You didn’t commit any crime that you should be punished for, Reena said with a smile, they both went on their way. You didn’t commit any crime that you should be punished for, Reena said with a smile, they both went on their way.

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Reena’s upper breath went up and down. All night in that little room with a guy? Or in the corridor.. the bus couldn’t go any further because of the snow. Now the bus will leave tomorrow morning at 9. Everyone had to spend the whole night in this small lodge. Thinking that the bus stopped at this small place as a small problem or wanting to drink some chaikkado tea, he lost himself to see the beauty of the suitors sitting comfortably in their seat and all the family members booked a room in the lodge. Now this was the last room left, which she had to share with only one man. The hostel owner clearly stated that there is a first come first serve rule in place.

The man has booked the room before and has given permission to another passenger. So if he wants, he can take the room or stay in the hall all night. After cutting the slip and knocking on the door, he even lost the right courage. It was the same man who was in the seat next to him and was staring at him the whole way. Once she also felt uncomfortable, “Is there any work you need to ask me or something?” Those were Reena’s words, but they meant that she didn’t like being looked at like that. He made it clear in his tone, but the man was like a greasy pot.

He didn’t understand the meaning of Reena’s words or neglected her, hearing her answer, he was scared even in the crowded bus, “I have never seen a beauty like you. That’s why I’m looking…” But maybe he got it from Reena’s frown and sat silently looking away. Reena began to look around the room, standing in surprise at the door. A barely six by eight room. Two small stools with four by six diwan. Kangri on one and electric kettle to heat steel water on the other. A small window whose door was probably jammed never to open. The man sat on the stool keeping Kangri on the bed and Reena by the door of the bed.

Going to the corridor meant committing suicide, so Reena dared to spend the night in her room. An hour had passed but Reena’s posture was still the same, as she moved forward and Reena jumped. Staying, the door would blow open with the wind and the snow would blow in and freeze the room, but Reena neither whistled nor dared ask the man to stick it. Although he was sneezing continuously and now he was shaking too. The man stood up and extended a coat from his suitcase towards Reena. Reena turned her back. “Is it so great a crime to gaze upon someone with fascination or to praise their beauty that the person who does it should be so severely punished?” He said in such a way that the matter touched Reena. He took the coat. “It also has a hood. You can also tie a rope around it tightly. Reena followed orders. But the nose! The nose was open and the sneezes were coming continuously. “Didn’t you tell me what crime I did? The man like if he promised to break the ice of silence.

– What punishment did I give you? Reena spoke softly. “You are punishing yourself. I feel sad because I understand that I am the cause of your suffering. I am voluntarily serving the punishment.” There was affection in his tone, there was pain, there was curiosity. Reena looked into his eyes, there was agony. Reena’s fear began to fade.

“I was coming back from the hostel dropping off the kids.” “Me too”

When the conversation continued, when Reena got up and latched the door, she didn’t even know it. “I love coffee black” and I love whole milk tea.

They both laughed understanding the other’s meaning. Tea was made in the kettle, breakfast came out, and after eating and drinking, he began to try to sleep more. But things had gotten so interesting that the sleep continued and he went from sitting to lying down and then fully lying down. As he was lying like this with a stranger on a four-poster bed, a strange sensation suddenly created excitement in his mind, and the uneasiness strengthened both of them again. In an attempt to overcome this discomfort, Reena slipped a little and fell, while his strong arms held her up, “If you still feel uncomfortable, let me sit on the stool again.”

“You have not committed any crime for which you must be punished.” Reena smiled and the conversation continued as she lay down. When he woke up, Reena was in his arms. When he stood up in surprise, she was surprised too. “Maybe because of the cold…in my sleep…sorry…” they both said together and then laughed together. The bus had left. The net had arrived. Reena had given the news of welfare to the children and husband and she to her children and wife. “Why do we feel like we’ve known each other for years?” “Maybe because we’re the same.” “Or maybe because we talked a lot.” “Truthfully, I wouldn’t have talked so much with my husband in my ten years of married life. As long as you are at night” But then the director said that there are only fifteen minutes left to reach the destination, whose ticket… the conversation stopped suddenly as they both felt something going on in their heads for which there are no words. Near. Now the conversation started happening in my mind. “Sometimes we don’t get to know someone in years as much as in a night, why?” “Sometimes the mind is not able to unite with anyone, even with diligent efforts, and sometimes it becomes bound like this, why?” “Why does the mind not want to leave this trip?” Why is the mind not ready to take its eyes off this face? “Why…” “Why…” “What parting sentence should I say…” “How to say, what to say…” But no one said anything to either of them. He kept looking at Reena and Reena smiled softly. They both got off the bus and went their separate ways. Then, after taking two steps, he turned and walked over. He took permission wordlessly and took Reena’s face in his hands and planted a kiss on her lips. They then turned and went their separate ways.

– Light of emotion

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