Brothers and sisters, I will say the same things that I have said before, I will also say it in the future and I will forget it after I say it!

brothers sisters

Today, on the seventy-fifth anniversary of independence, I greet all the countrymen. Today we enter the 76th year of independence. On this occasion, I wish all the villagers a prosperous future. Everything means everything. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis all. Back, Dalit, Adivasi all. Everything from north to south. Everything from east to west. an indian Every man, woman, child and child.

I didn’t come here today to take a long walk as usual. I’ve done enough. For eight years here, this city has done the same. I have made special preparations for today’s speech. I wrestled with myself for many nights. I haven’t slept comfortably. I had to do all this, what I’ve been doing, was my left hand game. I came here with the intention of saying and doing something different. I can’t even think about my closest friend, what I’m going to say here today. They only know that today I will say the same things to thousands of countrymen in the country, which I have been saying before, I will also say in the future and forget after saying it.

First of all, I apologize to the people of the country for lying only to them for so many years. What do I do? I wanted to climb a new ladder of success. My ideology had taught the same thing that even telling the biggest lie in the world to achieve the purpose is to worship God. It has become such a habit that nothing comes out of my mouth except lies. If I try, my mouth gets messed up. The tongue wobbles. The head begins to spin. The dizziness begins. I practiced a lot in the last few days that today from this site only tell the truth. Sorry if I’m starting to lie habitually, but I’ll try not to.

So I have come to ask for forgiveness because in these years I have done nothing but build my image. He pretended to do a lot and took the art of acting to such a high level that people began to understand it as reality, began to explain it. I really like to see my photos on every street, at every intersection. Whatever platform I have, I used it for this. If no one came to the bus, then he climbed on his neck and made him do the work of his own accord. You all know the names of those you have actually worked for. You chose, but I did the work for them because they brought me here with their financial power. If they hadn’t supported me, I wouldn’t be anywhere.

They knew that once I sat in this place, I would not easily get up and betray my masters even by mistake. If I do, they’ll knock me down in a day. Today’s truth is that no one is stronger than money. No country, no prime minister, no president. Anyone can cringe at the power of money and my cringes are at the money behind me. Not me, the power of this money is a cramp. I am his cloak. What amazes me is that I have made a part of the public so crazy about myself that they have lost the ability to think and understand. He feels that whatever I do, I do it in the interest of the country, in the interest of the Hindus, while I have only my own interest and those of whom I am a loyal servant. I have handled the two worlds of selfishness so skillfully that my teachers can’t even find my alternative.

So. In this way I have completely destroyed your eight years. Those who had jobs, had businesses, most have taken them to the road. The poison of hatred has been sown so much that the brother is no longer a brother, the sister is no longer a sister. There was a rift between husband and wife. Now the condition is that even if Mahatma Gandhi is born again or Jawaharlal Nehru becomes Prime Minister again, he will not be able to do anything. And I don’t even want to do anything, I can only widen the gaps and fractures between people.

Today, knowing thousands of present-Nazi people, I say that if I stay in this post, I can do this and I will do it. And less than that day I told the truth in front of the whole world. Having spoken the truth means I will also drive the truth, there is no guarantee of that. Now, after spitting out this truth, I don’t know if my boss will hire me or not. In a democracy, the people should be our true master. What he will do, I don’t know. Whatever it is, this is the truth and no one knows the truth of power more than I do. Even old Shoorma, who has reached this position by playing this game, will accept this today.

I have lied to you that what is mine, one day I will carry the bag but all pleasures are useless before the pleasures of existence and I cannot carry the bag. Even two steps I cannot live without power. Walking on these sticks I look strong and tough, but is this path still open to me? This is what I had to say to the people of the country today. Today’s topic was me. Wait a little before you say Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Sit down now What’s the rush? Where you going? Don’t turn off the TV. The real talk will begin now. It was a joke. There was an attempt to do something new on the 75th anniversary. Sometimes people should be surprised by doing this. Have fun, right? You know your leader very well, he was what he was yesterday, eight years ago, he is, he will remain the same.

So brothers and sisters…

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