Twinkle Khanna shares budget-friendly tips for designing your child’s room

designing your child Bedroom It can be a daunting task as their priorities and moods keep changing every day. If you are also nervous then don’t worry as Twinkle Khanna has recently shared some simple and budget friendly rooms for kids. decoration ideas Which can be modified according to your child’s taste.

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“One day they’re singing Baby Shark six thousand times a day until you feel like closing your eyes, the next day they’re obsessed with it. btsIf you’re struggling to keep up, this video is full of budget-friendly tips you can use to design your child’s room and maybe even steal a few ideas for yourself.” blinking he said, in a video shared on YouTube channel Tweak India.

Check out the video below

suggested keeping it room Without clutter and with ample free space. “They keep touching things and at the same time they like to drop to the floor and play.”

One of the biggest concerns some parents have is that their young children are falling. bed at bedtime. To counter this, you can push the bed against the wall. “That way, one side is safe and you can add a cushion to the floor to soften any surprise landings,” he said.

Seconds blinkingThe walls of any room take up more free space and can be changed as you like. She said: “When they’re younger I like to use brighter colors and as they get older, switch to more muted tones. You can even involve them in choosing paint or wallpaper for their space.” .

Does your child also like to display his artistic talent on the wall? “If you don’t want your child to drag and make a mess of all those walls, it’s best to invest in washable paint. This will save you a lot of headaches with all their chocolate or crayon marks. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint too it’s very trendy. If you live in a rental, just get a big blackboard and hang it on the wall,” suggests the author.

When it comes to furnitureEvery year it is pointless to spend money on trendy furniture, as your child’s preferences will keep changing. Instead, try to keep all your large furniture in a neutral palette so they can grow with your child, she advised. Also, you can get some multi-functional cubes for the room. They can be stacked in many ways and you can add baskets, BooksToys, etc. inside them

“Keep all the toys within reach so it’s easy for your child to take out the ones they want and put them back after playing,” Twinkle said.

You want your child to develop the habit of reading, The mother-in-law of two has a perfect solution! He said: “Hide their iPad and fill their room with books. It doesn’t matter what kind of books they read. It can be anything from a graphic novel to Shakespeare. Even if they read something like Captain Underpants is a great escape to read better books.

To add a special touch, create a play corner in the room. “I like to create a small area in a corner of the room. It’s a luxury as any mother will tell you and you can use it as an art corner or have one musical instrumentsWhatever your child likes.”

We all know that most children love an explosion of color in food, accessories and of course in their rooms. This way, you can really use pops of all colors that you wouldn’t be able to use in an adult’s room. “I think it’s a great idea to have a bedroom that’s gender neutral,” Twinkle asked parents to combine different colors instead of using blue for boys and pink for girls.

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