the work started from scratch; Now he owns a 1 crore company. the work started from scratch; Now he owns a 1 crore company

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This story begins in 2012. Satyendra Kushwaha had just passed class 12 when his farmer father Raj Narayan Kushwaha was diagnosed with cancer. He died on February 9, 2012.

There was no one else in the house to win. Satyendra thought of doing some work. I saw an ad for a company based in Varanasi that sells cleaning equipment. They left but were stunned after learning the price of the machines. The cost of basic deep cleaning machines was 55 thousand rupees. Satyendra, who returned to Prayagraj from Varanasi, decided that he should buy these machines and set up my startup.

Satyendra Kushwaha meeting with his colleagues.

He started working by borrowing from friends
At that time, Satyendra did not have a single rupee with him. work hard He collected 18 thousand rupees in 3 months and borrowed 10 thousand rupees from friends. The machines were lifted after paying 28 thousand rupees. From the next day, at least 50 houses started asking for sofa, laundry and floor cleaning jobs. 5 days have passed. No one gave the job. On the 6th day 6000 works were found. So everything was ready. Satyendra did not look back. Today he is the owner of Nano Cleaning Solutions with a turnover of more than 10 million.

Now the next story in Satendra’s words

This journey was not easy for Satyendra
It wasn’t that easy for me. The market I landed in was new. There was a lack of awareness among people about deep cleaning and cleaning. Work was hard to come by. Teaching here and there, the workforce used to run away. I was disappointed at times, but I had full faith in my hard work. I am putting The work had to be done professionally so I set up my own office in Civil Lines. In the morning, he was still asking for work by calling 50 houses without taking a day off.

The first months were not very busy. It was difficult to pay the rent of the office, own expenses and installments of the machines. After five months, when perfection began to arrive at the work, the work began to increase. In 2013 my work started to grow in the city. After working for a year, I started to feel that I should have my own registered company. After that I registered for GST. Company registered under the name Nano Clean Solution.

Nano Clean Solution has state-of-the-art cleaning machines.

Nano Clean Solution has state-of-the-art cleaning machines.

Increase in work doing professional training
While working in this field, I felt that if I wanted to do my job more professionally, I needed to get professional training. After that I went to Delhi and got admission in an institute. From there she did a course of cleaning and deep cleaning. After training, he was now fully prepared to take on big tasks.

After that he started going to hotels, exhibition halls, hospitals. He started looking for a job. After that I hired 25 regular workers. After that, when my work started to grow, I thought of taking my business online. After spending about 9 thousand rupees, now my company started searching on Google. From there I also started working online.

A Nano Clean Solutions employee cleans the stairs.

A Nano Clean Solutions employee cleans the stairs.

He got hype after writing with OYO
After that I had a relationship with OYO. My company started deep cleaning the new hotels that were being started with Oyo. Now little by little my work started going to other cities of the UP as well. We worked in many cities for Ayo. After that I started working in deep cleaning also in the hospital industry. The first work was found in United Medicity. I had a job but then came the covid period.

I saw covid as an opportunity, not a disaster
In Kovid-19, staffing in hospitals was decreasing due to fear. People left work and went home. In this situation, the demand for trained personnel began to reach me from the hospitals. Along with deep cleaning, I also started giving people qualified cleaning staff. Other than that, I got Dean Cleaning contract from many other big hospitals in the city.

Being friendly, hardworking and honest with staff is behind Satyendra's growth.  Satyendra does not consider any work small and big.

Being friendly, hardworking and honest with staff is behind Satyendra’s growth. Satyendra does not consider any work small and big.

The company currently has a turnover of over 1 crore.
In 2012 I started this work alone. Today we have around 300 employees working together with regular and dedicated staff. All of them are residents of Prayagraj and its surroundings. Now Nano Cleaning Solution has an annual turnover of more than 10 million dollars.

We also want to offer a cleaning solution abroad
Satyendra Kushwaha has continued his studies after Inter. He is currently doing LLB from a private institute. After that, you will pursue the LLM degree. Satyendra says our aim is that in the coming days, I will give strength to the professional man and deep cleaning solution not only in the country but also abroad. Work is also underway in this direction.

Satyendra Kushwaha started looking for work at a very young age.  At the age of 18 he founded his own company.

Satyendra Kushwaha started looking for work at a very young age. At the age of 18 he founded his own company.

what is deep cleaning
Deep cleaning is the cleaning of every element of the house, office, hotel, restaurant and hospital. This is an emerging field in which vacuuming, floor cleaning, dust removal, wall stains, toilet, dirty floors, etc. they are done professionally with machines and chemicals. Disinfectant is also used in this. In this, the floor, floor, carpets, sofa cushions, doors, walls, windows, kitchen chimney, electrical panels, glass etc. are thoroughly cleaned.

Now it’s about your job
Nowadays, house cleaning is also a better career choice. These young people can’t study much due to financial constraints, they can make their career in this field only after 10th and 12th. Cleaning service is in high demand in hotels, hospitals, corporate offices. Any youth can pursue a career in this field by doing a three-year diploma in hospitality after class 10 and a one-year diploma in housekeeping after class 12 or graduation.

To apply for the cleaning course it is necessary to have passed the 12th grade with at least 50% of the grade. The entrance exams for this course are currently being held. Apart from written test, selection is also done through interview and group discussion. Satyendra Kushwaha said that in this field the salary starts from 8 to 10 thousand rupees. Gradually, as your skill increases, so does your salary.

You can take the course from here

  • National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Noida.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.
  • Delhi Para Medical and Management Institute, New Delhi.
  • The Hotel School of New Delhi.
  • Lakshya Bharti Institute of International Hotel Management, New Delhi.
  • Kurukshetra University.

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