Screw to Indore-Ujjain; Names will be decided from Bhopal to Ratlam, 15 claimants to Khandwa. Screw to Indore-Ujjain; Names will be decided from Bhopal to Ratlam, 15 claimants to Khandwa

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Indore17 minutes agoAuthor: Santosh Shitole

After the election of the mayor, councilors and president in the municipal elections, all eyes are on the formation of the MIC. In terms of MICs of five municipal corporations in Malwa-Nimar, Indore and Ujjain have the most. MIC has been trained in Dewas. Eight names have appeared in Ratlam, their names are almost fixed. There are 15 claimants in Khandwa. Here the mayor will also bring some departments with him.

Explore Malwa-Nimar MIAC formation here and read What is MIC? Who has control over how it works? Usually, the councilors of the party from which the mayor is elected have preference in the MIC, but from the Singrauli situation, they know how the MIC is formed including the councilors of the opposition parties.

First, let us know the status of Indore Municipal Corporation, the largest city in the state

In Indore, there has been a lot of competition to include councilors supporting senior leader Kailash Vijayvargiya, MLA Shankar Lalwani, MLA Ramesh Mendola and Malini Goud in the MIC. The list has reached Bhopal in this regard and names are likely to be declared in one or two.

There is also a fight for councilwoman in Indore

There is also a lot of pressure on the Indore Municipal Corporation to include women councilors in the MIC or not. Efforts are being made so that this councilor should remain in the MIC, but instead a good councilor candidate will have to be left out. As for the assembly, these are the contenders:

Assembly: 1

Niranjan Chauhan, Ashwin Shukla and Parag Kaushal.

Assembly: 2

Rajendra Rathore and Jitendra Kumar Yadav (Jeetu). Pooja Patidar as a woman.

Assembly: 3

Manish Sharma and Gajanan Gawade.

Assembly: 4

Kamal Laddha and Rakesh Jain.

Assembly: 5

Rajesh Udawat, Nandkishore Pahadia and Pranav Mandal.

Abhishek Sharma (Bablu) and Omprakash Arya. Laxmi Verma as a woman.

Malini Gaur vocal on Gidwani

This time in Vidhan Sabha 4, there was fierce protest against Kanchan Gidwani’s ticket and slogans were raised against MP Shankar Lalwani. After Gidwani’s victory, his name was included in the Appeal Committee, which again sparked protests. His name was cut out. Now MP Malini Goud has strongly opposed his name as far as MIC is concerned. In this situation, the names of Pooja Patidar and Lakshmi Verma are found on the woman. However, the chances of Pooja Patidar are also less.

Names of Dr. Yogeshwari, Durga and Verma fixed at Ujjain

On the other hand, in Ujjain, the idea of ​​giving priority to councilors with MIC experience is maintained. Two or three meetings of the BJP organization have been held in this regard. There are indications that they have won more councilors than the southern region, so they will have a better chance in the mayor’s council as well. For this reason, the deputy and minister Dr. Mohan Yadav and North Zone MLA Paras Jain are vying to include their respective councillors. The corporation has 54 wards in two assembly constituencies in the south. Of these, there are 33 wards in the North assembly constituency. BJP has won 18 wards while South Assembly has 21. Out of these BJP has won 19 wards. Generally, the BJP has more dominance in the southern wards.

this is the situation

The names of Dr. Yogeshwari, Durga and Prakash Sharma are almost fixed. Of these, Dr. Yogeshwari has become a councilor for the third time.

Durga Shaktisinh Chaudhary is a three-time councillor.

– Prakash Sharma, Rameshwar Dubey and Shivendra Tiwari: The caste equation is also being seen in MIC. In this situation, Prakash’s claim to the Brahmin quota is strong. Of these, three or two are almost certain.

Dilip Singh Parmar may get the benefit of being a Scindia supporter.

Surbhi Sunil Chavand, Leela Verma: A counselor can also be booked. One of these names is possible.

The names of Bharti Vijay Chaudhary and Anshu Gopal Agarwal are also in the running. Apart from this, the names of Dilip Singh, Gabbar Bhati, Ashima Gaurav Sengar, Kailash Prajapat and Rajat Mehta can also be considered.

Khandva corporation MIC In 15 From Month claiming, Mayor too will remain Department

Khandwa Municipal Corporation MIC has 9 members and is yet to be formed. There are a total of 50 councilors, out of which 30 are from the BJP. There are more than 15 such contestants. Out of nine departments, 2-3 departments can be maintained by the mayor himself. Contenders include Rajesh Yadav, Ashish Chatkele, Gopi Sharma, Roshni Golkar, Vicky Bawre, Dina Panwar, Somnath Kale, Ashish Sharma, Monica Bajaj, Prakash Yadav, etc.

Ratlam Eight possible names came out

MIC has not been formed in Ratlam. Mayor Prahlad Patel will announce this after talks with top party leaders in Bhopal. Many senior BJP councilors have come to the corporation after winning the elections. The three councilors Bhagat Singh Bhadauria, Anita Katara, Pappu Purohit, Dharmendra Raka, Vinod Sanghvi, Kavita Chauhan, Sapna Tripathi and Nisha Pawan Somani are expected to get a seat in the MIC.

Dewas: MIC has been formed

MIC has been trained in Dewas. These include Pinky Sanjay Dayma, Ritika Vinay Sangate (Water Works and Sewerage), Ganesh Patel (Public Works and Horticulture Department), Jitendra Makwana (Revenue), Ajay Tomar (Finance and Accounts), Sapna Ajay Pandit (Electrical and mechanical), Dharmendra Singh Bais (Sanitation and Solid Waste Management), Mustafa Ansar Ahmed Hathiwale (Traffic and Transport Department), Ramdayal Yadav (Planning and Information Technology) and Sheetal Gehlot (Urban Poverty Reduction Department).

Know what the MIC is

The job of the MIC member is like that of a government minister. It is made up of 10 members who hold different positions.

In the AIC department, there are departments such as Finance, Health, Water Works, Public Works, Traffic, Electricity, etc. From the political point of view, the works of Finance, Health and Water are considered as creamy departments.

– The members of the MIC report to the mayor. The mayor also holds meetings from time to time and sets his responsibility.

The mayor has the right to remove any member of the MIC and adjust any other councillor, whether from another party or independent, as senior councillor.

The mayor has the right to remove the MIC member at any time. Any elected councilor can be included in the MIC.

The mayor can also be the opposition or independent councillor. In MP, this time these equations will be done in Singrauli. Here the mayor has only five councilors from the Aam Aadmi Party, to complete the MIC the councilors from other parties will have to be included in the MIC.

Know the situation of the Singrauli MIC Council

This time Rani Agarwal of Aam Aadmi Party has become the mayor of Singrauli. AAP has only 5 councilors for MIC. In such a situation, in 5 more, another party or an independent councilor will be brought to the MIC because there is no other option. In the second constitution of the corporation there is also a provision to take councilors from the other party in the MIC.

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