Working for the environment at the age of 12, he is famous as a Water Hero

Kovid containment turned out to be a boon for the environment. Due to the closure of humans in the house, water pollution in the air began to decrease. Human beings have been the main cause of pollution, but there are some young people who are well aware of their responsibilities towards the environment. Manya Harsha is the rising star of one such country. Those who have taken on the task of protecting the environment at just 12 years old.
Manya Harsha spoke about this discovery during a conversation with News18.

12-year-old Manya Harsha is a 7th standard student. When most of the confined people spent most of their time on the phone or watching TV, at that time this 7th grader thought of contributing to the protection of the environment. He played with something so common that you see it every day before your eyes. But hardly any of us would have ever thought of making something useful out of it.

During the conversation, he says, one day during the confinement of the year 2020, he saw his mother chopping onions and then looking at the peel of that onion, he thought it was wet garbage. Seeing a lot of skin, he thought why not try to make something out of it. With this thought, Manya began her first attempt and got involved in the process of making paper with that peel.

He says his first attempt wasn’t a total failure. But it was not made of good quality paper. The paper he made in his first attempt was torn and rough in the middle. But not being a complete failure, this experiment was very encouraged and decided to play a perfect role.

After trying it for 10-15 days, he made his first role with onion skins. With the success of using onion peels, he became involved in the experiment of making paper with different types of peels. Now she makes colored paper with the skins of many vegetables.

Do you know how paper is made from the skin of vegetables?
Manya says the process of making paper from vegetable peels begins with boiling the peels. After that, these boiled peels are ground in a blender and then their solution is made with water. When the solution is ready, it must dry overnight. Then the next morning your colored paper is ready.

You have to take special care of these things
Manya says that when making paper from peels, you have to take special care of a few things. Not all peels can be used to make paper. This paper can be made with very limited types of peels. It is very important to dry the powder to make paper and with this the powder must not dissolve completely in water otherwise it is impossible to make paper.

Colored paper is easily made with these peels
Colored paper can be made very easily with the peels of some vegetables. Some of them are vegetables: garlic, onion, peas, coconut husks, corn husks, beans, cilantro, etc. Apart from this, you can also make paper with some flowers like marigold flowers.

environmental protection, water hero

The country’s youngest poet became the country’s youngest poet by writing a book during childhood.
At the age when children are unable to read and write properly, by writing a book on water conservation, she achieved the title of the youngest author in the country. You might be surprised to know that he was only 8 years old when he wrote this book.

In addition to making paper from biodegradable waste, Manya has also contributed greatly to environmental protection. His contribution is appreciated not only by the country but by the whole world. His efforts have also been highly appreciated by the United Nations. His efforts to spread awareness about environmental issues like climate change and pollution are recorded in record books around the world.

environmental protection, water hero

Recorded seven albums at a young age-
While talking to us, Manya’s mother said that so far there are a total of seven registrations registered in Manya’s name. Due to the efforts made for environmental protection, his name has been registered three times in the ‘Indian Book of Records’. He has received the title of “Grand Master” from the “Asia Book of Records” for a book written to inspire young children to conserve water. Apart from this, his name is registered in ‘International Book of Records’, ‘World Book of Records’ and ‘Golden Book of Records’.

Jal Shakti Ministry also honored:
In 2020, he launched a campaign called ‘Walk Eat On’ on World Water Day, under which he traveled from a forest to a pond with children his age on foot. Later, planting was also done in that pond. For this effort, the Ministry of Jal Shakti awarded him the title of “Hero of Water”.

the school is always lively
According to his parents, his school played an important role in his success. His school has always supported him in all his campaigns. He says that once at a school event he sang a hymn on the theme of “plastic free society”, which his school posted on its YouTube page. According to their mother, the encouragement and appreciation of the school gives the children the courage to do something new and different.

I got this skill from Nani-
Manya’s mother believes that Manya’s thinking and personality are inspired by her maternal grandmother. Her maternal grandmother also loved the environment, she was also a nature lover. Not only that, Manya also learned how to write from her grandmother just because her grandmother was also very fond of writing.

Do you want to continue the work of protecting the environment in the future –
On asking Manya about the future, she says, she wants to continue this environmental protection work in the future as well and sincerely wishes that other people of her age will also join this campaign. He says that children are the future of this country, so the responsibility of saving the environment must be on the children.

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