Gujarat CM Kejriwal’s visit made many big announcements for the tribals. Know the details | Gujarat News: In Gujarat, CM Kejriwal made many big announcements for the tribals, he said

Arvind Kejriwal in Gujarat: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution and the Panchayat Provisions (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act will be implemented in the tribal areas of the state if his party comes to power in Gujarat. Kejriwal also ensured that the tribal advisory committee in Gujarat would be headed by a person from the community instead of the chief minister. He said that the Gujarat Assembly elections will be a direct contest between the ruling BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party.

CM Kejriwal made many big announcements
The Delhi Chief Minister said this while addressing reporters in Vadodara on the second day of his Gujarat tour. It is worth noting that the assembly elections are due to be held in Gujarat later this year. Kejriwal also said that if the Aam Aadmi Party comes to power in Gujarat, a good government school and a “mohalla clinic” will be opened in every tribal village. Apart from this, multi-specialty hospitals will also be set up in the area for free treatment of tribals. He also pledged to simplify the process of issuing caste certificates and provide housing to those who do not have their own homes. He said the government would also connect tribal villages with roads.

Gujarat News: CM Arvind Kejriwal arrived in Gujarat, said: He will make a big announcement for businessmen

He said this about tribals
Actually, the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution deals with the provisions relating to the administration and control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes. In 1996 Parliament enacted the Panchayat Uphabitations (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act, also known as the PESA Act. Under the PESA Act, various states in the country were asked to make rules for the effective implementation of this Act to strengthen the Gram Sabhas in the Scheduled Areas. Kejriwal said that even after 75 years of the country’s independence, the tribals are lagging behind.

AAP’s ‘guarantee’ for tribals
The AAP national convener said, “Adivasis are remembered only before elections and have been exploited by everyone. The constitution provides for a different system for tribals because the tribal community has a different culture and is very backward, not because they are always eager to grab their natural resources. “We will implement the provisions of the fifth schedule of the Constitution by mouth,” Kejriwal said. We will also strictly implement the PESA Act, which says that no government can take in the tribal areas without the consent of the Gram Sabha.

Targeting BJP
“There is a tribal advisory committee. Their job is to oversee the development of tribal areas and how to use the funds. The law states that the tribal advisory committee must be headed by a tribe, while in Gujarat the chief minister heads the committee. This can be stopped.” Kejriwal said tribals will also get jobs and free electricity.The Delhi Chief Minister said, “Many Congress leaders have joined the BJP, while many more leaders will also join the BJP and it is likely that the remaining leaders to join the BJP after the elections. It is more or less a merger of the Gujarat unit of the Congress with the BJP.

He said this about alcoholism
“Illu (I love you) the politics between the two parties is over. Now it will be the politics of the common people, what AAP is doing.” Kejriwal said that while there are 27 years of “bad governance” by the BJP in Gujarat, on the other hand “new faces and new hopes from the Aam Aadmi Party”. it’s politics He said: “I guarantee you that we will make the future of your children. But if you vote for them, they will give you spurious liquor.” Asked about AAP’s chief ministerial candidate in Gujarat, Kejriwal said everyone is his party’s chief ministerial candidate.

The central government was also attacked
“Every Gujarati will have a chief minister. We have brought a new hope, a new politics. We are the first party that talks about honesty.” Kejriwal claimed that the BJP-led government at the Center has “waived off loans worth Rs 10 billion to its friends and wants to waive more but no money”. . Taking a jibe at his political opponents, the Delhi Chief Minister said, “So now they say there is no need for free education and hospitals. I want to ask the people of the country whether it is right to give free education to your children or waive loans from BJP friends?

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