The eardrums are weakened by infection, a minor injury can be fatal. Death of Dalit students from Rajasthan; Indra Meghwal Ear Infection Doctor

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There is a new revelation in the death of Indra Meghwal, a 9-year-old boy studying in Class III of Saraswati Bal Vidya Mandir in Surana village of Jalore, Rajasthan. It has come to the fore that the child is already sick. To find out the truth of this matter, the Dainik Bhaskar team reached the Surana village hospital in Jalore district on the second day and looked at the records.

It was revealed that Indra had been suffering from chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) for about 5 years. Indra was treated in this hospital from 2017 to 2019. The doctor said that CSOM is a disease, due to which there is pus, swelling, pain in the ear.

If the disease is not diagnosed in time, the infection increases so much that the patient may even die. Before continuing, you can give your opinion on this topic by participating in the poll that is in the news.

Signs of disease in Indra’s MRI and CBC report
At the hospital, Bhaskar also showed the expert the MRI and CBC report of Inder Kumar Meghwal, and there were also signs of chronic illness. The MRI report has also revealed a heart attack, i.e. interruption of blood supply. According to experts, this infectious meningitis occurs due to an infection of the brain. This causes swelling in the eye.

Antibiotics and painkillers were written into Inder Kumar’s old prescription to reduce the infection. There were also ear drops to put medicine in the ear.

Increase in infection found in research on July 31
After the July 20 incident, he was also examined at Surana’s private clinic on July 31. Indra’s CBC was also done, in which the WBC count came to 29,700. This is a condition of septicemia. In common parlance, it means increased infection.

Inder Kumar Meghwal's MRI and CBC report was also investigated.  The MRI report showed a disruption in the blood supply.  After the incident, the infection was found to have increased in the investigation conducted on July 31.

Inder Kumar Meghwal’s MRI and CBC report was also investigated. The MRI report showed a disruption in the blood supply. After the incident, the infection was found to have increased in the investigation carried out on 31 July.

Expert opinion on the death of the child and the relationship of the ear
Dr. Anurag said that it can be understood with 1 example and 3 possibilities. For example, someone kills someone with a knife. It has 3 possibilities. First: the person should die at that time. Second, if the knife is struck, the blood will ooze more and die. Third- If the proper treatment is not found after the knife, the infection increases and the patient dies due to this infection. There may be a third possibility in this case.

SP said: Details of post mortem report and FSL will be revealed
SP Harshvardhan Agarwal said
That the kid is already sick and being investigated about pot. Touching a child with a pot has not been verified. The police investigation is underway at all points. Anything can be said clearly only after the investigation is over.

The collector said – The police are investigating
Collector Nishant Jain says the police are investigating. The accused teacher was immediately arrested after registering a case under section 302 of the case. The victim’s family was compensated according to the regulations.

There are 2 theories about the child’s death.

When he touched the pot, the teacher hit him: Indra’s mother, Pavani, and his brother, Naresh, who studies in the same school, say that Indra had touched headmaster Chail Singh’s pot. Enraged by this, Chhail Singh beat him, which worsened his health. He was first taken to Udaipur for treatment and from there to Ahmedabad. He died after 24 days of treatment. The complaint filed with the police mentions death by touching the pot.

The reason for the fight between two children was: Rajesh, who studied with Indra and his friend, said that when I asked him for a copy of the painting, he refused. “I said I will complain to the teacher, then he got into a fight. Then the teacher slapped us both one by one. From that day on, he did not come to school. Villagers and other teachers say that there is no matka in the school there is a tank everyone drinks water from it.

BJP MLA said: upper caste-dalit association in school
Jogeshwar Garg, leader of the BJP Legislature Party, said: There are two members in the private school where the incident took place. There is a Rajput and a cobbler. In the existing workforce, more than half of the teachers are from SC-ST. There are also Meghwals, Cobblers and Bhils. Almost half of the children there are from SC-ST. In such a situation, in a school where there is an association between upper castes and Dalits and the staff is of Dalit and general caste, there cannot be such discrimination.

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What in this case so far?

  • Indra Meghwal, a 9-year-old boy studying in Class III of Saraswati Bal Vidya Mandir in Jalore’s Surana village, underwent treatment in Ahmedabad for 24 days. He died three days ago.
  • The father reported that on July 20 his 9-year-old son had touched a pot of water. After this Master Chief Khail Singh had hit so hard, he made his condition critical.
  • The boy was first treated in Udaipur and then in Ahmedabad but could not be saved.
  • After the student’s death, the police arrested Chhail Singh by registering a case under the SC-ST Act.
  • After the incident, outrage has risen across the state.
  • Bhim Army supporters pelted stones at the police on Sunday afternoon over the matter. As the crowd became enraged, the police resorted to the lathi charge.
  • Baran-Atru Congress MLA Panachand Meghwal has resigned and demanded financial assistance of 50 lakhs to the victim’s family and a government job for one member.
  • On Monday, 4 Dalit army leaders climbed the water tank in Jaipur.
  • On Tuesday, demonstrations were organized in many districts including Jodhpur, Dausa and Rajsamand.
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