The most important thing is to get to the heart in time, even if someone has an attack in your house. Story of Traffic Policeman Sachin Rajaram Ghagare

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My name is Sachin Raja Ram Ghagre. I am a Mumbai traffic police constable. Mumbai rains make people very excited, but these days the traffic police have to face more problems. People think that the job of the traffic police is only to issue challenges, but it is not so. We are the people who save many lives every day. This also taking pain in his body.

Sometimes such accidents happen that I cannot eat food for many days. I can’t go home.

I still remember today. It was the year 2019, one day it was raining a lot. There was an orange alert in Mumbai. It felt like the sky was dropping buckets. The king’s circle near Dadar was inundated with water. Luxury cars were parked in the water. Their owners had left their cars and gone home. The same route leads to Saen, Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital. There were also many blocked ambulances.

I was managing traffic in knee-deep water. A 65-year-old woman was sitting in a BMW. His car was full of water. In the long queues of cars, it was not known whether someone was in the car or not. The woman was screaming from inside the car. There was a voice, but no one heard anything.

Suddenly I saw someone shaking hands from inside a car. As I approached, a woman was calling for help with her hands together. I tried to break the windshield of the car, but it didn’t break. The woman was having trouble breathing. Coughing continuously. In a hurry, I picked up a rock and broke the car window.

The woman was my mother’s age, but as soon as she got out of the car she fell off my feet. She said you saved me. Until that moment I didn’t attach much importance to my job either, but that day I understood the importance of a traffic policeman on the road.

Those who do not drive properly or obstruct work, abuse us and leave.

It’s the same as yesterday. A man was speeding in a car with tinted windows. His car hit a woman and she fell. I was standing in front. On the contrary, the boy started arguing with me. He started abusing. He called me a thief.

I was planning to teach him a lesson by imposing a non-bailable section, but then I felt that his life would be ruined. When we catch the culprit for committing a crime and say we will not pay the challan, we say they will take off our uniform. It feels bad at that moment.

I want to share one more incident with you. Bombay was flooded. A pregnant woman who had come from Thane in an ambulance was screaming. He was referred to JJ Hospital. I didn’t understand what to do. I somehow got her out of King Circle, but found that she couldn’t make it to JJ Hospital under any circumstances. On the other hand, the fear is that if he does not arrive, he will die.

I sat in the ambulance myself. Somehow from there, Saen got the ambulance to the hospital. He told the doctor there to contact a doctor at JJ Hospital and start treating this woman immediately. The doctor started the woman’s treatment at Saen Hospital receiving telephone help from the doctors at JJ Hospital.

When we catch the culprit for committing a crime and say we will not pay the challan, we say they will take off our uniform.

When we catch the culprit for committing a crime and say we will not pay the challan, we say they will take off our uniform.

I remember one time my four-year-old daughter got pneumonia. My wife is not such that she can take him to the hospital alone. It was suddenly found that the overhead wire of the local train has broken and the trains going to Thane have stopped. It was almost time for my vacation, but we were told that no one would be coming home. People started walking towards Thane.

It was my duty to put the women in tempos, trucks and autos towards Thane, Kalyan. While my wife was crying, here I was helping people. My daughter’s condition was deteriorating, but she could not return home. One of my neighbors took the daughter to the hospital. The next day I went straight to the hospital, the daughter said where were you father, now what would I tell her where you were?

Similarly, my father had diabetes. He had gangrene in his leg. His toe had to be amputated. My father kept calling me to come and get me operated on, but I couldn’t go home. Dad was angry with me for several months.

The train stops, but we have to get to the service as soon as we can. This means that the worst situation only happens under our rain. If the duty is from 7 o’clock, you must arrive at 6 o’clock. The patrol must be done whether there is any obstacle to the traffic, if there is no accident or not.

Sometimes we get caught in the rain.  I can't go home for two or three days.  One has to do duty after being soaked in the rain for hours.

Sometimes we get caught in the rain. I can’t go home for two or three days. One has to do the homework after getting wet in the rain for hours.

You can’t go home in the rain. They spend three days in dirty water. There were blisters and sores on the body. Holidays are not available. they are in the worst condition. Infection happens but they work and people easily go away saying hey what are they doing they just cut the challan.

The most important service they do is that Mumbai has the highest number of heart transplants. Sometimes it’s time to go home, uniforms are changed when a call comes through the Green Corridor.

If his schedule is 9 at night, then he comes at 12 at night, but our job is to get to the choir on time. Even if someone in our house has a heart attack. This happens at least four to five times a month. In hospitals where hearts are changed, this is the same route. And in the case of accident, the corpses made of ragda party must be touched first.

It was a few days ago. Mian Biwi was going from Dadar to Kurla. A truck hit from behind and the woman fell off her bike. Part of his shoulder went under the truck, all the remains of the brain came out. I went to the place. She handled her husband, raised the dead woman. My mind has deteriorated. He did not eat food for many days.

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