Nitish Kumar will become a prime ministerial aspirant, what are people saying in his village?

  • Vishnu Narayan
  • For BBC Hindi, by Kalyan Bigha

image source, VISHNU NARAYAN/BBC

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A board placed in front of Nitish Kumar’s ancestral home

Nitish Kumar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the eighth time this week. But this time he will again lead the government with Lalu Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal party. Nitish Kumar was in the BJP for the last five years. With this new political equation, what do the people of his town say when he becomes the Prime Minister of the State?

Nitish Kumar’s village name is Kalyan Bigha which comes in Harnaut block of Nalanda district.

There we met 65-year-old Indradev Prasad Sinha. Expressing his opinion on the recent political uproar, he says, “The message is just beans, so what is happiness and what is pain?

“If it is about leaving someone’s company and going with another, then my point of view is a little different. The one who left and then left with him. The problem is not solved, that reason stays as it is and then go to this I got hooked. I didn’t like it.”

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