, Shop, World, Enemy, Stranger, Knife, Fakir, Binocular, Agar (if), Magar (But), Pain, Proud, Gunah (Crime), Hawa (Air), Present, Hafta (week), Account (Calculation), Halwa (Cake), Feather (Pen), Watermelon, Assassin (Murderer), Kitab (Book), Mad (Human), Kofta (Harvest), Innocent, Musafir (Guest), Land (Hate), Trouble ( Problems), Paneer (Cheese), Plain (Simple), Sheesha (Glass), Only (Only), Tamacha (Gun), Zalim (Cruel), Chain (Chain), Alcohol (Alcohol), Yaar (Friend), Tawa ( Pan), Clear (Net), Sahil (Shore), Sabzi (Vegetable), Bazu (Arm), Wrestler and Pulao (Vegetable Rice).

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Portuguese words:

Pineapple, Garlic Pin, Wardrobe, Bucket, Lace/Ribbon, Keys, Tobacco (Tabacoo), Soap, Towel, Spare (unnecessary) and Church.

I am surprised when I hear a Rajasthani cow saying Wachi and in French I read Cow: Wachi! I hear thunder for stone and in Mongolian I hear thunder.

Language has its own music and words have their own melody. This raga makes language language. Hindi is a language made up of many indigenous and foreign words. There are many colors in people these days. Saffron is also one of those colors. And Kashmir produces saffron and someone else is proud of it. The green is produced by someone else and proud of it is the one who had nothing green here.

So, friends, language is a grounded image. This is the rainbow. The showers fall and the colors come and go. Emotion cannot be expressed without words. What words can we have for wishes, dreams and dreams? After all, how great is this discovery by WhatsApp University that if you call a loved one a killer, happiness will spread and if you call them a killer, look!

So today our proud Hindi language lies fearfully somewhere between the murderer and the murderer. Please don’t let your narrow mindedness about words kill him!

(courtesy – from Tribhuvan’s Facebook wall)

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