Karnataka Elections 2023: AAP, JD(S) are set to spoil the equations of Congress, BJP in Karnataka, there will be tough competition

Bangalore, Agency. Karnataka’s national parties, the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress, are gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections on a war footing.

Both the parties assume that they will return to power in 2023. But experts and analysts are of the view that it will not be a direct fight between the BJP and the Congress alone. Janata Dal (Secular), regional parties and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have made all preparations to alter the calculations.

According to political analysts, the Social Democratic Party (SDPI) can also harm the national parties. JD(S) also former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda is confident of playing the role of King Maker. AAP is even more confident that through its new agenda and approach to elections, it will be able to make a significant mark in these elections. The SDPI cadre also works tirelessly to damage the national parties as much as possible.

JD(S) spokesperson Rangotri Kumar said that in the 2018 elections, the party lost 40 to 50 seats by a margin of 7,000 to 2,000 votes. We have already given a recovery task.

The ruling BJP, he points out, is under the mistaken impression that RSS workers will take charge. Everyone knows about the internal struggles of the opposition Congress. They do not know who is given form B. Also, they are inviting candidates from outside. Leaders who work so many days will never allow a new candidate to win. It will be beneficial to us.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is questioning the national leaders of the Congress party. Congress state president DK Shivakumar is also being called for an inquiry. As the Lokayukta has been reinstated by the High Court, there will be de-notification cases against Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah.

Rangotri said the Congress will have no face to appear before the public. The ruling BJP has forged an alliance with the JD(S) in the Mysore Municipal Corporation, similarly ties have been forged in many places. How BJP leaders in Mysore can show. GST was conceived by Congress party and implemented by BJP.

He said, people are suffering and BJP is going to people with religious problems. We will go before the people with a call to humanity. Little by little a movement is forming in the country. Bihar was just the beginning.

Speaking to IANS, AAP joint state secretary Darshan Jain said the upcoming assembly elections are a fight between the common man and the present corrupt system. The situation during the 2018 assembly elections was completely different from the current situation.

He said AAP has a strong presence in more than 200 constituencies and more than 70 candidates have been identified. There is a queue of candidates for all the seats. In Karnataka, AAP has offices in every nook and corner of the state, from Hennur in the southern tip of Chamarajanagar district to Bidar in the north.

In Mangaluru’s Dakshina Kannada district, which is considered a BJP stronghold and a Hindutva laboratory, AAP continues to grow. Darshan Jain said: I can confidently say that AAP will fight Mangaluru Municipal Corporation. In Mysore, Hassan, Mandya districts, considered JD(S) strongholds, thousands of people are joining them.

The AAP fields its candidates four months before the state assembly elections. The surveys are also encouraging. The leader of a party in the state depends on a family. He says that each party unit is divided into factions.

Darshan Jain said that people are not taking the JD(S) seriously. “Former PM HD Deve Gowda is not active. Former PM HD Kumaraswamy, son of Deve Gowda, is not fit to handle and cannot adapt to his position.

Darshan Jain explained that BJP has waived Rs 5 lakh crore tax to help its allies. However, a small shopkeeper still crushed by Corona is still looking for help. We will have BJP’s largest vote share in the state. Polls show that AAP has 30 percent vote share. Women and youth will be well represented.

Basavaraj Sulibhavi, activist and political analyst, says competition from JD(S), AAP and SDPI will help the ruling BJP. Sources said the ruling BJP is headed by former CM BS Yeddyurappa will not hesitate to forge ties with the regional party JD(S) in case of lack of majority.

The opposition Congress is confident that the BJP will be defeated in the next election and will have a clear majority despite the infighting. In the Karnataka assembly elections, not only will there be a tough fight between the national parties, but the regional and smaller parties will also perform strongly.

Edited by: Versha Singh

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