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KBC 14 Updates in Hindi – There are many people who dream of making it to the hot seat of this show. But in this fifth episode, Singrauli Deputy Collector Sampada Saraf hit the hot seat by winning Fastest Fingers First. Sampada answered the initial questions very quickly, but in the 6 lakh 40 thousand question, he had to lose his three life lines. It became difficult to take ownership risk. She got stuck on the 25 lakhs question and got to 3 lakh 20 thousand by giving wrong answers. Read live updates…

Amitabh praises the fearless Shruti Daga

Amitabh Bachchan started the show by praising Shruti Daga. Amitabh said that luck can change if a person thinks about trying before quitting smoking. How fearless they are, yesterday’s game told them. Today this wealth will open the gates of nectar, this auspicious work will be done in the hands of a Lakshmi.

75 lakh question
Amitabh Bachchan asked Shruti, which stupa in Uttar Pradesh is believed to be the memorial site of Gautam Buddha’s first sermon after his enlightenment?
Options: Chaukhandi Stupa, Sujata Stupa, Dhamek Stupa, Dhauli Stupa

Shruti leaves

Shruti Daga decided to waive the 75 lakhs issue. She had used up all of her lifeline before that. So Shruti decided not to answer this question. Shruti thought of answering Chaukhandi Stupa but Amitabh Bachchan told her after leaving that it would have been a wrong answer. The correct answer to this question is Dhamek Stupa.

These questions asked for the fastest fingers first

According to an English proverb which animal cannot change its spots
leopard, dog, tiger, giraffe

A ball is used in which of the following player games?
PV Sindhu, Vishwanath Anand, Mary Kom, Rohan Bopanna

According to Hindu mythology, who was the mother of Bharata, who gives our country its name?
Aditi, Ganga, Shakuntala, Gangadhari

Sampada Saraf hit the hot seat

Sampada Sarraf Gurjar has made it to the hot seat by winning Fastest Fingers First. Sampada works as an assistant collector in Singrauli. Sampada said that KBC is his family reunion as they are all employed in government jobs and posted in different cities.

Sampada crossed the first stop

Sampada has crossed the first stop of ten thousand. Amitabh asked this question by showing him a picture of carrot, radish and beetroot on the screen.

Question: What do these three vegetables have in common?
Option: They are sweet, They grow on trees, They grow underground, They are spicy

The correct answer is that they grow underground.

20 thousand questions
Question: IIT Ropar has developed a mobile app called Roshmi to help people identify currency notes?
option, blind, deaf, mute, dyslexic people

Sampada has won 20 thousand by giving the correct answer blindly.

40 thousand questions

Sampada has won the amount by answering the question of 40 thousand. So far all the life lines of Sampada are intact. That was the question…

Question: This type of thermal water gets its name from which appliance?
Option: Fridge, Washing machine, Geyser, Air conditioning
Correct answer: Geyser

Sampada introduced many laws to the audience during the show. Sampada said that it is the duty of children to give food to elderly parents and there is also a provision for this in the law. If the children don’t, they can also be jailed. Sampada introduced another law where after helping the accident victim, no one will be forced to take legal action. If he wants, he can testify in court of his own free will.

80 thousand questions

Question: Which of the following metals is used in the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries, whose atomic number is 3?
Option: Lithium, Cobalt, Beryllium, Silicon
Correct Answer: Lithium
Lithium is the third element in the periodic table. Small batteries are made of lithium.

1 lakh 60 thousand question
Amitabh asked Sampada a question of one lakh 60,000, Sampada answered this question without taking any time.

Question: In which city could you see this Taj Mahal, built by Nawab Shah Jahan Begum?

Lucknow, Hyderabad, Junagadh, Bhopal

Correct Answer: Bhopal

three lakh 20 thousand question
Which offices of the Union Ministry are located in the newly opened Vanyajya Bhawan?
Option: Trade and Industry, Heavy Industry, Energy, Home Affairs
The correct answer to this question is Trade and Industry

Sonu Sood congratulated himself

Sampada had crossed the milestone of 3 lakh 20 thousand. After that Sonu Sood spoke on the call and said that Sampada helped a lot during the Corona period. He helped people get home and provided oxygen. There was a case in Singrauli where both parents had crowns in a family and had a young son. One remained isolated, one did not. He had contacted Sonu Sood. We then had a conversation about this case. After that, we had contact many times during that time.

6 lakh 40 thousand question
Quiz Ludhiavani wrote Mere Ahad Ke Haseeno in 1957 in praise of which technological progress of mankind?
Options: First Computer, DNA Double Helix, Launch of Sputnik 1, First Credit Card
Correct Answer: Sputnik 1 launch
Sampada found it difficult to answer this question, but despite what Amitabh said, he did not take the lifeline, took the risk and answered and won 6 lakh 40 thousand. On which Amitabh even called him insolent and stubborn.

12 lakh 50 thousand ask

Sampada got stuck in the 12 lakh 50 thousand issue and had to use two life lines. Sampada first used an audience survey, but did not get an accurate response, but instead used a video call to a friend. In this lifeline, he spoke to his family friend, Dr. Jitendra Sharma. From there, Sampada didn’t get much help, after which he used his third and final life saver, 50-50. After which France responded. After much suspense, Amitabh gave the correct answer to this question.

Question: The preamble of the Constitution of which of these countries does not begin with the words We, the people?

Option: Zambia, South Korea, Bangladesh, France

Correct Answer: France

Farms used to be confused in Zambia and Bangladesh. After using Fifty-Fifty Lifeline, he gave the correct answer in France and won 12 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

25 lakh question

Question: The Ramappa Temple in Telangana, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gets its name from which of the following?
Option: A king, a pandit, a general, a sculptor

Correct Answer: A sculptor

Sampada got stuck on this question and regretted losing his lifeline and said that 50-50 work would have reached here. Amitabh told him that it probably doesn’t work at this stage. It is necessary to proceed with reflection. Sampada speculates that he feels like an expert. If this answer is incorrect, I will come from 12.50 to 3.20. But taking a chance, Sampada gave the final answer, Pandit, and it turned out not to be the answer. Sampada will take three lakh 20 thousand from the show.

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