Assembly Elections: AAP announces Arvind Kejriwal’s first assurance in Himchal

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  • Manish Sisodia mentioned Delhi
  • Let’s talk about giving world class education to the children of Himachal

Ahead of the assembly elections, after Gujarat, the Aam Aadmi Party has now announced the assurance of Arvind Kejriwal in Himachal Pradesh. AAP leader and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday promised 5 assurances regarding education in Shimla. With Kejriwal’s assurance, the Aam Aadmi Party has provided free first-class education for all children in Himachal, transforming all schools in Himachal on Delhi lines to make them luxurious, preventing private schools from rising fees illegally, regularizing irregular teachers. vacant teaching positions.

Manish Sisodia mentioned Delhi
During this, Manish Sisodia said that the country can progress only when children get excellent education there. He said that those families, localities, states or countries have always progressed where education has been given importance, work has been done to provide excellent education to children and in this sequence, fulfilling the vision of Arvind Kejriwal , Delhi and After Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party will also work to provide excellent education to each and every child of Himachal. He said that this time the people of Himachal will vote for the better future of their children, to give them excellent education and choose the Aam Aadmi Party.

World class education to the children of Himachal
Sisodia said that today, wherever people go in Himachal, there is a question whether work will ever be done to improve education in Himachal or will it remain a dream? He said that to fulfill this dream of bringing good education to Himachal, all the youth of Himachal and its people will have to come forward together and use their votes for the government to give education. People of Himachal should vote to give excellent education to their children for their better future, it will be our guarantee to give world class education to children of Himachal. He said that people can come to Delhi to see this model of education.

With reference to Himachal Government Schools
Describing the government schools in Himachal, Sisodia said that currently 11 lakh children are studying in government schools in Himachal and the situation is such that there is only one teacher in 2 lakh schools here. There are 6.5 lakh schools where only 2 teachers are running the whole school, 47% of the schools have no principal and the Himachal Chief Minister is still a poster boy in the advertisements of private colleges, the school grounds are being ceded for other purposes. . . Here, in the name of education, a joke is being played on the future of the children of Himachal. He said that in the upcoming elections every person of Himachal will vote for a better future and education of their children and choose Aam Aadmi party, because now they have the option of an honest party whose vision is to improve the society and the country through education. to develop.

Sisodia further said that in Punjab we had also given an assurance regarding education, today it was only 5 months that the common man government was formed in Punjab and in these 5 months it was decided to increase the budget of Education of Punjab, the The teachers here will be trained in Delhi. It has been decided to send them to Singapore, Finland and Canada for training on the lines of Punjab Government Education Officers and School Heads are being trained at IIM Ahmedabad and Indore and in just a few months s ‘have initiated changes in the education system of Punjab.

“Education system in Himachal is in bad shape”
He said that today Himachal education system is in bad condition, facilities and there was only one teacher to teach 5-5 classes. Even before the arrival of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, government schools were like this, but under the leadership and guidance of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi government schools have now become world class, Manish Sisodia said this model of education is our Himachal I will also bring it.

Know, Arvind Kejriwal’s 5 Education Guarantees for Himachal:

1. Every child will receive a free world-class education
2. On the lines of Delhi Govt schools, all Govt schools in Himachal will be made bright
3. It will be prohibited to increase the illegal fees of private schools
4. Irregular teachers will be regular, new recruitment will be done in the vacant positions
5. No teacher may do any work outside the school

It also included Prime Minister Bhagwant Mann
Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann was also present on this occasion. Addressing the people, he said that the problem of Himachal and Punjab is almost the same. Like Punjab a different party government was formed in Himachal every 5 years because people had the compulsion they didn’t have the option but now like Punjab the people of Himachal also have a strong and honest party in the form of ‘Aam Aadmi Party. . it’s an option. He said that the work done by the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab in 5 months was not done by any traditional party in Himachal in the last 70 years.

Discussion of the announcements made in Punjab
Bhagwant Mann said that we have curbed corruption, we have ensured free electricity supply to people and we are fulfilling it and out of total 74 lakh consumers in Punjab, 51 lakh bill will be zero, we have promised to open the Mohalla clinic on the lines. of Delhi They have done and are doing so far 100 Mohalla clinics have been completed in Punjab, they have made promises about education and started improving the education system, they have released 9500 acres of land from the forest department and panchayats of possession of the mafia. to bring door to door pension scheme for senior citizens 1 MLA 1 pension has started. We are complying with all the guarantees you give us. He said that this has become possible in Punjab because the people there have seen the Aam Aadmi Party giving it a chance. In Himachal too, people here will give Aam Aadmi party a chance and Himachal will be transformed.

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