Places to Take Kids in Delhi 197110 Looking for places to take kids in Delhi in Delhi, you’ll find entertainment in these 7 locations

The capital of the country, Delhi is famous for its history, art, buildings, which people come here to familiarize themselves with. You can come here alone, with friends or with family. But when they come to Delhi with children, people have problems where to take the children because the places like forts, tombs etc. they are beyond the comprehension of children. Children need a place where they can watch the things they choose along with entertainment. In this situation, today we will give you information about some of the best places in Delhi where you can walk the kids. Children will get entertainment and knowledge in these places. Let’s get to know these places…

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

National Bal Bhavan

This is the place in Delhi where thousands of school children from Delhi come every year to hang out with the teacher. Founded in 1956, the aim of this building is to enhance the creative potential of young children. In addition to enjoying the attractions for children in the complex, many sports are also organized. This National Bal Bhavan in Delhi is very much liked by young children nowadays. This National Bal Bhavan can prove to be a good place to visit in Delhi with your kids.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

National Railway Museum

Children love toy trains. In this situation, they must visit the National Railway Museum at Chanakyapuri. Kids will love this museum spread over 10 acres and you can also enjoy a train ride with kids here. However, for this you will have to pay separately. Speaking of the work, many rail models have been exhibited here, which will be interesting to know. After visiting here, many trains and bogies of different vintage models can be seen and driven.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

International Museum of the Shankar Doll

The International Nines Shankar Museum located in Delhi is very popular with children and tourists. Spread over 5000 square feet, this Shankar International Doll Museum is one such doll museum in Delhi where collected dolls from different countries of the world have been stored. Dolls collected from more than 100 countries of the world have been kept in this doll museum in Delhi.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

If your kids are a bit fond of animals and birds, then Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Okhla, Delhi is the best place to visit. It is home to more than 300 species of birds, which children will be delighted to see. After visiting here, you can see different birds. This place is very popular with both adults and children. People often go here for picnics etc. with the family.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

West to Wonder Park

Children will have a lot of fun at Seven Wonders Park located in Ganga Vihar in Sarai Kale Khan area. Here you can see models of the seven wonders of the world, including the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid of Egypt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc. The special thing is that they are made of garbage. This park is a good place to visit for both children and adults. It is located in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van near Nizamuddin Railway Station, Delhi. It is also a favorite spot for walkers and runners. Wind and solar energy are also used for lighting in this park that is “nature friendly” in every way.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

adventure island

If you want to enjoy adventure games with kids in Delhi, Adventure Island is the best place. This place is a famous place in Delhi and all over India. The fun and enjoyment that almost all small children enjoy coming here, it can become their favorite place. Adventure Island is divided into two parts. In which there is an amusement park on one side and an artificial lake on the other. These two parts are connected by a bridge. In the park, where you can enjoy a variety of adventure games, you can also enjoy boating on the lake.

Delhi, Delhi travel, places for kids to visit in Delhi

National Zoological Park

The National Zoological Park near Purana Fort in Delhi is one of the favorite places to visit with kids. Kids will surely be delighted to see the animals present in this park like Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Horned Deer, Swamp Deer etc. After visiting here, you can see many facilities for your child. From jumping games to riding a battery-powered vehicle, here’s the right food and drink arrangement.

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