PM Modi said what is the treatment for corruption and nepotism

image source, @narendramodi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech from the Red Fort on India’s 75th Independence Day, mentioned the many challenges facing the country today. Let’s read what are the main issues mentioned by the prime minister.

PM Modi said, “I know the challenges are many. The constraints are many. There are also problems. There are many. We are constantly trying. We find ways. But I want to discuss two issues here. Discussion of many. topics, but due to lack of time, I only want to talk about two topics.”

“Definitely, I want to talk about only two issues without talking about everyone. One is corruption, and the other is nepotism, nepotism.”

What did PM Modi say about corruption?

Prime Minister Modi spoke extensively about the issue of corruption in his speech from the Red Fort.

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