From Vijay Deverakonda to Ekta Kapoor, celebrities are sharing some special memories related to this festival. From Vijay Deverakonda to Ekta Kapoor, celebs share some special memories related to the Rakshabandhan special

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The festival of Rakshabandhan is being celebrated across the country today. Bollywood stars also celebrate this love-filled sibling festival with great pomp. On this special occasion, these celebrities have shared some special memories with Dainik Bhaskar. Let’s find out what he said:-

As a child, I used to insist on tying Rakhi on all my hands – Vijay Deverakonda

Like every year, this year too I will celebrate this party with my cousins. Although they expect some special gifts from me, but like every time, this time also my mother will prepare gifts for them. My mom loves shopping and has been preparing for gifts for a long time. I am sure that like every year my sisters will also have a special gift this year. As a child, I used to love this festival a lot, especially seeing a lot of rakhis on my wrists. I remember as a child I used to insist on tying the rakhi not only on my wrist but on all my hands. Not only on Rakshabandhan day but I used to keep these rakhis tied on my wrists for many months. I really miss these moments of my childhood.

Tusshar used to say during childhood that if I want to protect my sister, why should I give money, Ekta should give security money in return – Ekta Kapoor

As kids, whenever we went to a party, there was bound to be a sibling fight with Tusshar. Our friends wanted to know what was the reason for the fight? It was also clearly visible to them that due to the fight and commotion, even the car was shaking properly. So we are that kind of brothers. Often the fight ended without the song of his choice being played in the car. When you are sitting in the car, it would happen to pull your hair, etc. During his childhood, mother used to tell Tusshar on Rakhi day that you will have to give money to Ekta. Tushar used to say that so he should give money. Then mother used to explain that Raksha Bandhan means protecting sisters by brothers. On this Tushar would say if I want to protect my sister why should I give money, Ekta should give security money in return. But the mother always ensured that Tushar completed the rituals by paying money.

Panditji used to tie Rakhi before his sister – Pankaj Tripathi

The memorable anecdote about Rakshabandhan is that when I lived in the village, Panditji used to tie Rakhi on our hands before my sister. In fact, the festival of Rakshabandhan comes during the monsoon. Back then, school was on vacation, so I would wake up at 6:30 in the morning. Sleeping until 6:30 in the village means sleeping late, because everyone only gets up at 4:30 in the morning. Well, then I would see that the cotton thread was tied with full cotton in the hand. Seeing this, I used to ask who tied it, then the family members used to say that Pandit ji had come and after reciting the mantra, they tied the Rakshabandhan thread and left. Our pandit ji Mahesh Pandey ji used to come in the morning and leave after tying rakhi to all the children. The sleeping child, he bound him in his own sleep. He used to say don’t wake him up. In this way, before my sister, Pandit ji tied rakhi and left, they are strong memories of my childhood.

We will celebrate this festival together – Ananya Pandey

Rakshabandhan is very special for me as we will be celebrating it together this year. My sister Alana is coming from abroad to celebrate Rakshabandhan after 4 years while my younger sister is going abroad for 4 years due to her studies. So this time this festival will be nothing less than an event. We will all go to dinner together. There is only one brother among us three sisters. That’s why we enjoy it more. The best thing about this festival is that we get a lot of gifts and money. As always, this time I will also take something special from my brother.

This time I will celebrate Rakshabandhan in America – Sonu Sood

I have two sisters, Malvika and Monika, one in Punjab and one in the US. I am going to America this Rakshabandhan. Very rarely do I get the chance to be with my American sister on the special day of brother and sister. Now that I have the chance this time, I don’t want to miss it at all. So this year is very special for me.

Bhai Palash continues to fulfill the childhood promise – Palak Muchhal

This time the festival of Rakshabandhan has brought double happiness to singer Palak Muchhal. Talking about it, he says, “The festival of Rakshabandhan is very special for me this time. First of all, I have a song in the movie ‘Rakshabandhan’, which is based on the feelings of brother and sister. In secondly, as soon as Rakshabandhan festival approaches, Bhai Palash gets excited and his childish face comes to my eyes again and again. In fact, brothers and sisters we started our mission together. Palash has always been with me in my social service work.

I remember when I was about to sing in Indore to help the first child, I myself was 7 years old and Palash was younger than me. But he was determined to sing and deposit money to help the boy. Then Palash came to me and said: Didi! I am with you. You are not alone. Together we will bear the cost of this child’s surgery. His words gave me a lot of courage. The promise he made during childhood, he is fulfilling until now. Whenever I do concerts, he is with me. Now he has made his own career. He has just directed a film, for which he has received a lot of love. But we have a very special bond. I value her very much.

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