How UP-Bihar Workers Live Amid Rising Attacks in Kashmir: Ground Report

  • Majid Jahangir
  • From Srinagar, on BBC Hindi

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After the killing of Dilkush Kumar, a laborer from Bihar in Budgam on June 2, his depressed colleagues

On the night of August 12, Mohammad Ashiq and Mohammad Anzar, residents of Bihar, were panicking towards the site where, like them, Mohammad Amrez, a 19-year-old Kashmiri worker, was shot dead by suspected extremists in the darkness .

Mohammad Ashiq and Mohammad Anzar reached the spot quietly, both of them had arrived after a long distance. However, Mohammad Amrez was neither his relative nor acquaintance. Yes, he was sure he belonged in his own city and his own state.

Mohammad Anzar said, “When a laborer from Bihar was killed in Pulwama last week, our colleagues told us to wait a few more days to see what happens. We agreed with them. Now it has happened again same”. murders When these incidents happen, there will be fear. Since we’ve been here, we’ve only been seeing action. When there is no value of human life here, then we will stay here What will we do? We have seen and visited Kashmir and won it. Why would we stay in Kashmir now?”

image source, Majid Jahangir/BBC

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Workers from Bihar came to his rented room in Pulwama

However, Anjar has no grievances with the common Kashmiris. People of Kashmir are said to be very kind and big hearted.

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