Arvind Kejriwal AAP to launch #1 Make in India campaign for 2024 Lok Sabha elections ANN

AAP Party Campaign: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is now continuously spreading its feet across the country. After the big victory in the Punjab elections, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the leaders and workers associated with the party. With this enthusiasm, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will launch a grand national campaign on Wednesday at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium. It is believed that the focus of this campaign will be the Lok Sabha elections of 2024. According to the information received, this campaign of the party will be launched on the theme ‘Make India No. 1’.

According to information received from AAP party sources, after the launch of this campaign, CM Arvind Kejriwal will also take it across the country. AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal is gearing up to take this campaign forward among the workers and people of different states. Sources also said that CM Kejriwal and his party will enter the 2024 elections very seriously and this time the party will try to take a big place in national politics. We tell you that the issue called ‘Make India No 1’ which CM Kejriwal is preparing to launch, he has been mentioning it in his speeches for a long time.

A day earlier, during the Delhi government’s Independence Day programme, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also said in his speech that it has been 75 years since we became independent, but we are still far behind, while there are many countries that have achieved a lot in a very short time has achieved. During this, CM Kejriwal said that there is nothing missing in our country, despite this, we could not reach the position we should have done in 75 years. He said now we have to make India the number one country in the world. Not only this, Arvind Kejriwal said during a press conference even today that I have a life dream that I want to see India as the No. 1 country in the world when I live.

“India becomes a rich country”
CM Arvind Kejriwal said I want India to become a rich country. When every Indian becomes rich, then India will become rich. To make India rich, the people of every India must become rich and all the poor people must become rich. Chief Minister Kejriwal said that he is a poor worker, he sends his son to government school, but the school is not good there. If a poor child goes to a public school and does well in school, then the poor child can become a good engineer, businessman by doing excellent studies. Now we must all strive together to make the country number one.

He got it wrong to say free rewari: CM Kejriwal
In these words of Arvind Kejriwal it is clear that this time Aam Aadmi Party will go with this issue in the elections, that is why the campaign is started on this issue. The big reason for this is also that for the past few days there has been a lot of debate in the country about whether the policy of handing out free facilities in the country is right? In fact, recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in his speech that the culture of distributing Revdi for free in the country can prove dangerous for the country. After this, AAP took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, saying that in Delhi and Punjab, AAP government is giving free education and health to people and this can lead to development of the poor.

In this situation, it would be incorrect to call it a free revdi distribution. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had also raised questions on this and said that if I give basic facilities along with free education and free treatment to the people of Delhi, it will only lead to the development of the people because it is the money of Delhi taxes. the people, i just return people. In such a situation, to what extent would it be correct to call it a free revdi? During this, Arvind Kejriwal also attacked Narendra Modi and BJP, saying that Modi ji gave loans worth millions of dollars to his friends for free and all these friends fled the country and they don’t see the free ki rewari while that we do not see education. the treatment is given to the people for free, then the free revdi is said to be distributed. This debate is continuously increasing between AAP and BJP that is why AAP will also enter the next election in this debate and try to surround BJP. In this situation, it is believed that this new campaign of AAP will be based on this.

Lok Sabha election preparation
According to the information received from the sources, this Aam Aadmi Party campaign will work to give a new identity to the party across the country. Also, the party will fight all the 2024 elections on this basis. Due to this exercise of Aam Aadmi Party, many questions have also started to arise in people’s minds. The question is, is Arvind Kejriwal preparing for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024? Is the Aam Aadmi Party preparing the ground as the main alternative against the BJP instead of the Congress? Although the Aam Aadmi Party does not want to open all cards on all these issues at the moment, but the activism of CM Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party in other states is definitely pointing in that direction.

What will be your role in the Lok Sabha elections?
What will be the role of AAP in 2024? In response to this question, leaders associated with the Aam Aadmi Party would say that now the Congress is being eliminated, the Congress is nowhere. Congress leaders are fighting each other, what will they fight with BJP? In this situation, there is no more Congress as a national alternative, the people will decide whether you will replace BJP or Congress. Although 2024 Lok Sabha elections are still about 2 years away, but with the rise in AAP activism, it is clear that all parties have started preparations to oust the BJP insider from power. Meanwhile, the discussion has definitely increased that who will be the face of opposition to Modi this time? Will this face be Arvind Kejriwal’s? And the question is also whether CM Arvind Kejriwal will lead a separate front.

Preparation for Gujarat and Himachal elections
In fact, after the big win in Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party has announced that it will contest elections in other states as well. The party has announced that it will contest all the seats in the assembly elections to be held in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and has also started expanding to other states. Apart from this, the Aam Aadmi Party has recently tied up with a 20-20 regional party in Kerala and the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP), a tribal party in Gujarat. At the moment, Aam Aadmi Party is also seen as an alternative because currently, after Congress, if any party is in government in more than one state, it belongs to Aam Aadmi Party itself. Meanwhile, given the declining graph of the Congress and the increasing graph of the Aam Aadmi Party, speculations have already begun about the role of the Congress and the AAP in 2024.

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