Paltu Ram got majority again but has lost faith

Politicians who make price policy saying that it is value policy will be rejected. These definitions of politics will change that in the hammam of politics everyone is naked or in politics there is neither a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy.

Nitish Kumar who was called ‘Sushasan Babu’ in Bihar has now definitely become ‘Paltu Ram’. After two days of uproar, he first resigned and finally met with the governor and claimed to form a government with the support of 160 deputies. Call it a struggle for survival or political ambition, but it is true that no party lags behind in switching sides for the sake of power. Democratic values, authenticity, political principles may seem to have disappeared from the lexicon of political parties. Fragmentation may not be new to coalition politics, nor is the mandate ignored, but it is a fact that parties that switch sides often lose their credibility. Morality is escaping Indian politics so fast that no one can stop it.

Today the nation is waiting for political morality to rise in its clutches. When will that sunrise be the day when faith in values ​​in political life will be awakened? Politicians who make price policy saying that it is value policy will be rejected. These definitions of politics will change that in the hammam of politics everyone is naked or in politics there is neither a permanent friend nor a permanent enemy. Be it political, social or religious, when a man enters the public sphere, he has accepted responsibilities, he has accepted principles and programs, otherwise why should he enter the public domain? Who should implement it or says that political authenticity should be explained live through its facts, but today it is completely lacking. Somewhere in the desert of political values, like an oasis, there are few authentic individuals whose number can be counted on the fingers. It is the absence of these people that repeatedly overthrows coups or negates alliances.

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It is true that Nitish Kumar will now have the support of more MPs than before, but now his political strength will be less than before, he will no longer be able to run the government on his own terms. A big question is also that if Nitish Kumar was not able to handle the pressure of 77-member BJP, then how will he handle the pressure of 79-member RJD? Now he will have to satisfy the other parts of the Grand Alliance along with the RJD. It will not be easy, because this time JDU is weak not only in numbers but also in moral strength. JDU may hold the key to power in Bihar but now it has remained the third party. It also cannot be ignored that when Nitish Kumar left the Grand Alliance, he was fed up with the RJD leaders interfering unnecessarily in the government and could not stop it. Will he be able to do it this time and that too at a time when his image of good governance babu has been questioned and Bihar is lagging behind in terms of development? Now there is a possibility that it will fall further behind. Nitish Kumar will also have to answer the questions under which he used to highlight the corruption of RJD leaders.

As far as the BJP is concerned, it has been presented with the challenge of establishing its roots in Bihar on its own and is capable of meeting this challenge. The latest developments will be auspicious and preferable for the BJP. Because the values ​​and principles that BJP talks about, it will be able to strengthen its ground on the basis of these values. In particular, the BJP must bear in mind that it has to win new confidence among the disempowered people of Bihar. Common people would like both opposition and ruling party to work more honestly for the development of Bihar. No doubt there will be a lot of politics in Bihar for at least three and a half years, a lot of work remains in Bihar and Tejashwi Yadav has been counting the shortfalls very well, now he has a chance, so address the grievances of the people. But that doesn’t seem possible, it will create positive conditions for the BJP.

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The politics of Bihar has been regarded as the politics of the ideal, which has given the title of personality to many moral policies. From there, to challenge the politics of corruption and anarchy, he invented a total revolution by Jayaprakash Narayan. From where we have been learning the meaning of authenticity and morality, from where the nation and society have been directed, now the highest leadership of this province should play an exemplary role. But now there is competition for office, and making it a matter of prestige, alliances are broken, coups occur, fixed standards for office are changed by yen-ken lobbying. Oh verse is the cross, where Jesus Christ must hang. The verse is the cup of poison, which Socrates must drink. The word is a bullet that Gandhi must put in his chest. The stick is the noose on the gallows that Bhagat Singh must kiss. Who is at the head of public life defines the ideals and exhorts to follow this path. But when these people leave the margins of authenticity and political values ​​because of differences in words and deeds, they should be crying or laughing. People reject them. Today the general public has the power/efficiency to understand the character chart of these people’s lives. The one who couldn’t sit is more authentic and powerful today because he has the vision to see right as right and wrong as wrong. understand It should also be noted that where was Bihar immediately after independence and where is it today in the nectar festival of independence?

When politics begin to disappear into politics, it doesn’t take long for mismatched alliances to form. And, more or less, all political parties are equally responsible for this evil. If seen, the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are in everyone’s eyes, where the role of Bihar with 40 seats will also be important. How much change the new political alliance will bring in Bihar, only the future will tell. In this situation, for a long time there were speculations that Nitish Kumar might quit the BJP anytime. His inclination was also seen more towards the Rashtriya Janata Dal. His soft stance towards Tejashwi Yadav was beginning to show. But when RCP Singh, former Janata Dal (AK) national president, resigned and joined the BJP, the behind-the-scenes game came to the fore.

In reality, this is the degree of opportunism and opportunism that should be countered in politics and these leaders should be rejected by the people. In fact, the biggest misfortune of Bihar itself is that the casteist and family politics of this state has deprived them of the fundamental rights of the people of this state and has made the people of this province the poorest man in the world. ‘India. Although the contribution of Biharis to the overall development of India is not less, most of the hardworking and intelligent people come from here. Immense wealth is hidden in its land and golden chapters of Indian cultural history have been written. Despite this, the tourism industry could not develop in this state. The knowledge potential of the state that the remains of Nalanda University has can be gauged even after centuries have passed in the 21st century. But the stains of corrupt politics have been blurring the bleak history here. The greed and corruption of politics here has been destroying democratic values. Whereas authenticity and doctrinalism are the tilak of the head in the political sphere and lack of authenticity is synonymous with death. It is necessary that in the field of politics, when we are the public face, then the badge of authenticity must remain on our chest. Don’t come home with him. In the field of politics, our kurta should be Kabir’s chadar. The grand coalition government that Nitish Babu will now lead will take Bihar’s development vehicle in the opposite direction.

Lalit Garg

(The writer is a senior reporter and columnist)

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