Congress party is silent on the death of a dalit boy from Rajasthan after he was beaten for drinking water from a pot-Sawal Public Ka: ?

There is an uproar in Rajasthan, there is an allegation of lynching of a Dalit student

Death of Dalit boy from Rajasthan: A Dalit boy in Rajasthan died after his teacher beat him for drinking water from a pot supposedly meant for “upper castes”. This is turning into a political crisis for the ruling Congress as Rahul Gandhi, who is becoming active in BJP-ruled states after similar developments, is ‘silent’ over the death of a Dalit boy from Rajasthan.

Yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about a developed India. That’s why a 25-year target was set. The opposition termed this speech by Modi from the Red Fort as a political speech. Modi is said to be setting the agenda for the 2024 elections.

If you look closely, you will see that preparations are being made to strengthen the Congress against Modi. Preparations are on to show Nitish strong against Modi. They are gearing up to show Mamta Didi strong against Modi, just like KCR, Sharad Pawar, everyone is working on 2024 mission mode.

Rajasthan: When a Dalit student touched a pot of drinking water, the teacher flew into a rage, burst his ear vein in a merciless beating; death occurred

In the Congress, a senior leader very close to the Gandhi-Nehru family and Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot is busy with the Gujarat plan. On the other hand, there is an uproar in Rajasthan, there is an allegation of lynching of a Dalit student, but Gehlot sahib has to face the Gujarat plan.

Let me tell you that I have kept the Rajasthan theme as a reference. In the politics of 2024, everyone chooses for themselves the issues of convenience. As in Rajasthan, the Congress seems to be shying away from a big issue. Like… to understand it, know what happened in Rajasthan sequentially. According to the complaint, a 9-year-old boy died in Jalore, Rajasthan due to teacher’s beating. The treatment lasted 24 days. But the child could not survive. The dispute is said to have been over drinking water kept in an earthen pot. Speaking of racist words. However, the accused teacher denies this allegation. But the fact is that the 9-year-old is not with us. After his death, there is an uproar in much of Rajasthan. The internet had to be shut down in Jalon. Congress MLA Panachand Meghwal has resigned. 6 councilors also resigned. In this case, a case was registered against the accused teacher under the SC / ST Act, he was arrested. But the uproar continues.

BJP and Congress are at loggerheads over this whole incident. Even today there was a rally of the leaders of both the parties in Jalore throughout the day. BJP MLA Kirori Lal Meena, State Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara and former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot also arrived in Jalore, Congress and BJP continued to engage in political attacks on the issue.

Senior Congress leader and former Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot says that whenever such an incident happens. But the truth is that when there is a political uproar over the death of a student. Then Rajasthan CM Gehlot is on tour in Gujarat. Although he could not reach Surat due to bad weather, he went directly from Rajasthan to Rajkot. According to the schedule, Gehlot will brainstorm with Congress leaders and workers for three days in Gujarat, perhaps this is the preparation for the Gujarat and 2024 elections.

What a death of a child… and the uproar ever since. But CM Gehlot is busy with Gujarat plan. But remember the Hathras incident… What happened to the innocent girl in Delhi… remember what happened next. How did the political parties compete? But today I feel the silence in the matter of Jalore. Many of these people didn’t even react to the Jalore incident, who are talking about giving Modi competence in the era of 2024. Yes..he would have reacted if such a thing had happened in UP. Then you see how the constitution, constitutional rights would be in danger. But since the matter is from Rajasthan…so there is silence.

There is no public reaction from Priyanka Gandhi even after 37 days after the beating of the student in Jalore and 2 days after his death. Whereas in the case of target killing in Jammu and Kashmir, their reaction came within 4 hours.

Ashok Gehlot’s reaction came after 24 days in the Jalore case
Rahul Gandhi tweeted on the 25th
A police case was registered in this case on the same day.

But now look at UP cases. Like the Hathras gang rape and murder case… which is the case of 14th September 2020. Congress had opened a front on this issue. In this matter, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted 15 days later. Two days later, Rahul and Priyanka were arrested while trying to go there. After that, on October 3, they both met the victim’s family in Hathras.

Similarly, on October 3, 2021, in Lakhimpur Kheri, 8 people, including four farmers, were crushed by a car. Congress also opened the front on the same day here, the reaction from all the big leaders including Rahul Gandhi came immediately. Three days later, Rahul Gandhi arrived in Lakhimpur Kheri to meet the families of the victims.

I am not saying that the Congress or any political party has done wrong by raising the Hathras issue, by raising the Lakhimpur Kheri issue. Absolutely, these questions must be raised. But I would also talk about Jalore. When you look at silence in Jalore, it seems that this is the policy of convenience. Just remember On August 1, 2021, a case of rape of a minor girl came to light in Delhi. Congress was also equally active in this matter. Rahul Gandhi’s reaction came in two days. On the third day, the victims were reunited with their families. He tweeted the photo.. about which there was a lot of fuss.

Those who are in line to become Prime Minister in 2024, the people included in this list will only be engaged in the matter that they have to compete with Modi.. or they will see their national perspective.

Today, citizens ask the same question.
Question number 1 –
Is the opposition against Modi doing politics of convenience and necessity?

Question number 2-
Is the 2024 goal set and everyone has their own agenda?

Question number 3 –
There is a commotion in UP, the sky overhead.. Why the silence in Rajasthan?

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